Re: First 9-11 started Islamic war against the USA.... and now Arab

Re: First 9-11 started Islamic war against the USA.... and now Arab

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.> The sudden, complete, straight down at near free-fall speed
.> collapse of steel framed WTC building 7, which was not
.> touched by the planes, is the SMOKING GUN of the 9/11 conspiracy.

Good story ...about 9/11 conspiracy...but it is not as good
as Hollywood movies.

Are you saying ....Mohamed Atta, Shehhi, Jarrah, Bahaji and
the others were not Islamic terrorists...but they worked for
the US governments ..were in fact American terrorists ?

Can you show proof ?

Re: First 9-11 started Islamic war against the USA.... and now Arab Spring carry on the fight on 9-11.

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The sudden, complete, straight down at near free-fall speed collapse
of steel framed WTC building 7, which was not touched by the planes,
is the SMOKING GUN of the 9/11 conspiracy. The building's few small
fires and superficial debris damage could not account for this
collapse, which had all the earmarks of controlled demolition by
explosives. Videos clearly show this. Such demolitions take many days
or weeks to set up - not the few hours between the plane "attacks" and
the collapse. The explosives therefore had to be put in place
BEFOREHAND. This lends credibility to the use of previously placed
explosives to bring down the towers as well, which like the badly
damaged and fire-gutted Deutchbank building would probably have
remained standing.

Propaganda shills, disinformationists, and those in psychological
denial still insist the collapse of WTC 7 could not be what it
obviously was, and they employ often ludicrous rationalizations and
fabrications, elaborate lies, and infantile ad-hominem attacks to
defend their indefensible position. The REAL terrorists are desperate
to cover up their mass-murderous crime of the century - the permitting
if not perpetration of, and subsequent political and economic
exploitation of the fully preventable 9/11 disaster.

Could Bin Laden have somehow totally incapacitated NORAD - the world's
most sophisticated aerospace defense system - on that horrible
morning? I don't think so!

There is evidence of an INSIDE JOB even more clear and indisputable
than the explosive demolition collapse of building 7 and the standing
down of NORAD. Many very small HUMAN BODY FRAGMENTS have been found on
the roofs of nearby buildings. These were too far away to be from
jumpers from the towers. If the towers simply collapsed from damage
and fire alone, what blew these bodies to smithereens and sent the
fragments flying for considerable distances? The plane impacts did not
have the explosive brisance (shattering force) necessary to do this -
only HIGH EXPLOSIVES can blow bodies to tiny bits and throw them such

So - who can credibly account for these body fragments, other than
their being the result of high explosives being detonated in the

The NORAD STAND-DOWN (complete failure to take defensive action) is
compelling evidence of the 9/11 conspiracy. NORAD is the world's most
sophisticated aerospace defense system, with backups and redundancies
that make it extremely reliable and effective. NORAD routinely
intercepts off course or out of communication aircraft of all kinds,
especially near such security-sensitive areas as New York City and the
Pentagon. On 9/11, FOUR allegedly hijacked subsonic-speed commercial
jets were out of communication and flying towards known terrorist
targets for well over an hour. NOT ONE of these planes was intercepted
by NORAD! We were told that NORAD only looks for aircraft coming from
outside the USA, but this is a blatant LIE, given the history of
NORAD's routine interceptions!

The following article proves, using the inviolate laws of physics, the
falsity of the government's propaganda explanation for the World Trade
Center building collapses:


On September 11, 2001, the world watched in horror as the World Trade
Center (WTC) Twin Towers collapsed, killing thousands of innocent
people. Videos of the collapses were replayed ad nauseam on TV for
days. About 5 hours after the towers fell, WTC building 7 also
collapsed suddenly, completely, and straight down at near free-fall
speed. This steel-framed building was not touched by the planes that
struck the towers, and had sustained relatively minor debris damage
and small fires. Nearby buildings far more heavily damaged remained

In June 2005, in an apparent response to an article by Morgan
Reynolds, former CIA Director and current Secretary of Defense Robert
Gates stated, "The American people know what they saw with their own
eyes on September11, 2001. To suggest any kind of government
conspiracy in the events of that day goes beyond the pale."

We will prove here, with scientific rigor, that it's the government's
tale that's "beyond the pale!"

Did most of the American people really understand the unprecedented
phenomena they had witnessed? Could a lack of knowledge of physics,
and the emotional shock of this mass-murderous "terrorist attack" have
stymied objective thinking and led to the blind acceptance of
authoritarian assertions?

The government and the media TOLD US what we saw. The government told
us that we had witnessed a "gravitational" collapse; what is now
referred to as a "pancake collapse". According to the government
claims, the plane crashes and subsequent kerosene (like lamp oil - jet
fuel is NOT exotic) fires heated the UL-certified structural steel to
the point where it was significantly weakened, which is very difficult
to believe, never mind repeat in an experiment. Even with massive
fires that incinerate everything else, the steel frames of such
buildings generally remain standing.

According to the "pancake theory", this purported (all physical
evidence was quickly and illegally destroyed) weakening supposedly
caused part of the tower to collapse downward onto the rest of the
tower, which, we've been repeatedly told, somehow resulted in a chain
reaction of the lower floors sequentially, one at a time, yielding to
the weight falling from above.

There are some problems with that theory - it does not fit the
observed facts

* It cannot account for the total failure of the immense vertical
steel core columns - as if they were there one moment and gone the

* The collapse times were near free-fall, far too rapid to be due to

This "collapse" was not without far more physical resistance than from
the air alone. It proceeded through all the lower stories of the
tower. Those undamaged floors below the plane impact zone offered
resistance thousands of times greater than that of air. Those lower
stories, and the central steel core columns, had successfully
supported the mass of the tower for 30 years despite hurricane-force
winds and tremors. Air cannot do that.

Can anyone possibly imagine undamaged lower floors getting out of the
way of the upper floors as gracefully and relatively without friction
as air would? Can anyone possibly imagine the lower stories slowing
the fall of the upper floors less than would, say, a parachute?

What is certain, beyond any shadow of a doubt, is that the towers
could not have collapsed gravitationally, through their intact lower
stories, as rapidly as was observed on 9/11. Not even close. This is
shown to be physically impossible!



In order for the towers to have collapsed "gravitationally" in the
observed duration, as we've been told over and over again, one or more
of the following zany-sounding conditions must have been met

* The undamaged structure below the impact zone offered zero
resistance to the collapse.
* The glass and concrete spontaneously disintegrated without any
expenditure of energy.
* The massive vertical steel core columns simply vanished, as if by

None of these laws-of-physics-violating, and thus impossible,
conditions can be accounted for by the official government theory of
9/11, nor by any of the subsequent analyses and arguments designed to
prop up this official myth of 9/11.

The Bottom Line

The government explanations for the WTC collapses fail the most basic
conservation-of-energy reality check. Therefore the government theory
is FALSE; it does not fit the observed facts, and the notion of a
"pancake collapse" cannot account for what happened. The "pancake
collapse" explanation is impossible, and thus absurd. It is A LIE.

It is utterly impossible for a gravitational collapse to proceed so
destructively through a path of such great resistance in anywhere near
free-fall time. This fact debunks the preposterous contention that the
WTC collapses can be blamed solely upon damage resulting from the
plane impacts.

The unnaturally short durations of the top-down collapses reveal that
the towers did not disintegrate because they were coming down, but
rather they came down because something else was causing them to

So, to the extent that people accept the ridiculous "pancake collapse"
story, former CIA Director and current Secretary of Defense Gates'
other premise, that people know what they saw, is also false. It is
left to you to decide if his conclusion, which was based upon clearly
incorrect presumptions, is also flawed.

The collapse of WTC building 7, which was NOT hit by any plane, and
which also collapsed within a second of free-fall time later that same
day, similarly fails the conservation-of-energy analysis. The 9/11
Commission made no attempt to explain it.

Understanding the full truth of 9/11 seems to require two separate

The first, awakening to the fraudulence of the "official 9/11 story,"
is a pretty simple brain function and only requires a little study,
logic or curiosity. We can help a lot with that part here and it's a
major purpose of this site.

The second step, however, consciously confronting the implications of
that knowledge--and what it says about our media, politics and
economic system today--is by far the harder awakening and requires an
enormous exercise of nerve and heart. (As the Chinese say, "You cannot
wake up a man who is pretending to sleep.") In other words, this part
of the journey depends more on character than on maps and evidence so
we can't help you much here, except to point out inspiring heroes and
heroines who have courageously faced that truth, spoken out, and

Re: First 9-11 started Islamic war against the USA.... and now Arab

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On Sep 12, 10:23=A0am, rst9 wrote:
> On Sep 11, 6:49=A0pm, baldeagle wrote:
> > The world watched in horror the icon of US economic
> > power...the twin towers were reduced to ashes on the first 9-11.... 12
> > years ago. It marked the start of the Islamic war against the USA.
> > To day....the Arab Spring carry on this Islamic war agubst the USA.
> > Egyptians and Libyans ..stormed the US embassies...and burnt the US
> > flags. Americans in Egypt and Libya are =A0in grave danger.
> > It is an irony....the US helped the Islamists to get rid of US
> > puppets ...hoping to install new ones to turn these countries into
> > democracies.
> > But...the clever Muslims have out played the naive Americans...they
> > turned their nations into an anti American...anti Israeli united
> > front.
> > The new Bin Ladens...of the Allah's forces....are rising again.
> > The US is running away from the Middle hide in the
> > Pacific.
> > Is Obama a true friend of the Muslim...or is he a coward...running
> > away from a the Middle East.
> > If I am an American living in the Middle East...I would plan to get
> > out as soon as possible. Soon there will be NO MORE =A0US aircraft
> > carriers in the region to protect me.
> The Arab Spring has turned into an Islamic Summer.

The Arab Spring has become an Arab nightmare.

Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans
were killed US made guns and US made arms supplied by
the USA to the Libyan gun men who fought against Gadhafi.

With hundreds of guns and deadly weapons in the hands of
Muslim gunmen...who are out to kill Americans (for acting
against Islam) is a terrible mess !

Re: China deploys two warships after Tokyo announces disputed island purchase

am 12.09.2012 07:07:42 von ANN

My husband and I believe the U.S. should forget about Iran, and use
this opportunity to nuke as much of China as we can.

China will always be untrustworthy and never a true friend of America.

Let's get them before they get us, Mitt says.

News on Mental Illness -> When I offer to end mental illness?

am 12.09.2012 07:37:49 von DP

***The offer still stands, if I was in charge of the FBI, there would be
no mental illness in the United States within 30 days.***
(FBI director Robert Mueller in this YouTube Video

[For what I do, I suppose I maybe in some people's "kill" list for
wanting to destroy the mental illness scam which has a large group of
people (dangerous people) who benefit greatly from it, but do remember I
offer a solution that works for those with mental illness]
[1] Mentally ill flood ER as states cut services -When I offer to end
mental illness?

CHICAGO/NEW YORK (Reuters) - On a recent shift at a Chicago emergency
department, Dr. William Sullivan treated a newly homeless patient who
was threatening to kill himself.

"He had been homeless for about two weeks. He hadn't showered or eaten a
lot. He asked if we had a meal tray," said Sullivan, a physician at the
University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago and a past president of
the Illinois College of Emergency Physicians.

Sullivan said the man kept repeating that he wanted to kill himself. "It
seemed almost as if he was interested in being admitted."

Across the country, doctors like Sullivan are facing a spike in
psychiatric emergencies - attempted suicide, severe depression,
psychosis - as states slash mental health services and the country's
worst economic crisis since the Great Depression takes its toll.

This trend is taxing emergency rooms already overburdened by uninsured
patients who wait until ailments become acute before seeking treatment.

"These are people without a previous psychiatric history who are coming
in and telling us they've lost their jobs, they've lost sometimes their
homes, they can't provide for their families, and they are becoming
severely depressed," said Dr. Felicia Smith, director of the acute
psychiatric service at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Increased demand in mental health services

Full Article
[2] Even Today, the Stigma of Mental Illness Won't Fade -When I offer to
end mental illness?

HURSDAY, Dec. 29 (HealthDay News) -- People with a mental illness
struggle with symptoms ranging from crushing depression and crippling
anxiety to powerful delusions and hallucinations that force them to
actively sort out the real from the imagined.

And if that weren't enough, they also have to deal with the way the rest
of the world perceives their inner struggle.

Stigma associated with mental illness remains widespread in U.S.
society, despite some progress made in demystifying these medical
conditions, said Michael J. Fitzpatrick, executive director of the
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

"It's pervasive, but it's nuanced, too," Fitzpatrick said. "Most
Americans understand that mental illnesses are treatable illnesses. I
think people basically understand depression. Depression is talked about
in the media and is considered a treatable disease. But when you reach
psychosis and schizophrenia, there's still a lot of misunderstanding and

Full Article
[3] Brain analysis can help predict psychosis: study -When I offer to
end mental illness?

LONDON ��� Computer analysis of brain scans could help predict how serious
or long term a psychotic patient's illness may become and help doctors
make more accurate decisions about how best to treat them, researchers
said on Monday.

In a study in the journal Psychological Medicine, scientists from King's
College London's Institute of Psychiatry and University College London's
computer science department found that using computer algorithms to
analyze MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) brain scans can predict a
patient's outcome.

Full Article
[4] Drugs Used for Psychotics Go to Youths in Foster Care-When I offer
to end mental illness?


Foster children are being prescribed cocktails of powerful antipsychosis
drugs just as frequently as some of the most mentally disabled
youngsters on Medicaid, a new study suggests.

The report, published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, is the first to
investigate how often youngsters in foster care are given two
antipsychotic drugs at once, the authors said. The drugs include
Risperdal, Seroquel and Zyprexa ��� among other so-called major
tranquilizers ��� which were developed for schizophrenia but are now used
as all-purpose drugs for almost any psychiatric symptoms.

Full Article
[5] More U.S. kids in hospital for mental illness -When I offer to end
mental illness?

NEW YORK ��� American kids are increasingly likely to be admitted to the
hospital for mental problems, although rates of non-psychiatric
hospitalizations have remained flat, a new study shows.

From 1996 to 2007, the rate of psychiatric hospital discharges rose by
more than 80 percent for 5-13-year-olds and by 42 percent for older teens.

"This occurs despite numerous efforts to make outpatient services for
the more vulnerable kids more widely available," said Joseph C. Blader
of Stony Brook State University of New York, whose findings appear in
the Archives of General Psychiatry.

He said hospitalization is the last resort, because it's so disruptive
for normal life.

"It's a pretty traumatic thing for a family when your child is admitted
to a psych unit," he told Reuters Health.

Overall, short-term hospital admissions for mental illness rose from 156
to 283 per 100,000 children per year over the ten-year study period,
based on data from the National Hospital Discharge Survey.

Full Article
[6] Head trauma may boost schizophrenia risk -When I offer to end mental

By Rachael Rettner
Head trauma may increase the risk of developing schizophrenia, a new
study says.

The results show people who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury
(TBI) are 1.6 times more likely to develop schizophrenia compared with
those who have not suffered such an injury.

The risk was particularly high in those with a family history of

Previous studies regarding TBI and schizophrenia have yielded mixed
results as to whether the conditions are linked. The new study is one of
the first to pool information from past research in a systematic way to
get an indication of the risk.

While the new findings suggest the link does exist, they don't prove
that brain injuries cause schizophrenia. And it could be that patients
were already developing the psychiatric condition when their injury
occurred, the researchers said. More work needs to be done to find
exactly what's behind this relationship, they said.

Full Article
[7] Brain memory region finding could help schizophrenia study-When I
offer to end mental illness?

By Rajan
Some people have a superior memory of veracity than other because of a
variation in the particular region of the brain. The study of those
regions could improve the understanding of brain disorders such as
schizophrenia, say researchers. Schizophrenia is a severe mental
disorder which affects twenty-four million people globally, shows
statistics of the World Health Organization.

Up till now comparatively little is known about causes of the disease.
For their study researchers from Cambridge University tested fifty-three
study participants. The study participants first had brain scans which
showed if they had either a clear presence or absence of PCS in the left
or right part of the brain.

Then study participants were shown the well-known word pairs such as
Laurel and Hardy, which were sometimes complete and sometimes had the
second word blanked out. The study subjects were then asked to remember
whether they had seen a completed pair, or whether they had completed
the pair in their own mind.

Full Article
[8] Bill for Mental-Health Beds Garners Bipartisan Support-When I offer
to end mental illness?

by SCOTT McCAFFREY, Staff Writer
The General Assembly session hadn���t even begun, and strange bedfellows
already are cropping up.

Example 1: The political odd couple of incoming state Senate members
Barbara Favola and Dick Black, who are teaming up on legislation to
restore funding for additional beds to serve those with mental illness
in Northern Virginia.

���These beds are critical,��� said Favola, whose position on the left side
of the political spectrum is far removed from Black���s right-leaning
political philosophy.

