Re: China follow Singapore... using her huge invest in

Re: China follow Singapore... using her huge invest in

am 21.10.2011 14:24:17 von baldeagle

On Oct 18, 12:26=A0pm, "Khambo Lama Dashi - Dorzho Itigilov ,Supreme
Leader of Russian Budhist Philosophy at Ivolginsky Datsan ,in
Buryatia ,Outer Mongolia." wrote:

.> Chinese =A0HUIJIN is =A0also investing =A0in =A0MONGOLIAN =A0 COAL =A0
.> mine in SOUTH =A0MONGOLIA

China has been investing not only in mines, but
in mining other minerals, in trade, in property, in the construction of infrastructures,..
in building roads, schools and hospitals....
With China's help, Mongolia has achieved a growth
rate of over 15%.
China and Mongolia are good friends and good

Re: The fall of modern Troy and what Libya can look forward to (cf. Korea)

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On Oct 21, 11:02=A0am, "" wrote:
> On Oct 21, 10:11=A0am, rst0 wrote:
> > On Oct 21, 9:37=A0am, "" wrote:
> > No one is trying to "glorify" Gadhafi. =A0
> Lo Yawn obviously is.
> > He shouldn't be singled out to be killed, either.
> If someone killed your entirely family because they nonviolently
> opposed him, you might sing a different tune.

And the cycle repeats itself every few years. This is what is wrong
with today's world.

> You have said many times that you favor "troublemakers" being killed.
> Gadhaffi is a far bigger troublemaker than any Tibetan monk.

Re: Ahmadinejad urges UN to step into Britain unrest

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On Oct 21, 10:28=A0am, "" wrote:
> On Oct 21, 10:17=A0am, rst0 wrote:
> > On Oct 21, 9:33=A0am, "" wrote:
> > > On Oct 20, 10:22=A0pm, rst0 wrote:
> > > > On Oct 20, 9:23=A0pm, "" wrote:
> > > > > On Oct 20, 7:38=A0pm, rst0 wrote:
> > > > > > Many, starting with the slave-trade, Native American Indian tre=
> > > > > > throughout the 1800s, the taking of Texas and the Western state=
s from
> > > > > > Mexico,...
> > > > > > the Vietnam War,....
> > > > > Let's stick to this century.
> > > > Oh!!! the 11 years of the 21th century!!!
> > > OK, the 20th century too.
> > > > Well, now, the non-combative Iraqis who were celebrating a wedding =
> > > > firing their rifles were killed by Predator.
> > > > Two-thousand pound bombs dropped on houses killing women and childr=
> > > They weren't protesters.
> > > > Soldiers shot up two houses and raped a 14-year-old girl, then kill=
> > > > and burned her body.
> > > > I posted an article concerning American soldiers raped Korean girls=
> > > Those are individual actions.
> > > > Iraqis shopping on the shopping square shot by:http://articles.lati=
> > > > This could go on and on,...
> > > > You just have to read the daily newspaper.
> > > The US almost always goes after bad guys only. However, they are
> > > willing to kill lots of innocent people as collateral damage. That is
> > > the tragedy of modern US foreign policy.
> > > What they almost never do is intentionally attack people who
> > > nonviolently protest, which is what I said. Especially in America. In
> > > Iran, this happens all the time. There is no valid comparison between
> > > the US and Iran in this regard. That is why Ahmadinejad is so
> > > full of it, as usual.
> > You have heard of Kent State, right?
> > You have heard of the civil right movement. =A0They were killed, ran
> > down by policemen on horseback, and chased and mauled by police dogs.
> Note that I said rarely, not never.
> And I figured you'd bring up Kent State as your one example. You
> always do. During their nonviolent protests Iran had a Kent State
> practically every day!

That is a gross exaggeration.

> But yeah, during the Viet Nam War the US government did some bad
> things to protestors. Not any more though.
> At any rate, the point stands that for Ahmadinejad to criticize
> Britain over their handling of protestors is further proof that the
> man just babbles and rarely says anything meaningful.

He has the voice of a nation of 76 million people behind him.

419 Jesus Jumpers & Rosary Rattlers

am 21.10.2011 18:40:43 von Danny

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