In November, Democrat Favola was elected to represent a district
stretching from Arlington up the Potomac River through parts of Fairfax
County and into Loudoun County. Republican Black was elected to
represent swaths of Loudoun and Prince William counties. Their districts
each include portions of Loudoun, but that���s where the similarities end.

Favola was asked to patron the legislation by the region���s Community
Services Boards, and when she asked those organizations to find her
supporters in the legislature, Black���s name cropped up. Part of the
reason: Loudoun County is among jurisdictions where there are more
people who need government mental-health services than there are spaces
available, and many of those clients find themselves sent downstate,
where beds are available.

Full Article
[9] Woman killed by deputies in Rosemead had long history of mental
illness -When I offer to end mental illness?

By Brian Day, Staff Writer
ROSEMEAD - A 40-year-old Rosemead woman fatally shot by a sheriff's
deputy while allegedly attacking him with a hammer had a long history of
mental illness, officials said Thursday.

Jazmyne Ha Eng died at the scene of Tuesday's 3:40 p.m. deputy-involved
shooting at the Asian Pacific Family Center, 9353 Valley Blvd., Los
Angeles County Department of Coroner's Chief of Operations Craig Harvey
said. Sheriff's officials said she was a Rosemead resident.

Lt. Dave Dolson of the Sheriff's Homicide Bureau said Eng was known to
the facility staff prior to Wednesday's incident.

"She had been a patient there suffering from a few maladies relating to
mental illness," the lieutenant said. "She'd been dealing with her
mental health for many years." He declined to give more details on her

Full Article
[10] LA arson suspect was diagnosed with mental disorders, doctor says
-When I offer to end mental illness?

By Stan Wilson and Alan Duke, CNN
Los Angeles (CNN) -- A medical doctor in Vancouver, British Columbia,
said Thursday that California arson suspect Harry Burkhart suffered from
severe mental illness in 2010, when she examined him as part of a team
of doctors.

Dr. Blaga Stancheva, a family physician and specialist in obstetrics,
said both Burkhart and his mother, Dorothee, were her patients in
Vancouver while both were applying for refugee status in Canada.

"I was asked to diagnose and treat Harry to support a claim explaining
why he was unable to show up in a small-claims court case," Stancheva
told CNN in a phone interview. She declined to cite the case or
Burkhart's role in it.

Stancheva said she and other doctors including a psychiatrist diagnosed
Burkhart with "autism, severe anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder
and depression." The diagnosis was spelled out in a letter she wrote for
the small-claims court case, Stancheva said.

Stancheva, citing doctor-patient confidentiality, would not elaborate
further, nor would she identify the psychiatrist involved in the diagnosis.

Full Article
[11] Half of Americans have mental illness in lifetime-When I offer to
end mental illness?

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Dec. 18 (UPI) -- Nearly half of all people in the
United States will experience a mental illness during their lifetimes,
but the stigma remains, researchers say.

However, a Web site, developed in collaboration among researchers at the
University of Virginia, Harvard University and University of Washington,
allows visitors to examine and gain insight into their associations
about mental health topics that may exist outside their conscious
awareness or conscious control.

Visitors at the Web site Project Implicit Mental Health can discover
their automatic associations relating to anxiety, depression, alcohol,
eating disorders and persons with mental illness, using tasks such as
the Implicit Association Test.

Full Article
[12] State agrees to spend $5.6M a year help mentally ill inmates-When I
offer to end mental illness?

By Matt Murphy/State House News Service
A settlement between the state and the Disability Law Center that has
resolved a federal lawsuit is expected to cost the Department of
Correction $5.6 million a year to improve its treatment of prisoners
with severe mental illness and at a higher risk of suicide.

The lawsuit brought by the Disability Law Center against the Department
of Correction in March 2007 alleged cruel and unusual punishment against
inmates with mental illness stemming from the practice of placing
problem prisoners in isolation units.

Filed just after Gov. Deval Patrick came into office and naming many
Romney-era prison officials, the lawsuit contended that the conditions
imposed by segregated confinement in Bay State prisons ���exceed the limit
of human endurance��� for prisoners with severe mental illness.

Segregation, used as a punishment for prisoners who have violated prison
rules, can in some cases include isolation and sensory deprivation,
forcing prisoners to spend up to 23 hours a day in solid, concrete cells
with only a narrow slot in the door through which meals are delivered,
according to court documents.

Suicides in Massachusetts��� medium and maximum security prisons have been
a persistent problem, with the suicide rate in Department of Correction
facilities more than double the national average between 2007 and early
2011, according to department documents.

Full Article
[13] Deep Brain Stimulation for Mental Illness -When I offer to end
mental illness?

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) may be useful for treating mentally ill
patients who haven't responded to other therapies. DBS utilizes a
pacemaker-type device that delivers small, steady electrical charges to
brain circuits that control mood. Before treatment, surgeons implanted
battery-powered electrodes in brains of patients. Researchers, reporting
in Archives of General Psychiatry, found that after 24 weeks of
treatment with DBS, 41 percent of patients had a positive response, and
18 percent were in remission. After two years of treatment, 92 percent
had a positive response, and 58 percent were in remission. The study
included 10 patients with major depressive disorder and seven with
bipolar II disorder. DBS is already used for movement disorders like
Parkinson's disease and dystonia.

Full Article
[14] How century-old brains in jars could help researchers treat mental
illness-When I offer to end mental illness?

By Claire Bates
A museum housing 19th century brains may seem like a strange place to
find a breakthrough, but one scientist says they could provide the key
to new treatments for mental illness.

Dr George Sandusky, from Indiana University, has developed a technique
to extract usable DNA from the collection of preserved brains despite
their extreme age.
Dr George Sandusky with brain samples on display at the Indiana Medical
History Museum. He has developed a technique that could help find
'markers' to diagnose mental disorders in the future

Dr George Sandusky with brain samples on display at the Indiana Medical
History Museum. He has developed a technique that could help find
'markers' to diagnose mental disorders in the future

The brains came from patients who suffered from mental disorders who
died at Central State Hospital - an asylum established in the mid-1800s.

Full Article
[15] Virginia is doing too little to address mental illness among
prisoners-When I offer to end mental illness?

Mental illness among the incarcerated has not received the attention due
such a grave social problem. Mental illness is two to four times higher
among prisoners than it is in the general population. Solitary
confinement exacerbates the problem, as noted in The Post���s article:
Many experts argue it leads to higher suicide rates, increased
depression, decreased brain function and hallucination.

In a study of more than 20,000 adults entering five local jails,
researchers documented serious mental illness in 16.9 percent of those
studied (14.5 percent of the men and 31 percent of the women). These
rates are three to six times those found in the general population.

Full Article
[16] Chicago, Big Ten universities commit to veterans��� mental
health-When I offer to end mental illness?

By Marshall Cohen
Medical schools at five Chicago universities and almost all Big Ten
institutions committed Wednesday to establish a "new generation" of
health care for veterans as part of an initiative spearheaded by first
lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden.

Local medical schools participating in the Joining Forces initiative
include Midwestern University, Loyola University Chicago, Rush
University, The Chicago Medical School and the University of Chicago,
according to a White House news release issued Wednesday.

Additionally, medical schools at the University of Iowa, University of
Illinois, University of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania State University, Ohio
State University, University of Nebraska, University of Minnesota,
University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Indiana University
all committed to the program.

The medical school at Southern Illinois University in Springfield will
also participate.

Full Article
[17] State convicts arrive in L.A. County with costly mental
illnesses-When I offer to end mental illness?

By Anna Gorman, Los Angeles Times
As California begins shifting supervision of thousands of newly released
state prisoners to local probation agencies, ex-convicts are arriving
with incomplete medical records and more serious mental illnesses than
anticipated. And mental health officials are scrambling to provide
appropriate ��� and often costly ��� treatment.

"At the start, every day ... there was a crisis," said Dr. Marvin
Southard, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental
Health. "There was somebody we didn't know what to do with."

In some cases, he said, released inmates have had to be immediately
transferred to hospitals or residential centers for psychiatric care.

A new state law designed to reduce prison crowding and cut costs
requires that certain nonviolent convicts serve their time in county
lockups rather than state prisons. It also makes counties ��� rather than
the state parole agency ��� responsible for supervising such inmates after
their release.

Full Article
[18] America���s ���Mental Health Gulag���-When I offer to end mental illness?

By Matthew T. Mangino
They say justice is blind. It must be to ignore the plight of the
mentally ill in America���s prisons.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel���s recent two-part series on serious
mental illness highlights the shortcoming inherent in a failed system.
Wisconsin is far from the only state to push the mentally ill off on the
criminal justice system.

An internal review of conditions inside a North Carolina prison,
recently obtained by the Associated Press, found that inmates held in
solitary confinement were often locked in cells for extended periods
without being let out for meals, recreation time or even showers.

This past February, a North Carolina inmate being secured in solitary
confinement had a doctor���s order requiring one hour of exercise per day
in the prison���s day room. A review of prison records found that the
inmate had not left his cell for 78 days consecutive days.

This is not an isolated case.

According to research published in the Harvard University Civil
Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, the mentally ill typically account
for as much as one-half of the population in solitary confinement. In
Wisconsin, a 2010 audit of three state prisons reported that ���between 55
percent and 76 percent of inmates in segregation [solitary confinement]
are mentally ill,��� according to a report published in The Crime Report.

Full Article
[19] An elusive childhood disorder: Linking strep to mental illness-When
I offer to end mental illness?

The most painful of journeys, that of a parent struggling to guide a
seriously ill child back to health, began suddenly when William Van Nes,
11, came down with a seemingly innocent cold.

"Runny nose, sore throat, light fever," said William's mother,
Jacqueline Van Nes.

Nothing apparently unusual, said Van Nes, who, with her husband,
Dominic, lives in the Salinas area.

"William was always in good health," Van Nes said. "He never had any
medical issues."

Yet, within two or three weeks after his cold ��� that was in January 2011
and William was 10 ��� he began displaying strange behaviors, behaviors
that suggested sudden-onset mental illness brought on by a medical
condition called "PANDAS."

PANDAS stands for pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder
associated with streptococcus.

It is thought to be caused by antibodies that go into action in the face
of an infection, most often strep. Such antibodies normally battle the

Full Article
[20] A silent epidemic of mental illness-When I offer to end mental illness?

By Ron Thornburg Standard-Examiner
One year ago, our nation was shocked when a mentally ill young man
opened fire as Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was meeting with her constituents
outside a grocery store in Tucson.

Six people were killed and Rep. Giffords was shot in the head.

The 23-year-old shooter has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is
being forcibly medicated in prison in an effort to make him mentally
ready for trial.

Just days ago, residents of Northern Utah awoke to news of another
tragedy. While attempting to serve a search warrant in Ogden, six
policemen were shot, one fatally.

The father of the 37-year-old man arrested in connection with this
carnage said his son may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

What has been called a "silent epidemic" of mental illness is sweeping
the country as the United States struggles to pull itself out of the
Great Recession of 2008. Sadly, Northern Utah is not immune from this

Of course, only a small percentage of the mentally ill ever become
violent. But the effects of untreated mental illnesses are devastating
to individuals and their families just the same. Students are unable to
learn and become frustrated and disruptive. Couples are torn apart and
may resort to violence. Individuals are no longer able to hold down a job.

So as the Family Counseling Service prepares to celebrate its 46th year
of service to Northern Utah, let me share with you some of my thoughts
on the mental health of our community.

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[21] State���s new mental-health funding policy angers Franklin
County-When I offer to end mental illness?

By Alan Johnson
Ohio counties will have to work together to get $10.6 million for local
mental-health services this year.

Ohio Mental Health Director Tracy J. Plouck���s collaboration strategy,
which will kick in on July���1, is praised by many smaller and midsize
counties, but it is panned by David A. Royer, head of the Alcohol, Drug
and Mental Health Board of Franklin County.

���What concerns me about the new method is it still ignores the
inequities of the old method,��� Royer said.

He was considerably more blunt in a recent letter to the editor in The
Dispatch. He called state policy ���flawed,��� ���offensive��� and ���inexcusable���
because it downplays ���disparities and inequities for minorities and
mental-health care.���

���The proposed policy is not innovative; it is highly regressive toward
people with mental illness in our largest cities,��� Royer wrote.

He is upset because Franklin County, which is Ohio���s second-largest
county and home to the state���s largest city, might get nothing from the
$59���million total earmarked for non-Medicaid funding for community
mental-health services. Of that, $10.6 million is from Plouck���s new
funding method, and $48.5���million is from the older county-by-county
funding system.

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[22] Mentally ill suffer effects of government cutbacks-When I offer to
end mental illness?

Because confusion has arisen lately regarding federal and state budget
cuts and their effect on our ability to adequately care for the mentally
ill, I thought I should clarify a few important issues. Many changes
have been made during the past three years, and Missouri���s 2012 mental
health budget calls for another funding cut of $21.2 million in services.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness, or NAMI, has been specific in
outlining how budget cuts in every state have affected the mentally ill
during the past few years and how budget cuts will continue to affect
the mentally ill in the future. Without rehashing the numerical data and
the dire prophesies about what might occur in Missouri if these trends
continue, I���ll point out a few of the most disturbing trends in Boone
County during my first term.

The University of Missouri took over what used to be the Mid-Missouri
Mental Health Center. It is now called the Missouri Psychiatric Center,
or MUPC, and focuses primarily on stabilization and short-term care.
Because many of the mentally ill wards my office serves suffer severe
ongoing problems, when emergencies arise, acute care is rarely an
acceptable or viable option.

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[23] Judge commits teen in Waukesha County ax killing-When I offer to
end mental illness?

Waukesha - A Fox Point teen who killed his grandfather with an ax in May
pleaded guilty Thursday but was found not mentally responsible for the
crime and committed to state treatment for life.

Richard B. Wilson, 17, had been diagnosed with schizophrenia last year,
but he didn't always take his medications. Two psychiatrists who
examined him recently concluded that at the time of the killing, Wilson
was suffering a mental condition that prevented him from appreciating
the wrongfulness of his conduct, or conforming his actions to the law.

Waukesha County Circuit Judge William Domina relied on and adopted the
reports and the agreement of both the prosecutor and Wilson's attorney,
in finding Wilson not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect.

Thursday's disposition of the case came as a bit of a surprise; the
hearing had been scheduled only for a return of the doctors' reports.

But attorney Michael Steinle said he and District Attorney Brad Schimel
had been discussing the possible outcome for weeks and were prepared to
go forward, and Domina said he believed it might help the family to get
the matter settled before the holidays.

Wilson appeared handcuffed and shackled in orange jail clothing, and
looked out at his family gathered in the courtroom but did not seem to
communicate. He did not look back at family members during or after the

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[24] ECT and psychosurgery reflect ignorance in psychiatry today-When I
offer to end mental illness?

Harold Mandel
The use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) therapy for mental illness is
very controversial because of consideraitons of its effectiveness vs.
the side effects. There are concerns about permanent memory loss and
confusion related to ECT treatment. Mental Health America reports that
ECT is nevertheless administered to an estimated 100,000 people a year,
primarily in general hospital psychiatric units and in psychiatric

And a majority of people think psychosurgery, or lobotomy, is not done
anymore. Unfortunately, this is not at all true. In fact as pointed out
by Lawrence Stevens, JD in a commentary, "The Brain-Butchery Called,
Psychosurgery", New York University School of Medicine psychiatry
professors Harold I. Kaplan and Benjamin J. Sadock say in their textbook
Clinical Psychiatry, published in 1988, "interest in psychosurgical
approaches to psychiatric disorders has only recently been rekindled."
It is Stevens assessment that "just as bloodletting said something about
incorrect theory and the state of ignorance in health care in the past,
brain damaging "therapies" such as "psychosurgery", electroshock, and
psychiatric drugs reveal much about incorrect theory and ignorance in
psychiatry today."

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[25] 1 in 5 Americans mentally ill in past year, study finds-When I
offer to end mental illness?

One in five adults in the United States, or nearly 50 million people,
suffered mental illnesses in the past year with women and young adults
suffering disproportionately, a government report released on Thursday

The survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
Administration found women were more likely than men (23 percent to 16.8
percent) to have experienced a mental illness, while the rate of mental
illness among people aged 18 to 25 was twice that of those aged 50 and

The administration defined mental illness among adults as diagnosable
mental, behavioral or emotional disorders, excluding developmental
disorders and substance use.

The survey found that 5 percent of American adults, or 11.4 million
people, had suffered a serious mental illness in the past year that
substantially interfered with their lives.

The report found that about 8.7 million American adults had serious
thoughts of suicide in the past year, with 2.5 million making suicide
plans and 1.1 million attempting to take their own lives.

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[26] Kadner: No state plan to treat mentally ill -When I offer to end
mental illness?

Phil Kadner
Illinois is once again planning to close the Tinley Park Mental Health

This is the hospital that treats severely mentally ill people who don���t
have health insurance or Medicaid. We���re talking about people who are
potentially dangerous to themselves and others.

And the state doesn���t have a plan in place to treat those people once
Tinley Park is closed.

Mental health officials for Illinois say a plan will be in place by the
time Tinley Park closes in early July.

During a telephone conference call with the SouthtownStar editorial
board last week, state officials basically said, ���Trust us.���

Actually, they said the mentally ill will be better served than ever
because the state is going to invest in community treatment programs,
which are now ���the thing��� when it comes to treating the mentally ill.
Many experts believe they are far more effective than institutional

But Illinois really isn���t going to be investing a lot of money in
community treatment programs.

The state spends about $20 million a year to keep the Tinley Park Mental
Health Center running. It plans on spending $9.8 million of that money
to shift the responsibility to community-based programs.

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[27] MY TAKE ��� Meeting the challenge of mental illness -When I offer to
end mental illness?

By Robin and Nathan Klay
Mental illness is responsible for more suffering than any other health
problem in America. It accounts for about one-third of all disability.
Over their lifetimes, one in four Americans can expect to experience a
severe mental illness.

For Ottawa County, these statistics suggest that 44,000 people will
experience major depressive disorder; 74,000 an anxiety disorder; and
31,000 PTSD, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. The last figure is
approximately equal to the entire population of the city of Holland,
while the others are multiples thereof.

At the same time, mental illness is the most invisible of all illnesses.
When was the last time your church organized meals for a family whose
parent or child was hospitalized for mental illness? When, for that
matter, did you ever hear a pastoral word or public prayers offered for
members of the congregation and their families dealing with mental illness?

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[28] SAMHSA Statistics Ignore 500,000 Mentally Ill -When I offer to end
mental illness?

DJ Jaffe
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency's most recent and
widely-quoted report on the prevalence of 'any' mental illness and
'serious' mental illness in America failed to count the 300,000
individuals with serious mental illness in jails and prisons, the 200,00
who are homeless and the 51,000 mentally ill who are in hospitals.
Excluding these individuals led SAMHSA to understate the incidence of
serious mental illness and overstate the percentage who receive treatment.

The new report acknowledges in the introduction and methodology sections
that they ignored the incarcerated, institutionalized and homeless, but
did not do so in their press release which is what most media apparently
worked off of. Excluding these populations led to understating the
number with serious mental illness, and since the chances of homeless or
incarcerated receiving good treatment is next to nil, also understating
the percentage who receive treatment.

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[29] State pays high price for incarcerating mentally ill -When I offer
to end mental illness?

By Keith M. Phaneuf
Spurred by a new study showing the high costs of treating the mentally
ill in prison, the Malloy administration is searching for ways to treat
nonviolent offenders outside the prison system.

It costs Connecticut nearly double to both incarcerate and treat an
offender with serious mental illnesses, compared with the price of
treatment alone, according to a new academic study that analyzed social
service and correction trends in 2006 and 2007.

The report, prepared by four academic institutions and the state
Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, also found that
nearly half of those with mental illnesses who were incarcerated or
otherwise involved with the criminal justice system were arrested for
minor, nonviolent offenses.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's criminal justice policy adviser said that by
continuing to search for ways to treat nonviolent offenders with serious
mental illnesses outside of the prison system, Connecticut can continue
to reduce its correction budget.

"Many times these people will enter the system because we really don't
have any other option," Michael P. Lawlor said, noting that the homeless
and others struggling with poverty and mental illness don't receive any
treatment until after they are convicted of a crime. "By default, the
prison system becomes a new version of the state mental health hospitals."

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[30] L. A. County jailers more likely to use force on mentally ill
inmates-When I offer to end mental illness?

By Jack Leonard and Robert Faturechi, Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles County jailers are more likely to use force against mentally
ill inmates than other prisoners, according to a new Sheriff's
Department report that acknowledges the lockups need specially trained
staff to reduce the violence.

Roughly a third of the 582 deputy use-of-force cases in the jail system
last year involved inmates with mental health histories, according to an
analysis released Tuesday. About 15% of the jail's 15,000 inmates are
classified as mentally ill.

The numbers provide a more detailed picture of the confrontations
between deputies and inmates, an issue that has sparked intense scrutiny
over the last few months and prompted a heated debate Tuesday between
Sheriff Lee Baca and some L.A. County supervisors.

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[31] Genes May Be Missing Link Between Creativity, Mental Illness-When I
offer to end mental illness?

Joan Arehart-Treichel
Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder have been linked with creativity. The
relationship may occur because some of the genes that contribute to
schizophrenia and bipolar disorder also contribute to creativity.
Since creative individuals and mentally ill individuals often view the
world in unusual ways, it would probably not be surprising if the former
and latter were often the same people.

Indeed, structured diagnostic interviews with eminent creative people,
retrospective analyses of famous creative people from the past,
anecdotal evidence, and some smaller studies have suggested that this
might be the case (Psychiatric News, July 1, 2011).
Now a large Swedish population study strengthens the hypothesis as well.
It found an increased likelihood for individuals with schizophrenia or
bipolar disorder to work in a creative occupation compared with
individuals who do not have these illnesses.

The lead investigator was Simon Kyaga, M.D., of the Department for
Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the Karolinska Institute in
Stockholm. The results were published in the November 2011 British
Journal of Psychiatry.

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[32] Mental health proves growing concern for college students-When I
offer to end mental illness?

Recent studies from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention show
suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, putting
suicide rates at an all time high. One million people attempt suicide
annually and every 14.2 minutes, someone in the United States dies by

In Mississippi, suicide is the third leading cause of death among young
people between the ages of 10 and 24. The vast majority of people who
take their own lives have a diagnosable and treatable mental illness.
With the rate of suicide among college students rising each year,
studies are now showing an increase in the numbers of diagnosed mental
illnesses among young people in college.

According to the American Psychological Association, more young people
are arriving on campuses with pre-existing conditions than they were 10
years ago, and 1-in-4 college students is on psychiatric medication.

According to Camilla Williams, staff psychologist at Mississippi State
University's Student Counseling Services, college is an especially
vulnerable time for a young person's mental health.

"Students are facing everything from problems they've never faced
before, and they're on their own for the first time. People
underestimate the pressure on college students," Williams said. "Any
time you have change, you're more susceptible to mental illness."

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[33] Virus Ruled Out as Cause of Mental Illness-When I offer to end
mental illness?

By Rick Nauert PhD Senior News Editor
Virus Ruled Out as Cause of Mental IllnessA viral disease long suspected
of possibly causing mental illness has apparently been acquitted, as a
blinded case-control study found no association between the Borna
disease virus (BDV) and mental health disorders.

Prior studies have linked the virus to mental illnesses such as bipolar
disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorder and dementia. Investigators
were open-minded to the possibility as genetic fragments and antibodies
to this RNA virus causes behavior disorders in a range of mammals and birds.

Moreover, although the results have been inconclusive, traces of the
virus have been found to be prevalent in psychiatric patients.

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[34] Does Borna disease virus cause mental illness?-When I offer to end
mental illness?

Over the past 30 years, numerous studies have linked Borna disease virus
(BDV) with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia,
anxiety disorder, and dementia. Genetic fragments and antibodies to this
RNA virus, which causes behavior disorders in a range of mammals and
birds, have been found to be prevalent in psychiatric patients, but
study results have been inconsistent. Now, the first blinded,
case-control study to examine this issue finds no association between
the virus and psychiatric illness. The study, conducted by researchers
at the Center for Infection and Immunity at Columbia University's
Mailman School of Public Health and collaborators at seven other
institutions in the U.S., Germany and Australia, can be found online at
Molecular Psychiatry.

The scientists evaluated 198 patients in California with schizophrenia,
bipolar disorder, and major depressive disorder, carefully matched each
one of them with a healthy control of the same sex, age, region, and
socio-economic status, and tested blood of patients and controls for the
presence of BDV genetic material and antibodies to BDV.

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[35] Mentally ill need treatment, not jail-When I offer to end mental

Christine Lee, 22News State House Correspondent
BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) - Law enforcement officers say they���re trained to
arrest, not handle people with mental illness. They���re joining mental
health advocates to say that needs to change, in lieu of the staggering
number of people in jail suffering from mental illness.

���The incidence of people who are incarcerated who have mental illness is
high enough that we know that there���s a significant problem,��� said the
Association for Behavioral Healthcare President Vicker DiGravio III.

According to the Massachusetts Sheriffs Association, 42 percent of
inmates in the county jail system have a form of mental illness and 26
percent have major mental illness.

���It���s really not the appropriate response for these folks,��� said
Framingham Deputy Police Chief Craig Davis. ���They don���t belong in a
jail cell. It���s just a waste of resources, there���s nothing that ever
comes as a result of it. The person isn���t offered any treatment.���

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[36] How PTSD took over America-When I offer to end mental illness?

By Alice Karekezi
In the past 30 years, post-traumatic stress disorder has gone from
exotic rarity to omnipresent. Once chiefly applied to wartime veterans
returning from combat, it is now a much more common diagnosis, still
linked to traumatic events but now including those occurring outside the
battle zone: the death of a loved one on a hospital bed, a car crash on
the highway, an assault in the neighborhood park. Many would argue that
this is a good thing: greater recognition of psychologically distressing
events will lead to more people seeking treatment and a decrease in the
preponderance of PTSD ��� a win-win.

Stephen Joseph disagrees. In his new book, ���What Doesn���t Kill Us,��� the
professor of psychology, health and social care at the University of
Nottingham (in the U.K.) warns that our culture���s acceptance of PTSD has
become excessive and has led to an over-medicalization of experiences
that should be considered part of ordinary, normal, human experience.
This has kept us from proactively working through our grief and anxiety:
We���ve become too quick to go to the shrink expecting him to fix us,
rather than allowing ourselves the opportunity to grow and find new
meaning in our lives as a result of painful, but common, events. Joseph
advocates for a push toward post-traumatic growth as therapy to treat
the stress of trauma, which he distinguishes as being different from the
hokey, blue skies and rainbows, pop psychology that he claims has
exploded in our culture in the past decade.

Joseph spoke to Salon over the phone to discuss our misunderstanding of
the disorders, the meaning and usefulness of suffering, and if some
cultures are more prone to PTSD than others.

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[37] Environment affects mental illness genes-When I offer to end mental

WASHINGTON, Feb. 3 (UPI) -- Genes linked to schizophrenia and autism are
members of a select club of genes regulated during environmentally
sensitive times, U.S. researchers said.

Researchers at the National Institute of Health said a regulatory
mechanism that turns genes on and off in the brain's executive hub are
among the most environmentally responsive.

The mechanism, called DNA methylation -- a biochemical process that is
important for normal development in higher organisms -- abruptly
switches from off to on within the human brain's prefrontal cortex
during this pivotal transition from fetal to post-natal life. As
methylation increases, gene expression slows down after birth.

This mechanism leaves chemical instructions that tell genes what
proteins to make -- what kind of tissue to produce or what functions to

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[38] S.A. volunteers help study treatment for Hispanics with bipolar
disorder-When I offer to end mental illness?

by Wendy Rigby / KENS 5
SAN ANTONIO -- Bipolar disorder is a highly disruptive mental illness
that if left untreated often leads to suicide. Now, local patients are
volunteering for a study to improve outcomes, particularly for Hispanics.
Teresea Wagner, 64, of San Antonio is doing well these days after she
was formally diagnosed with bipolar disorder six years ago and treated.
But before that?

���I was more on the manic side than the depressive side,��� she noted.
���Though when I was depressed, I was locked in a closet rocking on my knees.���

Wagner is not alone. Several million Americans suffer from bipolar
disorder. Hispanics in particular often don���t seek treatment because of
cultural stigma.

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[39] Wash. Lawmaker Pushes 'Evidence-Based' Treatments For Mentally Ill
Youth-When I offer to end mental illness?

Austin Jenkins
OLYMPIA, Wash. ��� "Talk therapy" may work in some cases. But a Washington
state lawmaker says it's time to invest in evidence-based programs to
treat mentally ill youth. This past fall we brought you a series of
stories on failures in how the Northwest treats young people with
serious mental health issues.

State Representative Mary Lou Dickerson is blunt when it comes to how
Washington treats kids with mental illness. "We are wasting a lot of
money right now on ineffective programs," she says.

Dickerson specifically points to one-on-one counseling sessions known as
"talk therapy." She says, instead, the state should spend its money on
mental health programs that are proven to work. The term is
"evidence-based." And make these programs available to kids before they
end up in the juvenile justice system.

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[40] Mother Blames Cops For Son's Death; Police Say Victim Had 'Mental
Illness' -When I offer to end mental illness?

By Sandy McGee
The mother of a 25-year-old Tiverton man, who died after an apparent
struggle with Portsmouth police officers Friday, is now blaming police
for her son's death.

Brenda Raposa of Portsmouth says authorities are at fault in the death
of her son, Craig Raposa, reports The Newport Daily News.

She also told The Newport Daily News that her son was bipolar. A phone
message left for Brenda Raposa was not returned Tuesday.

State Police are now investigating the incident and what led to Craig
Raposa's death Friday. The Office of the State Medical Examiner is
conducting an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

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[41] Does Abortion in First Trimester Raise Risk of Mental Ills'
Return?-When I offer to end mental illness?

MONDAY, Feb. 6 (HealthDay News) -- Women with a history of mental
illness do not seem to be at increased risk of readmission to a
psychiatric hospital after having an abortion in their first trimester,
a new study suggests.

The findings, which appear in the February issue of the Archives of
General Psychiatry, support several previous studies showing that women
who undergo abortion do not face a higher risk of mental health problems

But anti-abortion advocates say the psychological risks of abortion are
still not fully understood.

"The take-home message from our study is that having a first-time,
first-trimester induced abortion does not influence readmission risk,
since risk of readmission is similar before and after the abortion
procedure," said study author Dr. Trine Munk-Olsen, an epidemiologist at
Aarhus University in Denmark.

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[42] City leaders worried that mental health services may run out of
cash-When I offer to end mental illness?

Meg Farris / Eyewitness News
NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans city leaders are concerned about what will
happen with public safety if mental health and drug detoxification beds
run out of funding.

So they've called an emergency meeting to figure out what to do.

The city is wasting no time to talk about how serious it will be if
treatment of mental illness, including drug addiction, runs out of money.

"The mayor has sent a very strong letter to the state, to the governor,
to LSU President Lombardi, indicating his extreme concern about how
these cuts to mental health and substance abuse will impact public
safety as well as people's lives," said New Orleans Health Commissioner
Dr. Karen DeSalvo.

"I'm telling them we're having to do less with less. Crime is our number
one priority. And I know a lot of people want to call in the National
Guard, but it would be a lot better to fight crime to have more
probation and parole officers, or fund the DA's office, or fund indigent
defenders, which are all state responsibilities, and to make sure that
we fund mental health," said Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

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[43] Mental illness: the trillion-dollar elephant in the workplace-When
I offer to end mental illness?

By Kim Covert, Postmedia News
In a knowledge-based economy, brains matter and not taking care of our
mental health has a negative impact on the bottom line, according to a
recent report from the Global and Business Economic Roundtable on
Addiction and Mental Health, a group of scientists, medical and business
professionals established to raise awareness of the economic impact of
mental illness.

Depression has a fairly high profile these days 胁����� you can see TV ads
for pills to treat it; Olympic speed skater Clara Hughes has gone public
about her experience with it. A viral video campaign, begun in response
to the suicide of a depressed gay teenager, features celebrities
reassuring depressed teens that things will get better. Recent reports
from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and
Toronto's Center for Addiction and Mental Health, among others, have
drawn attention to the need to deal with it.

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[44] New mental disorders guide stirs debate-When I offer to end mental

By Thane Burnett ,QMI Agency
You'll stand around the bar on Valentines Day, nursing a drink and
speaking to no one but the waitress refilling your warm glass.

As if you don't already have enough on your mind, your painfully awkward
shyness -- despite reports -- may not soon be labelled a mental disorder.

Experts are now in trial testing of the next version of the Manual of
Mental Disorders, a new reference book shortened to DSM5.

And there are worries common quirks like shyness or children being
stubborn with parents may suddenly come with a mental health warning.

As well, reportedly, newer habits, including Internet addiction, could
find themselves among the treatable mental disorders listed in DSM5 when
it's released next year.

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[45] Ex-marine took his life in mental illness battle-When I offer to
end mental illness?

A FORMER Royal Marine who served in the Falklands and Northern Ireland
took his own life after a prolonged battle with mental illness, an
inquest heard.

Timothy Mark Waspe, of Coachmans Cottage, Thwaites, was found hanged in
his workshop by his wife Macrina Waspe, on October 18.

His watch and glasses were found placed on a work bench before he took
his own life.

His wife had arranged to do some cleaning for a friend and left Mr Waspe
at home just after 11am.

When she later returned home she found him hanged at around 2pm.

Mrs Waspe said her husband had seemed particularly low that morning but
had no reason to suspect he would take his own life.

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[46] Mentally ill residents sue state over lack of care-When I offer to
end mental illness?

CONCORD ���Six individuals with serious mental illness believe they are
needlessly being forced into New Hampshire Hospital and the Glencliff
Home, when they should be receiving services in their communities.

The individuals, through the Disabilities Rights Center and other
advocacy organizations, filed a class- action lawsuit Thursday in U.S.
District Court in Concord Thursday claiming the state is violating the
federal American with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act and the
Nursing Home Reform Act by failing to provide community-based care.

The suit seeks to force the state to expand community-based services
plaintiffs need to avoid future institutionalization.

Amy Messer, legal director for the Disabilities Rights Center said the
individuals' lives have been interrupted, disrupted and even destroyed
by their prolonged and needless stays at state institutions. ���They share
a common goal to be integrated into community life and not segregated
from their peers,��� she said at a press conference Thursday announcing
the suit.

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[47] Eden Prairie dad who killed son says he's no danger-When I offer to
end mental illness?

ABBY SIMONS , Star Tribune
Less than a year after he was deemed mentally ill when he drowned his
infant son in a laundry tub, an Eden Prairie man testified Monday that
he's not the same man who, in a fog of delusion, believed that he had no
other option because he couldn't support the baby.

At a trial to determine whether he should be indefinitely committed as
mentally ill and dangerous, Randel Richardson, 38, testified that
intense therapy and medication have vastly improved his condition. "I
feel good. I've been symptom-free for 18 months," said Richardson, whose
wife testified that she supports him.

When his attorney, Chris Petros, asked what would happen if he didn't
take his medication, Richardson was straightforward.

"I don't want to find out."

After a trial that will include medical records, testimony from
Richardson, his wife, Karen, and psychiatrists, Judge Jay Quam will
determine Richardson's future. The Hennepin County Attorney has
requested that he be committed at the Minnesota Security Hospital in St.
Peter, Minn., indefinitely. Richardson's attorney contends he should be
placed on a less restrictive six-month commitment elsewhere with likely
extensions before he transitions back into society.

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[48] Ky. woman pleads guilty but mentally ill to killing expectant
mother, removing baby from body-When I offer to end mental illness?

By Associated Press,
BOWLING GREEN, Ky. ��� An infant born prematurely in a violent attack on
his mother 10 months ago is learning to walk, beginning to talk and
bears a bittersweet resemblance to the slain woman.

Friday was a sad but important date for the boy���s family: His mother���s
killer pleaded guilty but mentally ill to cutting him from the womb and
leaving the woman dead beside a rural road. Prosecutors say 21-year-old
Jamie Stice was shocked with a stun gun before having her wrists and
throat cut last April. Kathy Coy of Morgantown faces life in prison
without parole at her sentencing March 1.

Before Friday���s hearing, the boy���s grandmother proudly showed off a
photo of her chubby, smiling grandson atop his father���s shoulders.
Isaiah Allen Stice Reynolds lives with his father and is said to be
thriving despite being born about five weeks early.

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[49] RI panel: mental health cases overburden ERs-When I offer to end
mental illness?

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) ��� A task force in Rhode Island says the state must
find an alternative to emergency rooms for people struggling with acute
mental illness and substance abuse.

The Senate Commission on Emergency Department Diversion says mental
health cases strain hospital resources, increase Medicaid costs for
taxpayers and often leave patients without the care they need.

In its final report, the commission says the state should work with
mental health facilities to ensure they can accept patients that
otherwise would go to emergency rooms.

Full Article
[50] Computer Program IDs Teens at Risk of Mental Illness-When I offer
to end mental illness?

Computer programs may be able to identify teenagers most at risk of
mental disorders such as anxiety and depression by analyzing brain
scans, researchers say.

When it comes to mental illnesses, spotting those at high risk early in
life is critical for treatment.

"Anxiety and mood disorders can have a devastating effect on the
individuals concerned and on their families and friends," said
researcher Mary Phillips at the University of Pittsburgh. "If we are
able to identify those individuals at greatest risk early on, we can
offer early and appropriate interventions to delay, or even prevent,
onset of these terrible conditions."

Full Article
[51] Alabama Plans to Close Most Hospitals for Mentally Ill-When I offer
to end mental illness?

ATLANTA ��� Alabama will shut down most of its mental health hospitals by
the spring of 2013 in a sweeping plan to cut costs and change how the
state���s psychiatric patients receive treatment, state officials
announced on Wednesday.

The decision to close four hospitals and lay off 948 employees is a
bleak reminder of Alabama���s shrinking budget. But it is also the latest
example in a longstanding national effort among states to relocate
mentally ill patients from government hospitals to small group homes and
private hospitals.

Mental health advocates believe patients often get better care in
smaller, less isolating facilities. Since the 1990s, Alabama has closed
10 other mental health treatment centers.

Full Article
[52] Good Grief! Psychiatry���s Struggle to Define Mental Illness Goes
Awry-When I offer to end mental illness?

By Maia Szalavitz
The editors of the forthcoming fifth edition of the Diagnostic and
Statistical Manual ��� psychiatry���s diagnostic handbook ��� are having a
hard time. They���ve been attacked by autism advocacy groups for proposing
to eliminate the Asperger���s diagnosis. They���ve been slammed for adding a
diagnosis, or ���prediagnosis,��� for people determined to be ���at high risk���
of developing schizophrenia. And, now, they���re being pummeled for
introducing a provision to diagnose grief as depression.

It has not gone unnoticed that the illnesses for which proposed
definitions have been expanded are mainly those that are treatable by
drugs ��� antipsychotics or antidepressants, for which manufacturers seek
increased marketing opportunities ��� while the contractions tend to be in
conditions for which no specific medication is available.

Full Article
[53] Rural Health: S.D. volunteer group fights mental illness stigmas
-When I offer to end mental illness?

By Barry Amundson
Community mental health centers dot South Dakota as well as surrounding

"They cover every inch of the state," said Phyllis Arends, executive
director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of South Dakota.

The 11 state-run centers, a part of the rural health care system,
provide case workers to help those suffering from brain disorders and
are found in Aberdeen, Brookings, Huron, Lemmon, Mitchell, Pierre, Rapid
City, Sioux Falls, Watertown, Winner and Yankton.

However, Arends and her small army of volunteers for NAMI, which she
calls "South Dakota's Voice for Mental Illness," know there is a lot of
work to do outside of the mental health centers to try to improve the
lives of the mentally ill in the state.

Full Article
[54] MAINE COMPASS: People with mental illnesses risk losing parity they
have attained -When I offer to end mental illness?

James H. Maier, M.D.
Some victories fought on behalf of patients with mental illnesses take
years to win.

One cause for celebration has been the passage of a national "parity"
bill to end discrimination in insurance policies, which offer far less
adequate coverage for psychiatric illnesses than for other medical

True parity should be a moral imperative guaranteeing equal insurance
treatment for all illness at both state and national levels.

Many individuals and organizations, including the American Psychiatric
Association and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, have worked
for decades to end unfair treatment by health insurers.

People with psychiatric illness and their families are made to feel like
second-class citizens who are being placed at greater risk for medical

Full Article
[55] Antipsychotics death risk charted in dementia patients -When I
offer to end mental illness?

By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News
Some antipsychotic medication may increase the risk of death in patients
with dementia more than others, according to US research.

The drugs have a powerful sedative effect so are often used when
dementia patients become aggressive or distressed.

A study, published on the BMJ website, argued that antipsychotics should
not be used "in the absence of clear need".

Experts said better alternatives were needed to antipsychotics.

A study in 2009, suggested 180,000 people with dementia were taking
antipsychotic medication in the UK and said the drugs resulted in 1,800
additional deaths.

Full Article
[56] Euthanizing the Mentally Ill in the Netherlands -When I offer to
end mental illness?

By Wesley J. Smith
The latest report from the Netherlands on euthanasia practice includes a
case study of a woman killed by her psychiatrist solely due to mental
illness, specifically, depression. From the Regional Committees Annual
Report 2010:

���More than four years before the patient died she was diagnosed with
vital depression. Her medical history reveals recurring episodes of
depression, which were difficult to treat, from 1980 onwards. Apart from
a period of several months, she was in hospital from 2005 until she
died. Since her depression failed to respond to the various treatments,
a psychiatrist working at a teaching hospital was asked for a second
opinion. He examined the patient himself, and on his advice she was
given treatment based on anti-depressant medication, assistance in
finding ways to keep her mind occupied during the day, assistance in
keeping her as independent as possible and use of physiotherapy to
improve her mobility.

Full Article

More articles on Mental Illness

I am calling Mueller a scumbag- Mental illness IS a scam!

am 12.09.2012 07:38:03 von DP

Robert S. Mueller III, you are the FBI director
from September 4, 2001- Present and I am calling you a scumbag. Why
don't Mueller dare do anything to me? It is because mental illness is a
scam and the coward Mueller dare not come out and tell the citizens of
United States the truth. Robert Mueller, you ruined American people like
myself who were victims of the mental illness scam which is a crime
against the United States because we are citizens of the United States.
Robert Mueller, you are an insult to the American people. Robert
Mueller, you run an agency called the Federal Bureau of Investigation,
so where is the investigation concerning the scam psych industry? Robert
Mueller, how come you refuse to acknowledge what is said even a
pointless website being hacked would get the attention of the FBI. The
FBI's motto is, "Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity". Robert Mueller, you do
not exhibit "fidelity" when America's own citizens are caused to be
mentally ill. Robert Mueller, you do not exhibit "bravery" when mental
illness is a scam and you do not tell the American people. Robert
Mueller, you do not exhibit "integrity" when mental illness is a scam
and you continue to allow the psych industry to operate. I am making
this statement publicly and I have no fear of the FBI
because I am 100% correct that mental illness is a
scam. I am WARNING the public about the great lie called mental illness.
People are caused to be mentally ill which means the symptoms
experienced were caused. I also tell people to destroy their mental
illness medications and I DO NOT have a medical degree and I have no
fear of any legal issues because mental illness is a scam. The psych
industry dare not challenge me and continues to sell its useless
medications for symptoms that are caused. All those who seek to know the
truth, I am a person of limited resources living in the USA run by a
poor performing president named Obama. I would brag if I had resources
like other rich people but I do not. I do not have thousands of lawyers
defending me in what I say. It is because I am 100% correct that mental
illness is a scam that is the reason I can write in this manner and call
the FBI director a scumbag. Here is the proof that
mental illness is a scam
How many people can you find that is able to call the FBI director a
scumbag in a public fashion like I do? Do think about it because I want
you to be confident that I am correct that mental illness is a scam. So
it would not be out of the question to want FBI Robert Mueller to take
the death penalty considering how many people have died because of the
mental illness scam.

Crimes of Psychiatry: Rape, Child Pornography, Pedophile, Fraud,

am 12.09.2012 07:38:12 von DP

Psych behavior revisited:

These mental health professionals cannot treat their own behavior
yet they want to be paid using the psycho-BS on their patients which
they do not practice themselves. These mental health professionals
eventually end up in prison, lose their license, die, etc. Why spend
money on the psycho-BS being dispensed when those in the psych industry
don't even use the psycho-BS?

Suppose my profession is a cop that would mean I would be able to
arrest people when I need to. Suppose my profession is a dermatologist
that would mean I would be able to treat my skin disorder when I need
to. Suppose my profession is a lawyer that would mean I would be able to
sue in court when I need to. Suppose my profession is a mental health
expert that would mean I would be able to handle my own mental health
issues when I have to...but that is NOT true for the psych industry.
Mental health experts are documented to commit murder, rape, sex with
underage people, molestation, public masturbation, suicide, stealing,
etc...these are mental issues which these mental health experts were
unable to handle for themselves.

The psych industry is a scam. The psych industry knows that
psycho-BS does not work and continues to sell it to the public; just
read about the crimes these people in the psych industry commit. Some
psych get their license revoked because psycho-BS cannot cure them. Some
psych commit the same crime when their license are not revoked because
psycho-BS cannot cure them. A psych can be a graduate from Harvard or
your local community college and tells a patient that rape is wrong
using psycho-BS and then goes out and commit rape on another patient. Do
you see how hypocritical it is? The psych will say they care for the
mentally ill when all they offer is medication that does not cure them.
Do you see how hypocritical it is when a cure for mental illness exists
called self-protection
that uses no medication so it costs $0? Imagine somebody who can end
schizophrenia and the
psych industry has nobody to take the challenge. It is hypocritical of
the psych industry to say it cares about the mentally ill but that is
common from what has been written.

Do not consider what I write as ANTI-psychiatry but PRO-people. I
am for helping people realize that mental illness is a created illness
that means it can be cured and expose the flaw logic used by those
selling psycho-BS. I do not benefit financially or in other manner from
what I write. Consider the time and resources I invest to write the
information you are reading-I offer it all for free. Let us read about
what these parasite of society
been caught doing.

A Las Vegas psychiatrist convicted on charges stemming from masturbation
in a Strip casino elevator


"A jury found Dr. Steven C. Wein, 33, guilty of open or gross lewdness,
a gross misdemeanor, after a one-day trial in June. The jury deliberated
for about 20 minutes before returning the guilty verdict, according to
court records"

"Authorities said Wein was riding in a Monte Carlo hotel elevator with
three female Arizona State University students about 6 a.m. on Nov. 1,
2009, when he exposed himself in the confined space. Wein then was
punched in the head by a man who also was in the elevator, authorities

"Wein's attorney, Mace Yampolsky, said in court documents his client was
suffering from depression."

Now you understand that you don't need medication to deal with
depression. According to this mental health expert, masturbation works
just as well? How would someone interpret such a behavior from a psych
who suppose to tell us how to behave?

Psychiatrist sexually assaulted his patient, touching and licking her
breasts and digitally penetrating her

[LocalCopy ]

"The Victorian Court of Appeal dismissed Leeks' case to the delight of
the victim, who in 1979 and 1980 endured his undressing her, touching
and licking her breasts and digitally penetrating her."

"Leeks last week denied having sexual relations with any of his
patients, adding: "That's all I'm going to say."

" County Court judge Jim Duggan awarded the $55,000 in damages after
finding Leeks had taken advantage of her for his sexual gratification.
He said the psychiatrist's behaviour was reprehensible and a gross
dereliction of duty."

"Leeks escaped scrutiny of his use of electric shocks on New Zealand
children in the 1970s by promising not to practise again on the eve of a
long-awaited investigation by the Medical Practitioners Board of
Victoria." Another case of abuse by a mental health professional. Psych
do masturbate publicly, some commit rape, but the article doesn't
describe what it means by digitally penetrating a person, one wonders
where this psych get such an idea from. The court judge Jim Duggan
stated the psychiatrists behaviour was reprehensible......exactly, the
psych could not treat his own behavior because the psychiatry profession
is a scam. The labor that psych perform do not
benefit society just themselves.

Psychiatrist who raped two of his patients, including a heavily pregnant
woman, will serve at least eight years in jail


"An 80-year-old former psychiatrist who raped two of his patients,
including a heavily pregnant woman, will serve at least eight years in
jail.Alan John Stubley caused the expectant woman to haemorrhage after
forcing sex on her in the 1970s in his consulting rooms, the Supreme
Court in Perth heard on Thursday.He also forced sex on her weeks after
the birth in the same room where the baby was asleep in a carry basket."

"Stubley, who claimed his behaviour was part of his approach to therapy,
defended his actions by exaggerating the extent of her illness, Justice
Narelle Johnson said."

So this psychiatrist believes that therapy involves raping his patients?
This is someone who is in charge of our mental health? How do you
interpret such behavior?

"The psychiatrist also exaggerated the second complainant's medical
symptoms, telling the Medical Board her story was a product of mental
illness" So when you go against psychiatrist, you are called mentally
ill? That is the come-back it seems.

Psychologist sentenced for child molestation charges


"The longtime psychologist for the Colville School District was ordered
today to serve at least 14陆 years in prison for molesting one of his
students and attempting to molest another.

In addition to first-degree child molestation charges, Figley had
pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography. Images of young boys
were found on his school computer, and his home computer contained
images of young boys engaged in sex."

"Prior to his arrest, Figley was part of an interdisciplinary team that
is operated by a local child advocacy center. In that role, Figley was
the school district���s representative on a team that included the
prosecutor���s office, law enforcement and social services representatives
who met to discuss child sex abuse cases, Rasmussen said.

It doesn���t appear that the two victims, both of whom were 11, came in
contact with Figley as a result of his work on the interdisciplinary
team, Rasmussen said."

Here is another case of a mental health professional who cannot help his
own mental health issues. This psych used his position to exploit
children for his own gratification. Psych cannot treat behavioral
issues, look at their own behavior. The psych industry is a scam.
Anybody can pretend to be a psych and dispense advice for others to
follow but why don't the psych follow their own advice? The psych knows
the industry is a scam that is the reason. Psych will continue to play
the mental illness game until it is game over.

2nd family accuses child psychiatrist of misconduct with 10-year-old


"state Sen. John Carona, R-Dallas, plans to meet with the Texas Medical
Board to discuss why Olmsted, a child psychiatrist, was allowed to
retain his medical license after his 2006 no-contest plea to indecency
with a child in a case involving another 10-year-old girl"

The psych industry is a scam and there are people in it whose behavior
has been brought to the public yet they remain as mental health expert?
How can an expert in a mental health field not be able to treat himself?
Psychiatry is a scam. I suppose one cannot expect a surgeon to operate
on himself but he would know the procedure to do so but the psych
profession cannot use such an excuse.

A former psychiatrist sent to prison for 16 years today for duping
seriously ill people


"A former psychiatrist was sent to prison for 16 years today for duping
seriously ill people out of $400,000 with false promises of organ
transplants in the Philippines. U.S. District Judge David Hurd sentenced
Jerome Feldman to 15 years and 8 months in prison and ordered him to
repay $2 million to the victims of the phony organ-transplant scheme and
an earlier Medicare fraud in Florida. Feldman Feldman pleaded guilty
last year to wire fraud charges for luring five people to the
Philippines for life-saving organ transplants. He���d set up a web site
where patients sought quick access to transplants because they were
desperate for a life-saving organ transplant."

So Feldman���s medical license was revoked in 2002 and he was no longer a
psychiatrist. Did his behavior improved when his misbehavior was caught?
Apparently-NOT. Psychiatry is a scam profession and criminal will be
criminal. Jail is the better option for criminals because a person's
behavior does not change using psycho-BS. Plenty of psych are caught and
put in prison and these psych are specialists in psycho-BS and they
couldn't psycho-BS themselves into behaving better as it would have kept
them out of prison.

A London-based psychiatrist accused of masturbating in front of three


"Dr Adekumle Yesufu was said to have performed the sexual act at the
home of a former work colleague in Carrickfergus, Co Antrim.

Belfast Magistrates' Court heard the 39-year-old now faces being barred
from practising following convictions for three counts of exposure.

One of the women told how she and her friends walked out of the Quayside
apartment in embarrassment when he started to touch himself."

Another case of public exposure of a mental health professional that has
been caught. This behavior of masturbating in public must be a psych
thing......what can be going on in his mind......

Calgary psychiatrist faces 21 sexual assault charges involving patients,
some allegedly during court-ordered visits


"A Calgary psychiatrist who has frequently testified in court now faces
21 sexual assault charges involving patients, some allegedly during
court-ordered visits.

Dr. Aubrey Levin, 71, was first arrested and charged March 23 after
allegations that a 36-year-old patient was repeatedly sexually
assaulted.Calgary Police said that following that charge, ���the sex
crimes unit was approached by numerous people alleging they, too, were
sexually assaulted by Levin during counselling sessions or court-ordered

���These assaults allegedly occurred at Levin's Peter Lougheed (hospital)
office or examination rooms.���

Dr. Levin has now been charged with 20 additional counts of sexual
assault involving 20 other patients.

Alberta Justice has been reviewing all criminal cases in which Dr. Levin
offered testimony to ensure there were no miscarriages of justice."

More cases of mental health expert doing criminal acts. Criminal
behavior would be believable in other professions but not psych because
it is suppose to treat such behavior. The profession is a scam that is
why psych are criminals and the psych could not treat its own behavior.

NY Psychiatrist Guilty of $214K Medicaid Fraud

[LocalCopy ]

"The MFCU investigation revealed that from 2003 to 2009, Mbonu
individually and through his corporation, Sisck Inc., located at 914-A
Columbus Ave. in New York City, systematically submitted hundreds of
claims to New York State���s Medicaid program for medical services that he
or his medical group never provided.

MFCU also discovered that to double his payment from Medicaid, Mbonu
billed Medicaid at the higher psychiatrist rate when psychotherapy
sessions were performed by a clinical social worker."

Another case of a mental health provider who defrauded Medicaid. This is
suppose to be a professional trusted by the public to treat mental
health issues yet Mbonu was out to steal money. An interesting point to
note is that Mbonu billed Medicaid at the psychiatrist rate when the
psychotherapy was done by a clinical social worker. What this reveal is
the psycho-BS can be spoken by anyone and it doesn't matter if it is a
psychiatrist or a clinical social worker. The psych profession is a scam.

Ontario's most prominent psychiatrists yesterday admitted to fathering a
child with one of his patients

[LocalCopy ]

"In a letter he wrote to the /Star /in 1992, Malcolmson expressed how
seriously he took sexual offences. "A sexual relationship in all its
forms between a psychiatrist and his/her patient is a grave violation of
the doctor-patient relation and an abuse on the part of the
psychiatrist," he wrote in the letter to the editor as president of the
Ontario Psychiatric Association"

"Samuel Malcolmson, 71, former chief psychiatrist and clinical director
at the Queen Street Mental Health Centre, pleaded through his lawyer "no
contest" to allegations of sexual abuse of a patient, and to
disgraceful, dishonourable and unprofessional conduct"

What is interesting about the quote above is that Malcolmson says one
thing and does another. Obviously, Malcolmson has a public image so he
says what the public wants to hear, but his behavior is the opposite, he
fathered a child with one of his patient which he publicly states should
never be done. Malcomson is not alone among psychiatrists, they have a
public image and a private image. Some psychiatrists are caught while
others are not. Psychiatry is a scam profession. Mental illness is a
scam and the psych will play this game until people learn that the psych
industry is a useless industry out to suck money from society.

PhD. in psychology unable to pass the state of California���s licensing
exam as a psychologist

[LocalCopy ]

"The man who did psychological evaluations of children involved in
divorce cases in San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange counties,
guiding the courts in determining custody, and whose recommendations
controlled the fate of thousands of individuals for over a decade took
his own life earlier this year.

On Saturday May 29, according to the Los Angeles Coroner���s Office,
Bradbury who resided in Walnut, drove to an industrial park in the city
of Industry. There, at 21508 Ferrero Parkway, a spot secluded by
railroad tracks and relatively isolated and remote buildings, Bradbury
shot himself while in his vehicle.

The death of Dr. Roy W. Bradbury, who was a court appointed expert for
so-called 730 evaluations, has thrown into question the validity of
the determinations that were made in hundreds of divorce cases in San
Bernardino County."

"Despite Bradbury���s possession of a PhD. in psychology from USC, he was
unable to pass the state of California���s licensing exam as a psychologist."

This is another case of a mental health professional who is not able to
use what he learned to help himself with his own mental issues. The
psych profession is a scam with nothing more than psych-BS. Psycho-BS
did not help Bradbury. An interesting point to note about the profession
is that a PhD in psychology cannot pass a licensing exam as a
psychologist. How on earth did this guy became a PhD? The psych
profession is a scam filled with inconsistencies.

Psychiatrist Allison Hargrave to remain in jail pending trial; defense
admits she engaged in sex with 14-year-old

[LocalCopy ]

"Psychiatrist Allison Hargrave to remain in jail pending trial; defense
admits she engaged in sex with 14-year-old."
"A defense expert witness, psychiatrist Dr. Frank M. Ochberg, testified
that a history of trauma caused Hargrave to experience psychosis when
she allegedly enticed a minor to engage in sexual activity from October
to February, a federal crime on which she was indicted and will be
tried. During her treatment, she was diagnosed with a sexual disorder,
major recurrent depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and could
have a personality disorder."

So Dr. Ochberg believed that Psychiatrist Allison Hargrave had a history
of trauma that cause psychosis? How come the psychiatrist Hargrave
wasn't aware of her own condition? So after being caught with a crime,
suddenly this psychiatrist Hargrave has psychosis? What kind of fool do
this psych take people for. Psychiatry is a scam.

Psychiatrist Guilty Of Groping Teen In Office

[LocalCopy ]

"Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said that Dr. Raj A.
Danthuluri, 40, of Highview Avenue in Hicksville, L.I. was found guilty
of third-degree sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child in a
verdict rendered by Acting Queens Supreme Court Justice Barry Kron
following a three-day bench trial.
Sentencing for Danthuluri has been scheduled for Feb. 13. He faces up to
one year in prison and will be required to register as a sex offender
and provide a DNA sample to the state's DNA criminal databank"

Here is a case of another mental health expert engaging in an
inappropriate manner. The psych profession is a scam and this is another
example of how hypocritical it is to preach how one should behave when
the psych who is paid, behave so badly. The mental health training that
these psych received obviously did nothing to treat the psych's own
behavior. Luckily, the incident was reported early enough that it
didn't lead to rape. So the person who sought help ends up being worst
than before. But who knows what kind of past behavior this psych engaged
in that leads him to thinking he can do what he did.

Psychiatrist loses licenses in three countries for ���exposing erect

[LocalCopy ]

"Hastings, a Sand Lake resident, was employed by the county Department
of Mental Health when a court sent the boy to her for counseling in
2006. State Police began investigating her in October of the following
year after a trooper found her waiting in a car outside Tamarac High
School, where the boy was a freshman at the time.

"Ilardi was working at Charter North Star Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska.
On several occasions, Ilardi exposed his erect penis to a female nurse
at the hospital and forcefully attempted to have sex with her. Despite
her objections, Llardi touched her sexually before she managed to escape."

This mental health expert Llardi, tried several times to use his penis
but was rejected by his target. The news of his penis caused him to be
rejected by THREE countries....don't you psychiatrists have a clue yet?
People don't want to see your penis. This is not the way to behave
professionally. The psych industry is a scam but at least have some
self-respect. Keep your penis to yourself.

Psychiatrist sentenced in slaying

[LocalCopy ]

"A prominent Venezuelan psychiatrist who once ran for president has
been sentenced to 20 years in prison in the murder of a young woman who
was his patient

The attorney general's office says investigators found some 1,200
photographs of nude female patients in the psychiatrist's home. It
accuses him of drugging the women and abusing them."

Another case of sexual abuse by psychiatrists and this one leads to
murder. This is the so call profession that treat mental health
problems. How insulting, psychiatry is a scam profession.

Psychiatrist surrenders license after exposing himself on prison video
[LocalCopy ]

"A Northern Virginia psychiatrist voluntarily surrendered his medical
license after exposing himself earlier this year over a live
telemedicine video link from his home office to the Greensville
Correctional Center.

According to a Virginia Board of Medicine consent order signed by Dr.
Peter L. Campbell, "Campbell was observed by staff exposing his
unclothed lower body on camera. . . . As a result of the foregoing
incident, Dr. Campbell's employment was terminated." The Feb. 2 incident
occurred as Campbell was waiting to see inmate patients."

So this quack was caught exposing himself. This is not the first time
your reading about some quack exposing himself. But the question to ask
is: Do you want such a quack to tell you how to behave and pay for such
advice? Look at how the quack behave! The quack profession is a scam.

Psychiatrist who surfed the web to look at depraved pictures of
youngsters is free to work with children again

[LocalCopy ]

"A psychiatrist who surfed the web to look at depraved pictures of
youngsters is free to work with children again. In April 2003 police
raided his home and seized Watts' computer which contained an image of a
naked girl aged between five and seven years old in sexual poses. Watts
was fined 拢1,500 by Hereford Magistrates after admitting possession of
an indecent photograph of a child under the age of 16."

"He blamed the stress of a 70,000-patient workload at the Blackberry
Hill Hospital, Bristol, for his behaviour."

This is another case of a mental health professional who could not help
his own behavior. He blamed "stress" as a cause for him viewing girls
between ages five and seven in sexual poses. This is what his psycho-BS
profession taught him how to deal with stress? The psych profession is a
scam and the psych's behavior cannot be treated with psycho-BS.

Psychologist convicted of $3 milliion in Medicaid fraud

[LocalCopy ]

"Jackson, TN - Lorne Allan Semrau, 64 of Jackson, Tennessee, was
convicted by a federal jury on June 17, 2010, for three counts of
submitting false and fraudulent claims to defraud health care benefits
programs such as Medicare and Medicaid in Tennessee and Mississippi
announced Lawrence J. Laurenzi, United States Attorney for the Western
District of Tennessee.

Semrau was indicted in June 2007 and at that time was the Owner,
President and CEO of Superior Life Care Services and Foundation Life
Care Services. According to the indictment, Semrau contracted with
nursing homes in Tennessee and Mississippi to provide medication and
mental health services to residents. Between 1999 and 2005 Semrau
submitted fraudulent billings to health care benefit programs in excess
of $3,000,000."

This is another case of a mental health professional who knowingly
defrauded the government health insurance in excess of $3mil. This
person was supposed to provide mental health services yet engaged in
such illegal activity himself. This is why the psych industry is such a
scam. They pretend to "help" people while their real motive is self
benefit and suck money from society. How can you pretend to be the
"doctor" of mental health when your own mental health can't even be
treated by your own methodology. The psych industry is hypocritical.

Psychologist pleaded guilty to having sex with a 14-year-old boy

[LocalCopy ]

"Hastings, a Sand Lake resident, was employed by the county Department
of Mental Health when a court sent the boy to her for counseling in
2006. State Police began investigating her in October of the following
year after a trooper found her waiting in a car outside Tamarac High
School, where the boy was a freshman at the time.

When the trooper asked Hastings what she was doing, she told him she was
there to pick up her brother; the trooper, however, was familiar with
the boy
and knew he did not have an older sister. The student later detailed
sexual encounters he had with Hastings at her Sheer Road home and area
motels to police.

Echoing the trial judge���s words at sentencing ��� where McGrath told her
she was ���given this young boy to help��� and ���did just the opposite��� ��� the
appellate decision notes Hastings abused the trust placed in her former
position in concluding her prison sentence is not excessive"

This is another case of a mental health professional who instead of
helping a person did the opposite and abuse a person's trust. Why wasn't
Hastings able to deal with her own mental health issues? It is because
Hastings is in a profession that is not more than psycho-BS. Hastings
behavior is her own and psych-BS cannot change that but maybe prison
will do a better job.

Psychologist treating sex offenders-downloading hundreds of pornographic
videos and images of children

[LocalCopy ]

"Joseph Belanger developed his dangerous obsession while working as a
psychologist treating sex offenders in a state mental hospital in
Jamestown, North Dakota. After more than 20 years working at the
hospital, Belanger admitted that he was under federal investigation for
downloading hundreds of pornographic videos and images of children. The
allegations immediately called into question his testimony as a witness
in court cases involving the commitment of sex offenders.

In January, Belanger was sentenced to seven years in prison, and U.S.
Bureau of Prison records show he's serving his time at the minimum
security federal pen in Lompoc, California. Yet Belanger's case
continues to ripple. Two cases of sex offender commitments in Iowa were
overturned as a result of Belanger's tainted testimony - one of those
offenders was committed last week after a second trial"

This is a case of a mental health professional used to treat sex
offenders yet himself engaged in such an activity considered illegal.
What kind of fools do these psych take people for. Your suppose to treat
a person's behavior and yet you engaged in such an activity yourself?
Why didn't you treat yourself? It is because it is a behavioral matter
and psych don't know how to treat people just look at their own action.
It is nothing more than psycho-BS. His case raises an important issue
about psych court testimony because the psych industry is a scam.

Psychotherapist sentenced to prison for sex assault on patient

[LocalCopy ]

"Tillery, 46, admitted to coercing the victim ��� a Gwinnett preschool
teacher with a history of alcohol and sexual abuse ��� into sexual
activity more than 20 times at his Norcross office in 2007. She paid $85
per hour for most sessions."

"The 32-year-old victim told the Daily Post on Wednesday she felt the
sentencing was ���a little lenient��� but sends ���a huge message for anybody
in a position of power.��� She feels that Tillery brainwashed her into
acts she wouldn���t have considered otherwise."

"Tillery will serve eight years, probation following his prison stint,
said Taylor."

So this mental health professional engaged in sexual activity with the
victim as a form of therapy to threat her condition. Tillery also
charged the patient money for such a treatment. This is not an unusual
story in the mental heath profession because mental illness is a scam so
anything a so called "doctor" use as "treatment" can work but there is
never a cure as one can see from the numerous therapy visits. The
psych's motive is self benefit plus sucking money from the patient. The
victim feels that she was "brainwashed" into such an act so we know the
psych is capable of such an action. People should be on alert of
pscyho-BS coming out of the psych profession.

Waco psychologist sentenced to three years

[LocalCopy ]

"Chieza, a licensed psychologist, owned and operated Chieza
Psychological Services in Waco, Texas. Pleading guilty to the charges in
December 2009, Chieza admitted that from at least 1999 until October
2007, she executed a scheme to defraud the Texas Medicaid Program that
involved: submitting multiple fraudulent billings; filing claims for
services rendered that were not personally performed by Chieza, as
required by law; and filing claims for services that were not provided
at all."

"Chieza admitted she billed for services which totaled more than
twenty-four hours in a single day; billed for services in a single day
which amounted to more than double the normal business hours of her
practice; billed for services allegedly rendered during weekends,
holidays, and times that she was known to be out of town and away from
her practice;"

This is a case of a mental health professional out to defraud health
insurance who was supposed to provide mental health to people. Don't you
find it strange that Chieza would work more than twenty-fours in a
single day? What kind of world was Chieza in to believe people are this
stupid. But I suppose the psych scam has been going so well all these
years that the psych feel they can get away with such things.

Anger management counselor serving a year in prison for pulling a gun on
two federal marshals

[LocalCopy ]

"According to court documents, on Jan. 25, 2010, Avila honked his horn
at two Deputy United States Marshals, who had just returned to their
cars after completing a witness interview on Americana Drive in
Annandale. Avila initially left the scene after one of the Deputy
Marshals waved him around. Avila then turned his car around and pointed
a loaded firearm at the Deputy Marshals.
The Deputy Marshals apprehended Avila and recovered the firearm after a
brief pursuit.

Before his arrest Avila was a professional counselor and a licensed
marriage and family therapist"

So here is a case of a mental health professional who cannot be saved by
the psycho-BS that he tells others to follow. A person who is suppose to
specialize in anger management yet pulled a gun on two federal marshals.
How ridiculous can this psych industry be to expect people to continue
to accept the psycho-BS that cannot save their own. Psych industry is a

Psychologist, wife plead guilty to Medicaid, Medicare fraud

[LocalCopy ]

"Psychologist Michael Miran and his wife, Esta, each pleaded guilty this
morning to a count of Medicaid and Medicare fraud. The Brighton couple
had been indicted in July 2009 on 31 felony accounts of defrauding the
state Medicaid and the federal Medicare programs of $257,946.93

A guilty plea against the corporation Michael Miran Ph.D, Psychologist
P.C., was entered by attorney John Parrinello, who represented Michael
Miran and the corporation The indictment also accused the Mirans of
allowing unqualified staff, including Esta Miran, to perform therapy

A Ph.D of Psychology caught in a medical fraud. Why didn't his psycho-BS
training taught him to think about what he was doing would get him in
trouble? It is because psycho-BS does not work. Psycho-BS didn't help
him or his wife. Psycho-BS is simple even "unqualified staff" can be
used to perform therapy sessions.

A psychologist who bilked Medicaid for over $550,000 was sentenced
Thursday to two years in prison

[LocalCopy ]

"Federal prosecutors in Atlanta say Paul D. Mangum submitted "thousands"
of fraudulent claims to the Georgia Medicaid program for therapy work he
did not perform.

In one case, he submitted over 100 claims for a child he'd seen once a
week for a few months, acting U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said.
In another, he submitted claims for the sibling of one of his patients
though he never treated the sibling."

Here is another case of greed in the psych industry out to steal as much
as possible. This psycho-BS industry is not about caring for people but
it is about taking advantage of people. I suppose many in the psycho-BS
industry is able to get away with medical fraud that is why other psych
continue to do the same. This psych got caught but there are many psych
out there who are still doing medical fraud that haven't been caught.

Psychiatrist struck off after sex with patient

[LocalCopy ]

"A PSYCHIATRIST who had a two-year sex romp with a patient almost four
decades younger than him has been struck off the medical register, the
Sunday Sun can reveal.

Dr Graham Craig was 61 when he had the affair with the 23-year-old woman
��� known as Patient A ��� who had been admitted to his clinic for severe

It is not the first time Dr Craig, now 72 ��� whose area of practice is
Newcastle ��� had an ���inappropriate relationship��� with a patient. He was
found guilty of unprofessional conduct for an affair with a woman 10
years ago."

Dr Graham Craig behavior was unprofessional ten years ago when he was
found guilty of unprofessional conduct and now he is guilty of another
inappropriate behavior with another patient. So Dr Craig's behavior was
not able to be solved with the psycho-BS that he uses on his patient.
Why should people continue to pay for psycho-BS since it is useless!

Psychiatrist Alex A. Fider loses license related to road rage shooting

[LocalCopy ]
VA psychiatrist charged in road-rage gunfire

[LocalCopy ]

"On August 4, 2010, psychiatrist Alex Abelardo Fider surrendered his
license to Medical Board of California, agreeing to not petition for
three years to have his it reinstated.

This action was done as result of actions taken upon Fider in Tennessee.
On May 20, 2009, the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners placed Fider���s
medical license on probation for three years following his March 10,
2009 guilty plea in the Criminal Court of Marion County, Tennessee, to a
felony charge of reckless aggravated assault relating to a road rage
incident wherein he fired a gun striking another vehicle containing
children. He was sentenced to three years criminal probation."

"A Nissan Quest carrying an adult and two 11-year-olds was exiting
Interstate 24 on Sunday when three shots were fired from a Dodge
Caravan, Tennessee Department of Safety spokeswoman Julie Oaks said. At
least one round hit the Nissan, she added."

"The arrest report said Fider, a passenger in the van, told the trooper
the shooting was an act of road rage, Oaks said."

Here is another case of psycho-BS being useless. The psychiatrist Fider
got angry and decided to put a few bullets at another vehicle without
regard to who could be in the vehicle and what harm it may have caused.
Children in the vehicle could have been shot. With all the psycho-BS he
has been taught, his solution for being angry was shooting a few bullets
at another vehicle. This is the person whose job is to dispense
psycho-BS to other people. The psych industry is a scam.

Counselor accused of trying to get client involved in prostitution

[LocalCopy ]

"A Kentucky mental health counselor is accused of trying to get one of
his clients to take part in prostitution.

According to Paducah Police, a woman came to them claiming 70-year-old
George Kyle made sexual advances toward her, including fondling her.

The woman said Kyle told her he was running a secret, alternative "sex
therapy" counseling business and that he wanted her to participate.

Kyle allegedly told the woman she would need special training and that
he would provide that. He also allegedly invited her to meet him at a
local hotel for a training session.

Wednesday morning Kyle pleaded guilty to a charge of promoting

This 70-year-old mental health professional wanted to have sex with his
"patient" so he offered to find her employment at his alternative sex
therapy counseling business. But the patient must receive training
session from this 70-year-old counselor first at a local hotel. This
counselor violated his patient's trust and wanted to make her into a
prostitute. But the mental health counselor was trained in the art of
psycho-BS and used it on his patient by calling it "sex therapy"
counseling service when it was nothing more than prostitution. So this
patient was smart enough not to fall for the psycho-BS. Remember that
mental health professional use psycho-BS on victims not on themselves.
But sadly, there are plenty of people out there today who still buy into
psycho-BS even when the mental health professional themselves do not
practice it.

School counselor gets jail for sexual contact with girl

[LocalCopy ]

"Calling her former school counselor ���unethical,��� a teenage girl
dramatically confronted the man in court about his betrayal that
involved sexual contact with the girl.

What you did, Mr. Lattari, brought me down for a long time. But I can
sit here in front of you and say I will not let you take any more from
me,��� the emotional 17-year-old girl testified Wednesday in Montgomery
County Court during the sentencing hearing for Michael James Lattari.

You were wrong. You were a man who I entrusted with knowledge of my
life, whom I was supposed to receive help from because that was your
job. Your job was to be a counselor, not a friend, not a buddy, just a
school counselor,��� the Montgomery County girl continued. ���And what makes
you even more disgusting to me is the fact that you were in an
alternative school, a last chance for many kids to straighten out their

You were unethical and then some, disgraced a good school���s name and
used your authority to mess me up,��� the girl, who was 16 at the time of
the incident, testified."

Here is another case of a mental health professional who violated his
client's trust. Lattari took advantage of his situation to exploit a
girl whose situation brought her to a last chance alternative school.
Lattari used psycho-BS to take advantage of her not to treat his own
behavior. Lattari "mess" her up. In essence, those who dispense
psycho-BS are paid to do so that is why they continue to spread
psycho-BS but they don't really follow the teaching of psycho-BS as can
be seen from their crimes.

Somerset County Psychologist Agrees to License Suspension

[LocalCopy ]

"A psychologist who allegedly referred patients for treatment by an
unlicensed colleague has agreed to the suspension of her license, deemed
to be a revocation, and also will pay restitution to patients and civil

Sally A. Wright of Neshanic Station, who operated a private practice
under the name ���Wellspring Resources Unlimited,��� referred patients to
another person in her practice who was not a licensed psychologist.
Wright called her colleague, Larry Brotzen, a ���doctor��� when referring
patients to him.

Wright also billed insurance carriers for psychological services
rendered by the unlicensed Brotzen and also engaged in other forms of
fraudulent billing. Following an investigation separate from the
Professional Board case, Wright pled guilty in April in U.S. District
court to having committed health care fraud."

Although this mental health professional committed fraudulent billing,
Sally Wright was correct in that patients wouldn't be able to
distinguish psycho-BS whether it be dispensed by a licensed psychologist
or one who is not licensed. This is what I been saying, psycho-BS can be
dispensed by anybody! The fact that Wright committed the crime of
fraudulent billing shows she wasn't a believer in the psycho-BS she
sells to others. The psych industry is a scam.

Supervisor at the Ohio Hospital For Psychiatry sentenced 18 months in


"COLUMBUS, Ohio ��� A former supervisor at the Ohio Hospital For
Psychiatry who was accused of having sex with a patient was sentenced on
Friday to 18 months in prison.

Christopher Wiggins, 38, pleaded guilty earlier this week to reduced
charges of attempted sexual battery.

The hospital fired Wiggins after a 16-year-old girl who was under his
care accused him of having sex with her. A hospitalized mental health
patient cannot legally consent to sex with a caregiver.

The allegation was not the first against Wiggins or the hospital, 10
Investigates' Paul Aker reported.

A year earlier, another girl accused Wiggins of having sexual contact
with her. While the hospital notified Franklin County Children
Services, it did not follow the standing advice of state regulators that
encourages hospitals to call police directly."

This mental health professional used his position as supervisor of a
hospital to have sex with an underage girl. This behavior of Christopher
Wiggins was also brought up by another girl a year earlier. The
psycho-BS that these people sells to the public are obviously not
practiced by those in the psych industry as we can see from Wiggin's
behavior. Psycho-BS are used to take advantage of people.

Psychologist Sentenced on Child Porn Charges Surrenders License

[LocalCopy ]

"Howard Weinberg, 61, waived his right to a hearing before the Iowa
Board of Psychology in November and agreed to voluntarily surrender his

Weinberg, who was the first director of the Iowa City Crisis Center, was
sentenced in September to the maximum 10 years in prison on federal
child pornography charges, followed by 10 years of supervised release.

He pleaded guilty in March to federal charges of possessing sexually
explicit materials involving children.

In 2008, an Iowa City computer business notified the Iowa City Police
Department after discovering child pornography on a personal computer
Weinberg brought for repair.

One image showed a naked child tied face down with a rope, police said."

This psychologist behavior cannot be treated with psycho-BS. He enjoyed
what he did that is why he did it. Weinberg likes looking at children in
a pornographic manner. Psycho-BS is used on other people not themselves.
But there are plenty of mental health professional with criminal
activities who are caught as we can see from what has been written and
those that are not caught remain doing their criminal acts. If
Weinberg's computer wasn't brought for repair, Weinberg would continue
on with his child porn behavior. The psych industry is a scam so why
allow it to sell useless psycho-BS and medications.

Prison therapist loses license after affair

[LocalCopy ]

"The state board that regulates psychologists has revoked the license of
Kristel K. Rider, a prison therapist who had a sexual affair with one of
her patients and then shot him.

Rider admitted having a sexually intimate relationship with her former
patient, Lamount K. Friend, starting April 3, the night he was released
from Neuse Correctional Institution.

It is a violation of the legal and ethical rules governing the conduct
of psychologists for them to have romantic relationships with their
clients due to the influence that therapists can exert.

A state psychologist since 2004, Rider lost her job with the state
Department of Correction after shooting Friend in the back on April 21,
less than three weeks after his release. He survived the wound from the
.38 caliber slug, which passed through his chest inches from his heart.

Friend, a convicted felon from Clayton, is now back behind bars in the
Watauga County Jail, charged with five counts of violating a domestic
violence protective order barring him from contact with Rider"

This psychologist is typical of what you been reading. Rider violated
the relationship with her client and had sex with him. Her psycho-BS
apparently did little to help Friend who end up being shot by her and
went back to prison because of her. As a mental health professional,
shouldn't Rider set a better example? As I have been saying it is so
hypocritical of these mental health professional selling their psycho-BS
when they cannot even handle their own mental issues.

Psychotherapist arraigned on firearms charge

[LocalCopy ]

"STAMFORD -- A Stamford psychotherapist charged with possessing firearms
while being a convicted felon -- a status he achieved with a bizarre and
long criminal record -- was arraigned in state Superior Court on Wednesday.

In 1987, Gagnon was arrested for wearing a silver badge and driving a
car that appeared to be an unmarked police car outfitted with a red
flashing light.
He pulled a woman over with an expired temporary registration in
Brookfield and told her he would let her go if she would have sex with
him, according to the appellate court decision that upheld his
convictions. Gagnon then grabbed the woman's breasts, the documents
said. The woman put her car in gear and sped off.

Gagnon was convicted of criminal impersonation and third-degree sexual
assault. As a result of the felony conviction, he has a lifetime listing
on the state's Sex Offender Registry.

Also, in 2004, a patient made a police complaint about Gagnon wearing a
general's uniform while giving therapy. Gagnon, who was not in the Army,
was charged with unauthorized use of a uniform and, a year later,
pleaded no contest to the charge."

This psychotherapist was convicted in 1987 for impersonating a police
officer so he can have sex with a women he pulled over. Those in charge
of the mental health profession saw it fit to let him continue his
practice after that incident? Then in 2004, Gagnon impersonates as a
Army general while giving therapy? What kind of fool do these psych
people take the public for. Now Gagnon is being charged for possessing
firearms? Why is this guy allowed to be a mental health professional at
all? Obviously, as I have stated so many times , those that sells
psycho-BS cannot treat their own behavior as can be seen from Gagnon's
history. The psych industry is a scam so beware.

Sister's drug death launches man's quest for justice

[LocalCopy ]

"Court records link Dreyer not just to Silva, but to Brandon Keating, a
25-year-old who died in a Costa Mesa detox facility in 2007. Dreyer, who
lost his psychiatry license this year, was charged with distributing
around 150,000 pills of Oxycontin, Xanax, Vicodin, and other
often-abused drugs. He was also accused of taking part in a conspiracy
to illegally supply prescription drugs to a Tijuana pharmacy.

The coroner's office would determine that the 35-year-old divorced
saleswoman had died two days earlier. Police found more than 20
prescription medications in the house; 10 of them were found in her
blood, stomach and liver.

Siciliano noticed that a prescription for 90 Oxycontin pills ��� filled
three weeks before ��� had been written by Dreyer, raising his suspicion.
Dreyer asked no questions about medical history, conducted no
examinations, generally asked what drug the patient was interested in,
and then suggested a symptom, according to records. He charged $100 for
the visits and wrote a prescription for each investigator."

This mental health professional is an educated drug pusher in a more
obvious manner than his peer. He made up symptoms for his client for
$100 per visit and wrote them whatever drug the clients wanted. There
were no medical history, or examinations conducted of his clients.
Dryer's action caused the death of a 25-year-old and a 35-year-old. The
psych industry is a scam and their behavior cannot be treated with the
psych-BS that they continue to sell to the public.

State revokes license of psychologist Kristin Hibbard

[LocalCopy ]

"On November 20, 2009, the Board of Psychology of the State of
California revoked the license of Kristin Hibbard, Ph.D. According to
Board documents, from 2006 to December 2008, Hibbard treated a patient
who had been injured at work and was subsequently referred to Hibbard
for counseling in anger management and depression.

In November 2008, the patient received a worker���s compensation
settlement in excess of $150,000. In early December, the patient and his
wife went to Hibbard���s office for his regular appointment, during which
Hibbard requested that the patient sign a power of attorney giving her
and another individual control over his worker���s compensation award. The
patient did not want to do that, at which point Hibbard became angry and
yelled at him. The Board���s document further states that Hibbard
requested the wife to leave, threatening to have the patient
involuntarily committed if she did not.

Further, Hibbard was arrested on December 25, 2008 in the burglary of
her mother���s home. Though Hibbard assured the Fresno police that she
lived in the house, none of her keys fit the locks; the mother reported
to police that Hibbard did not have permission to be there, did not live
there and that she had changed all the locks after Hibbard broke into
the house around Thanksgiving 2008.

Hibbard was thus charged by the Board with dishonest, corrupt or
fraudulent acts and was served a copy of the Board���s accusation and
other documents, to which she failed to respond."

Here is another example of a mental health professional who is a Ph.D.
psychologist that cannot treat her own behavior. She tried to force her
patient to sign over his worker's compensation award. Hibbard, who is
suppose to help her patient wanted to take advantage of him. Then
Hibbard in December 25, 2008 was charged with burglary of her own
mother's house and lied to the police when caught but Hibbard's mother
wanted her arrested and told the truth. This Ph.D. psychologist was not
able to use psycho-BS to treat her own behavior. Psycho-BS is sold to
the public to make money.

Psychologist Michelle Theer sentenced to life in prison

[LocalCopy ]

"The fourth anniversary of Capt. Theer's death is Dec. 17. Michelle
Theer, his wife, was convicted of luring him to her office so her lover,
John Diamond, could ambush and kill him.

Michelle Theer was sentenced to life in prison on the first-degree
murder charge and given more than 13 additional years on a conspiracy
charge. She is at the N.C. Correctional Institute for Women in Raleigh.

Diamond, who was an Army staff sergeant, was convicted of murder and
conspiracy charges at a court-martial in 2001. He, too, is serving a
life sentence.

Neither Theer nor Diamond is eligible for parole.

Capt. Theer was 31 when he died. His grave is at the Air Force Academy
Cemetery in Colorado Springs, Colo. "

This mental health professional had her husband kill using her lover. A
cold calculating women who lured her husband to his death at the age of
31. The psycho-BS which Michelle Theer sells to others did nothing to
help her behavior. Her solution with all the psycho-BS training she
received with her marriage issues was to kill her husband. What kind of
fool do the psych industry take people for selling psycho-BS when these
mental health professional cannot treat their own behavior.

Psychiatrist James Taylor suspended for three years for sex with patient

[LocalCopy ]

"The Health Care Complaints Commission recently prosecuted a complaint
against the psychiatrist Dr James Tayor before the NSW Medical Tribunal.
The complaint related to Dr Taylor entering into a personal and sexual
relationship with a female patient and prescribing medication for her
while in such a relationship. Dr Taylor admitted that he had had a
relationship with the patient.

In its decision of 11 June 2010, the Tribunal found Dr Taylor guilty of
professional misconduct and ordered him to be suspended for a period of
three years. Dr Taylor had ceased his registration as a medical
practitioner in 2009 and is currently working as an executive coach."

Here is a common crime among health care professional which is having
sex with their patient. After finding out personal information on their
patients, they would use it to make sexual advances toward their
patient. Behavior like this is done because Dr. Taylor, like other
people in the psych industry, wanted to do it so all the psycho-BS which
they sell to their patient they would ignore on themselves. Psycho-BS is
used to take advantage of people to make money, have sex with them, etc...

Psychologist was sentenced to 33 years

[LocalCopy ]

"A psychologist was sentenced to 33 years in prison Friday for
conspiring to murder the stepfather of Boston Celtics star Ray Allen.

Ernest Garlington was convicted in November in a murder-for-hire plot
against fellow psychologist Derek Hopson. Once married to Garlington's
wife, Hopson is now married to Flora Allen-Hopson, mother of the Celtics

Hopson wasn't injured when shots were fired at him in 2003 outside the
Middletown clinic where he worked and had been beaten with a golf club
less than a year earlier.

Garlington was sentenced in Middlesex Superior Court."

Here is another case of a mental health professional who was not able to
handle his own mental issue. This psychologist, Garlington put a
contract to have another person killed. This is what his psycho-BS
training has led him to behave as. Garlington makes a living selling
psycho-BS and his solution was to have another person shot. Garlngton
wanted to behave this way that is why he did it. Otherwise, wouldn't you
think he would behave differently? Psycho-BS is useless, just to offer
false comfort to the public as a way to make money, etc...

Psychologist Brandee Peikert sentenced to nine months in jail for sexual
relationship with young client

[LocalCopy ]

"Brandee Peikert, a psychologist who had a sexual relationship with a
young female client, "lost all sense of reality" by letting the
relationship become personal, a judge said today. I think this is a very
classic example of someone who is possessed by a sexual addiction," Kent
County Circuit Court Judge Mark Trusock said before sentencing Peikert.
Peikert, 40, was sentenced to nine months jail, five years of probation
and 300 hours of community service on charges of fourth-degree criminal
sexual conduct and illegal use of a computer.

Prosecutors say Peikert became acquainted in 2004 with the victim, who
was then a 16-year-old Kenowa Hills High School student getting therapy
at Pine Rest Mental Health Services. At some point, the professional
counseling turned more personal and the victim ultimately was
vacationing with Peikert and living with her.

A jury decided that she did have sexual contact within that time frame.
As part of her sentence, Peikert must register as a sex offender, cannot
have contact with the victim and may not use a computer during
probation. She can get out of jail on an electronic tether after serving
six months. "

This is another case of a mental health professional using the position
to attain personal information on her client and using it to sex the
client. The judge said Peikert is "possessed by a sexual addiction". So
why didn't the psycho-BS Peikert was taught helped her behavior or why
didn't Peikert seek other psycho-BS professional for help? It is because
psycho-BS is useless. Peikert did what she did because she enjoyed doing it.

Psychologist Convicted Of Sexual Abuse Of A Mentally Ill Vulnerable
Adult And Medicaid Fraud

[LocalCopy ]

"A psychologist was sentenced to three years in prison for the sexual
abuse of a mentally ill vulnerable adult and for Medicaid fraud.
Attorney General William H. Sorrell announced today that Dr. Donald E.
Sanborn, age 67, of Bellows Falls, Vermont, was sentenced on September
30, 2009, in Vermont District Court for Windham County, on one count of
Sexual Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult, a felony, and on one count of
Medicaid Fraud, also a felony.

Judge Karen Carroll sentenced Sanborn to the maximum allowed under the
plea agreement: The judge said the time Sanborn is in jail will give the
victim a sense of security she now lacks. ���It will provide her with a
period of time so she can heal,��� the judge said. Carroll also emphasized
that she was sentencing Sanborn to jail to protect this victim and the
general public, noting the former therapist
had been victimizing patients for more than 30 years."

Donald Sandborn, a therapist who has been "victimizing patients for more
than 30 years" was allowed to practice "helping" people? How come
Sandborn was allowed to continue with this crooked profession where the
patient can easily become a victim for so long. The psycho-BS which he
dispensed to his patients he never used on himself. All the years
Sandborn has been abusing his position was because he enjoyed doing it.
Psycho-BS is useless because Sandborn knows about psycho-BS and didn't
bother using it.

Psychologist pleas guilty for road rage incident

[LocalCopy ]

"67-year-old Neil Shirreff plead guilty to a charge of disorderly
conduct for the June 4th incident. Shireff says he got angry after the
woman cut him off on the street and when both cars were at a stop light.
He walked up to her window and hit her.

As part of a plea deal, Shirreff will have to complete a year of anger
management and pay fines. He will also have to pay the victim's dental
bills for injuries from being hit in the face."

This is another case of a mental health professional who was not able to
handle his own mental health issue. Shirreff got angry because he was
cut off in a driving incident so Shirreff responded by hitting the
women. Apparently, the hit was serious enough to the women that she had
to have dental work done. Psycho-BS is useless. Shirreff hit the women
because he wanted to.

Kansas psychiatrist Ethan Bickelhaupt pleads guilty to federal drug
[LocalCopy ]

"TOPEKA, Kansas ��� Physician Ethan E. Bickelhaupt, 58, Topeka, Kan., has
pleaded guilty to unlawfully prescribing controlled substances, U.S.
Attorney Lanny Welch said Monday, Feb. 22, 2010.

Bickelhaupt issued prescription orders to individuals who were not
bonafide patients. They filled the prescriptions at pharmacies in Topeka
and Lawrence and gave the controlled substances to Bickelhaupt for his
personal consumption. On occasion, he would compensate them by giving
them cash or controlled substances. For example, he prescribed Adderall
and Tylenol #3 to individuals for use during parties at his house. The
Adderall was so they could stay up late and the Tylenol #3 was to ease
the discomfort of hangovers and withdrawal from using cocaine.

In May 2006, Bickelhaupt wrote an email to a nurse stating that getting
���drunk��� and ���high��� was his ���only��� interest and he wanted to share the
process with friends ���socially, at no cost to them.���

Here is a mental health professional who is into drugs. He enjoyed being
on drugs that is why he did. Bickelhaupt did illegal prescription so his
party can last all night using Adderall and to help with hangover, he
used Tylenol #3. The guest at his place also had access to cocaine-he
was generous with drugs. Psycho-BS is useless because Bickelhaupt
enjoyed what he did.

Psychologist fired for alleged affair with patient agrees to license
suspension in Pennsylvania

[LocalCopy ]

"Natalie Barone, a former top state psychologist fired for an alleged
affair with a sex offender patient, won���t be practicing psychology in

After surrendering her psychology license in New Jersey in August, she
agreed to an indefinite suspension of her license in Pennsylvania
earlier this month.

Barone had obtained a license there two days before being fired on April
30 from her job overseeing therapy for New Jersey���s more than 400
civilly committed sex offenders.

In a consent agreement between Pennsylvania and Barone, the state has
indefinitely suspended her license but will allow her to reapply for it
after one year. The agreement was finalized Sept. 20. "

This mental health expert was fired for an "alleged" affair with a sex
offender. Can an "alleged" cause Barone to be fired? Why didn't Barone
protest? Can an "alleged" cause her to agree to a license suspension?
Why didn't Barone protest? So Barone had sex with a sex offender which
she was suppose to provide therapy for. Barone wanted to do it that is
why she did it and she got caught. Psycho-BS is useless.

Texas psychiatrist sentenced for involvement in Medicaid fraud

[LocalCopy ]

"Dr. Rafael Solis, who was convicted earlier this year on three counts
of providing false statements relating to health care matter, was
sentenced to five years probation Wednesday.

Two co-conspirators in the case, Sylvia Delgado and Robert Rael, were
sentenced Tuesday to 51 months and 24 months jail time respectively for
their roles in the crime.

Both have also been ordered by U.S. District Judge Alia Moses Ludlum to
repay more than $1.4 million in restitution to the government, and serve
three years of supervised release following completion of jail time.

This scheme would not have been possible with out the assistance of Dr.
Solis and his medical license."

Without the psychiatrist Solis, the medical fraud of more than $1.4
million would not have been possible. Solis used his license criminally.
Solis was not able to treat his behavior with the psycho-BS which he
sells to others. Solis
benefited from his behavior financially that is why he did it but he got
caught. Psycho-BS is useless.

Psychiatrist admitted he used a sword to stab a patient he had plied
with narcotics and had sex with

[LocalCopy ]

"Dr. Douglas Rank pleaded guilty to first-degree assault as part of a
deal with prosecutors. A grand jury had indicted Rank on a charge of
attempted murder. Commonwealth���s Attorney Rob Sanders is recommending a
15-years sentence.

Rank, who maintained a home in Golf Manor, attacked Misty Luke of
Covington on Feb. 21 in an apartment above his one-room medical office
at 12 W. Pike St. Sanders said Rank stabbed Luke after she broke off
their relationship.

���He took out his anger on her by stabbing her with the sword,��� Sanders said.
While Rank had no prior criminal record, the medical board had
disciplined him twice before. One time was for having a sexual
relationship with another patient and a second time for prescribing
controlled substances to a female patient with whom he failed to
maintain appropriate physician-patient boundaries."

The psychiatrist Rank had sex with his patient and when she broke off
their relationship, Rank stabbed Luke with a sword. This is a mental
health professional behavior who is supposed to sell psycho-BS to the
public. Rank also drugged Luke with narcotics. The sword which Rank
stabbed Luke with is said to be "civil-war era sword with a
two-foot-long blade taken from a military memorabilia shop." Psycho-BS
is useless look at Rank's behavior.

Los Angeles psychiatrist Norman J. Lachman gets slap on wrist for
bizarre and exploitative patient abuses

[LocalCopy ]

"On November 9, 2009, the Medical Board of California revoked the
license of psychiatrist Norman J. Lachman. These charges involve two
patients: then-25-year-old ���M.B.��� and his sister, ���I.B.���

Face to face sessions were conducted in Lachman���s home where, on
occasion, he struck M.B. in the stomach, chest and legs with a cane. On
at least one occasion, Lachman struck M.B. in the testicles with his
hand. Over the course of the sessions, Lachman called M.B. stupid and
crazy. M.B.���s psychologist, ���Dr. J.M.,��� who attended conjoint sessions
with Lachman and M.B. corroborated that Lachman called M.B. stupid and
was emotionally abusive towards M.B. Examples: Lachman made M.B. buy
dog food and threatened to make him eat it; ordered him not to contact
his sister I.B. without his permission; referred to M.B. by a girl���s
name and told him to imagine a male orally copulating him; asked M.B. to
set him up with his female friends and also to send naked photos of
M.B.���s girlfriends which Lachman would keep in his possession; asked
M.B. to record pornographic videos for him and made sexual innuendos
regarding I.B."

Here is a psychiatrist who did therapy in a strange way. Lachman would
hit his patient M.B. in the stomach, chest, legs with a cane and even
struck M.B. testicles with his hand. Lachman even asked M.B. to set him
up with his female friends and send naked photo of M.B.'s girlfriend.
Lachman, the psychiatrist, enjoyed what he was doing that is the reason
he did it.

Psychiatrist Dwight F. King, convicted of sex with patients, withdraws
application for reinstatement of license

[LocalCopy ]

"On November 12, 2009, the South Dakota Board of Medical and Osteopathic
Examiners issued a Findings of Fact which stated that psychiatrist
Dwight F. King withdrew his application for reinstatement of his license
while under investigation.

On March 22, 2007, a grand jury indicted King on 15 felony counts of
sexual penetration by a psychotherapist on patients who were emotionally
dependent upon him at the time. He was later convicted and was
sentenced on October 5, 2007 to a suspended imposition of sentence. He
was placed on 10 years supervised probation which included 90
consecutive days in the state penitentiary and seven consecutive days in
Yankton County Jail each year of the 10-year probation. Additionally,
he was required to pay a fine as well as restitution to his victims.

���a grand jury indicted King on 15 felony counts of sexual penetration by
a psychotherapist��� . He was later convicted and sentenced.

King applied to the Board for reinstatement of his suspended license and
met with members of the Board���s investigative panel who commenced an
investigation of his application. During the course of the
investigation, King withdrew his application."

Psychiatrist King who was convicted of 15 felony counts of sexual
penetration of his patients wanted to applied for reinstatement. So when
an investigation took its course, he withdraw his application. Why would
King even be allowed to be back in the business? King did what he did
because he enjoyed it. So why would this sort of individual be allowed
back into dealing with patients? King's application for reinstatement
should never have been considered. The psych industry is a scam so it
should be one strike, you are out because these people are dangerous.

Psychiatrist Enrique Rivera-Mass pleads guilty to internet prescribing
charge, loses license; signed off on nearly 1.8 million pills

[LocalCopy ]

"Enrique Rivera Mass, 56, has signed an agreement to plead guilty on a
federal charge of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.
Authorities say he illegally signed off on prescriptions for nearly 1.8
million pills that were sold online.

"He did not have access to medical records of the patients for review
nor did he ever meet or talk to any patients prior to approval of an
order," prosecutors said in the plea agreement."

Here is a psychiatrist who is into pushing pills to people. Rivera
prescribed medications to patients that he had no medical records of or
ever talked to. Does this sound like a behavior of a mentally healthy
doctor? Psycho-BS is useless. The psych profession is a scam. It is out
to suck money from society.

Psychiatrist Gurmeet Multani surrenders license on charge of sex with
[LocalCopy ]

"A Colton psychiatrist surrendered his license to practice medicine on
Friday after being accused of having sex with patients and wrongfully
prescribing drugs to patients with histories of drug abuse.

The patient said Multani ���paid her various amounts of money for sex,
including one occasion in which he paid her $2,000 for sex,��� according
to an accusation by the medical board. He had sex with another woman
between February 2007 and February 2008 while providing her with marital
counseling, the medical board report said.

Investigators said the patient and Multani ���met at various places to
have sexual intercourse. The places included a hotel in Ontario and a
house owned by (Multani) in Redlands.���

Multani, the psychiatrist used his knowledge of his patient to have sex
with him. He paid this women various amount of money for sex. Multani
violated the patient-psychiatrist rule from sexual interaction. This is
not the first incident, as another women who is also Multani's patient
said he had sex with her as well while providing her marital counseling.
Multani behavior cannot be treated with psycho-BS. Multani enjoyed what
he is doing that is why he does it. Multani would have said to his
patient, "No we can't have sex" if the rule of patient-psychiatrist was
taken seriously. People should realize that the psych industry is a scam
and patients can be taken advantage of in various ways.

Psychologist used false names to avoid 拢1m property debt

[LocalCopy ]

"Yehuda Crammer, 65, of Prestwich, Manchester, was sentenced to 30
months' imprisonment on Tuesday. He pleaded guilty to two counts of
concealing property after he was made bankrupt in 2004.

A bankruptcy notice in the London Gazette in 2009 says he had used over
40 variations of his name, from Dr Y Krammer to Yehuda G Kremer. It also
listed a number of addresses in north Manchester's Jewish neighbourhoods
of Prestwich and Broughton Park, as well as locations in Bolton and
Marbella in Spain, which had been used to secure 拢319,680 of loans -
after he was declared bankrupt.

Judge Robert Atherton said the extent of Dr Crammer's dishonesty was

A spokesman for the Department for Business, which brought the
prosecution, said: "We are determined to crack down on cheats like these
who profit by deception."

Crammer, who declared bankruptcy lied about his background with 40
variations of names to gain loans and concealing property. Crammer's
dishonesty cost people 拢1m property debt. As a mental health
professional, shouldn't he behave better? Crammer did what he did
because he wanted to. Psycho-BS is useless so don't expect those who
sell it to practice it.

High-society Swiss psychotherapist gave patients acid, ecstasy


"The Zurich court gave the 62-year-old therapist a 16-month suspended
sentence and a 2,000 franc (1,500 euro) fine for supplying the drugs
during weekend therapy sessions between 2004 and 2008, the ATS news
agency reported.

The psychotherapist, who was not named by ATS, handed out 700 doses each
of LSD and ecstasy, 50 of mescaline and 150 of 2-CB, a synthetic drug
similar to mescaline, for which the prosecutor wanted him convicted of
drug dealing.

In court, the therapist said the illegal products were not drugs but
"substances which allow the expansion of the consciousness."

This is a case of a mental health professional who is into using drugs.
The psychotherapist called it "expansion of the consciousness" but the
law saw it differently. He used his position to get people high. He
enjoyed what he did despite what the law says. The psych industry is a scam.

Psychiatrist caught with child porn

[LocalCopy ]

"A PSYCHIATRIST has become the second Derbyshire doctor in the past
month to be sentenced for possessing child pornography.

Andrew Clayton had tried to cover his tracks by deleting indecent images
from his computer.

The doctor was caught after the Child Exploitation and Online Protection
Centre found he had tried to access a website offering child
pornography. It tipped off police."

This psychiatrist was spotted by law enforcement when he tried to access
child pornography website. Clayton's PC was examined and found to
contain child porn. Clayton knew what he was doing and he enjoyed what
he was doing. The psycho-BS which is sold to the public, Clayton doesn't
follow. Clayton knew about psycho-BS better than the public and it
didn't help him so how can it help the public?

Psychologist who admitted downloading images of child pornography from
the Internet must serve 151 months in federal prison

[LocalCopy ]

"A Morehead psychologist who admitted downloading images of child
pornography from the Internet must serve 151 months in federal prison, a
judge ordered Monday.

Bunning commented that Stafford's was the most bizarre child-pornography
case he'd seen, citing a nude Barbie doll found in Stafford's hotel room
at one point with its arms, legs and neck tied, and the fact he
downloaded pictures of nude mannequins, according to the news release.

Stafford was a counselor in Menifee County for children in 1st through
12th grades, according to a news release."

This psychologist who was caught with child pornography worked as a
children counselor. That doesn't seem strange as an occupation for
Stafford since he was into children in a pornographic manner. You may
ask those in the psych industry who sell psycho-BS to the public, what
happened to the psycho-BS that your selling to us? How come you behave
the way you do? Your selling us useless psycho-BS.

Family therapist sentenced 30 years in federal prison for trying to beat
and sexually molest two prepubescent boys

"Jul. 21--TAMPA -- A 79-year-old family therapist was sentenced today to
30 years in federal prison and ordered to pay a $25,000 fine for trying
to beat and sexually molest two prepubescent boys whose father he met on
the Internet.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Amanda Kaiser said Friedlander had every
intention of acting on his plans. "This case involves some of the most
despicable facts that I've encountered in 10 years of prosecuting these
cases," she said. "He discussed at length wanting to strip them, tie
them up with a chain and whip them. ... This defendant not only wanted
to engage in sex with them, he wanted to beat them first."

Charles Jackson Friedlander drove from Fort Myers to St. Petersburg with
what a prosecutor called "implements of torture" -- a riding crop, a
garrison belt and two razor straps -- after arranging to meet what he
thought was the father of boys ages 10 and 11. Instead, Friedlander was
arrested in what turned out to be a law enforcement sting."

This family therapist was caught trying to perform sexual acts on
children. Friedlander wanted to beat the children up first before he has
sex with them. Friedlander enjoyed discussing his desire for children
sexually with other people and he drove to meet the people to perform
his desire but Friedlander got caught. This is a family therapist who
sells psycho-BS to the public. One may wonder how come he didn't use
therapy on his own behavior or sought help from someone else for his
behavior. it is because psycho-BS is useless. Friedlander enjoyed what
his is doing that is why he did it.

School psychologist Rita Mueller sentenced to prison for ���terror���

[LocalCopy ]

"On September 18, 2009, Illinois school psychologist Rita Mueller was
sentenced to two and a half years prison for terrorizing several staff
members of the Naperville School District with an anonymous
letter-writing campaign.
The campaign, which lasted for about two years, widened to include
anyone Mueller believed had some role in the perceived problem.

According to news reports, Mueller was unhappy with the way a particular
teacher treated her daughter."

The psycho-BS which Muller sells to the public isn't useful to her. This
psychologist didn't like the way a teacher treated her child. Her
solution was to start a letter terrorizing campaign. Muller's letter
campaign included making false accusation of an affair and one of a girl
being sexually abused. Muller's behavior lasted close to two years.
Muller enjoyed what she did that is why she did it. The image projected
to the public is not the same as what goes inside the mental health
professional mindset. The public should keep in mind that the psych
industry is a scam.

St. Louis psychiatrist admits lying to FBI in Medicare probe

[LocalCopy ]

"St. Louis psychiatrist Howard Goldstein pleaded guilty Tuesday and
admitted to lying to an FBI agent about making false Medicare billings.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said Goldstein engaged in
���upcoding,��� a scam whereby he would bill Medicaid for more work than he
actually performed. Goldstein, for example, would spend five minutes or
less with a patient and then bill Medicaid for a 20-minute session,
Koster said.

Goldstein also agreed to pay $830,329 to the United States in a related
civil settlement agreement and be excluded from participation in the
Medicare program for a period of five years. In a separate civil
settlement agreement, Goldstein���s former employer, SSM St. Charles
Clinic Medical Group Inc. and SSM Healthcare Corp. agreed to reimburse
the United States an additional $865,812 for Goldstein���s false charges
to Medicare, bringing the total civil recovery from the investigation to
nearly $1.7 million."

This psychiatrist was caught lying to the FBI in a Medicare probe.
Goldstein engaged in a scam called "upcoding" which allowed him to bill
Medicare more than the time which he worked. The investigation into this
psychiatrist allowed the United States to recover close to $1.7 million.
The psych scam industry is out to take advantage of the public so any
recovery is better than none. The psycho-BS which Goldstein sells to his
patients did nothing to treat his criminal behavior. Goldstein did what
he did because he thought he could get away with it. It is the law and
being caught that make people like Goldstein think twice of committing
crime not the psycho-BS that is dispensed.


Psychiatrist gets prison for sexual assault

[LocalCopy ]
Psychiatrist charged with sexual assault

[LocalCopy ]

"An Ottawa psychiatrist facing a disciplinary hearing for allegedly
tying a rope around a patient's genitals and leading him around the
office, and other bizarre sexual behaviour, has been charged with six
criminal counts of sexual assault.

Dr. Juan Tejeda was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault after a
former patient testified the psychiatrist plied him with alcohol to have
sex in his office, car and in the victim's apartment.

Tejeda, 66, was handed a conditional two-year sentence in December,
which included 16 months of house arrest and 240 hours of community

The psychiatrist Tejeda who is reported typing a rope around a patient's
genitals was sentenced to a conditional two-year sentence. Is this
appropriate sentence for what this psychiatrist did to his patient who
attempted suicide because of what this mental health professional did to
him? It is the law and punishment that keep these quacks in place
because the psycho-BS that these quacks dispense is useless. Having a
light sentence only encourage these people's behavior. The psych
industry is a scam and society should exercise the maximum penalty until
it is destroyed completely.

Child therapist sentenced on child porn charges

[LocalCopy ]

"OTTUMWA ��� A former child therapist has been sentenced to just more than
five years in prison on each of three counts involving child pornography
and to 10 years of supervised release after imprisonment.

Joseph David Curtis, 66, of Ottumwa, was sentenced Friday, according to
U.S. Attorney Matthew G. Whitaker. The charges were one count of
receiving child pornography and two counts of possessing child pornography.

Curtis formerly worked as a child therapist at Ottumwa Regional Health
Center. Hospital officials fired him in March 2007 after authorities
charged him."

Curtis, a child therapist was found guilty of child porn. This happened
because he took his computer for repair and child porn was found. It is
a service to the public that a computer technician notified the police.
The public should take part in monitoring the psych industry because it
is filled with crooks. When the public see any mental health
professional doing anything illegal, the public should report it to the
police immediately. If psycho-BS was a legitimate field then those who
are mental health professional would not be involved in any crime.

Psychologist targeted women gets seven years in prison

[LocalCopy ]

"Fernando Cordero, 67, apologized to the victims during his sentencing
hearing this morning in Santa Maria and asked for leniency, but Santa
Barbara County Superior Court Judge James Iwasko nonetheless handed down
the strictest possible sentence.

Cordero, who worked as a psychologist with the county?s Alcohol, Drug
and Mental Health Services department, targeted women who he was treating.

A victim-witness advocate read a statement written by one of the
victims, who said that in her grief she had wondered why she was alive,
and now knows she lived to see Cordero be sentenced."

The judge Iwasko was wise to punish the psychologist Cordero to the
strictest possible sentence. It is the law and punishment that keep
mental health professional in line because psycho-BS is useless. A
victim of Cordero said she was alive so she can see Cordero be
sentenced. This is how bad the psychologist had ruined her. Cordero was
also convicted of exploiting two other women. The public should quickly
report anything that is illegal done by a mental health professional to
the police because it may help someone in the future.

State restricts psychologist's practice after sexual allegations

[LocalCopy ]

"In 1993, the board revoked the license of Bruce Leksa for seven years,
after finding he had sexually touched a 16-year-old girl and had sex
with her mother in the late '80s, according to health records. Both
daughter and mother had been clients of Leksa's at the time; the girl
had an eating disorder that began after her father died.

Years later, Leksa had a sexual relationship with the girl when she 19
and 20, the board said in health records.

After his revocation period was up, Leksa got a new license to practice
in 2004. But it came with restrictions. He could only treat women over
50 and men of
any age; had to submit written plans for his clients to a supervisor;
undergo regular lie-detector tests; and refrain from touching clients
except for a brief
handshake. "

Leksa, the psychologist was caught having sex with a patient of his and
touching her daughter sexually when she was 16-years-old. Leksa was also
found later to have sex the daughter when she was 19 and 20 years old.
This is what a mental health professional does? Leksa had his license
revoked but it wasn't permanent. The psych industry is a scam out to
take advantage of the public. The psycho-BS sold to the public is
useless. Leksa should have had his license revoked permanently and face
prison term. It is the law and punishment that keep these crooks in
line not the psycho-BS.

Therapist's licence revoked for 'manipulative' sex with patient

[LocalCopy ]

"She came to him as a patient in need of psychological counselling.
Instead, Dr. Michael Gadon turned those sessions into sexual liaisons.

She says he told her not to tell anyone, that no one would believe her
anyway, that they would think she was crazy, that her workers'
compensation benefits would be cut off.

The psychologist blamed professional burn-out, marital difficulties and
depression for his "mistakes in judgment" but also seemed to blame his
patient, saying he didn't take her "initial and persistent flirtations
seriously" enough. "

Gadon, the therapist sex this female patient and she wanted to tell
someone but Gadon told her people would think she was crazy and she
would suffer financially. Gadon even blamed the victim for what happened
when he was the one in charge of therapy. Gadon blamed depression for
sexing this patient which leads to the point, Gadon doesn't know how to
treat depression. The mental illness business is a scam. A person who is
depress with a reason is normal. People do get depress because life
isn't wonderful everyday. If the cause of your depression doesn't exist
anymore than why would you be depressed? People who read this that know
of any mental health professional committing some kind of wrong should
have the courage to report them. Do not be afraid to report these
people. As the female victim said "But if I can help just one person by
standing up to this," she says, "my strength is for a reason." The
psych industry is a scam, it would benefit society to take the worse of
the people in it out until the industry itself is destroyed.

Medical Director Sentenced for Defrauding the Medicaid & Medicare
[LocalCopy ]

"According to Acting Insurance Fraud Prosecutor Riza Dagli, Arnold
Jacques, 61, of Jackson, the former medical director of the now-defunct
Chambers Mental Health Clinic LLC, a mental health counseling center in
Trenton, was sentenced to three years in state prison and ordered to pay
a total of $49,941 restitution to the Medicaid and Medicare programs by
Superior Court Judge Edward M. Neafsey in Mercer County. Jacques���
sentence was based on his Sept. 8 guilty plea to second-degree
conspiracy, second-degree health care claims fraud, and third-degree
Medicaid fraud. The charges were contained in a state grand jury
indictment returned on Nov. 13, 2007.

Jacques and his co-defendants, Pedro Acosta, 65, of Queens, N.Y., and
Osvaldo Morales Sr., 62, of Bronx, N.Y., caused Medicaid and Medicare
claims to be billed under Jacques��� Medicaid and Medicare provider
numbers even though he did not personally provide the counseling
services billed. In addition, among other things, the defendants billed
Medicaid and Medicare for longer counseling sessions than those that
were actually provided, billed for family counseling in addition to
individual sessions for the same patient in the same day, and billed for
counseling services that were not rendered at all. "

The people who operated the Chambers Mental Health Clinic LLC intended
to defraud Medicaid & Medicare by providing false information. These
people were able to get away with it for awhile but was eventually
caught. It is a service to society that people in the mental health
service industry are closely examined and to prosecute them as strictest
as possible. Jacques who is a director of the clinic was not able to
treat his own mental issues because the psycho-BS which he sells to the
public is useless. Jacques did what he did because he wanted to. It is
the law and punishment that keep these crooks in line. So the public and
law enforcement should monitored them with a microscope until the psych
industry is completely destroyed.

Psychologist sentenced for indecent assault and unlawful assault


"Nicholas Didenkowski, 32, treated the 17-year-old girl at the Queen
Elizabeth Centre between November, 2007, and January, 2008, for an
eating disorder and self-esteem issues. During that time he touched a
scar on the girl's chest during one session to entice a memory of a car

On another occasion during a discussion about the girl's weight he
placed a hand on her stomach before moving it beneath her underwear to
her pelvic bone.

The Ballarat Magistrates Court heard the teenager now had trouble
trusting men and continued to have dreams related to the offending.
Didenkowski pleaded guilty last week to indecent assault and unlawful

Mr Couzens convicted Didenkowski and sentenced him to six months' jail
suspended for two years on the indecent assault charge."

The psychologist was supposed to treat eating disorder and self-esteem
issues to a 17-year-old girl but instead he touched her in her private
area. Didenkowski violated his patient and he thought the girl would not
report his action. It is a credit to society that the girl reported this
psychologist's behavior. The public should be brave like her. This is
why the public and law enforcement must monitor people in the mental
health profession with a microscope. The psych industry is a scam. The
psycho-BS which Didenkowski was selling to the girl did nothing to help
Didenkowski's behavior. Psycho-BS is useless. It is the law and
punishment that keep these quacks in check until the psych industry is
completely destroyed.

Psychologist suspended for bizarre, sexual incidents

[LocalCopy ]

"On July 13, 2010, the Psychologists Tribunal of New South Wales
(Australia) cancelled the registration of psychologist Graham Patrick
Holbrook for three years (equivalent to a revocation, during which he
may not reapply or seek registration).

In approximately May 2002, at school meetings, Holbrook make comments
which were inappropriate, particularly words to the effect of ���I like to
ogle the high school girls in their gym skirts��� and ���Gee, I love my job.
All those young girls in gym skirts.���

���I am a psychologist and I work in local schools, but the money is
terrible. I am thinking about taking photos of young girls for extra
money. Would it bother you if I took photos of your daughter for the
internet���photos for dirty old men?���

In approximately June 2002, Holbrook, in an interview/counseling session
with a student, asked that student words to the effect of ���Do you
masturbate?��� and ���Do you ever masturbate in front of anyone?���

On February 23, 2004, during an interview/counseling session with
another child, Holbrook pulled the chair in which the child was sitting
toward him, placed his hands on the child���s thighs and moved his hands
up the child���s thighs moving the hemline of her skirt up her thighs.
When the child pushed herself away from him, he said words to the effect
of ���Sorry, you���re just such a tease.���

The pay was not to Holbrook's satisfaction but Holbrook was in a
profession of his dream. He was a psychologist in a high school where he
can see young girls in gym skirts. Holbrook's behavior range from
wanting to take photo of the girls in the school to having a counseling
session with a girl where he put his hands up her skirt up her thighs.
Holbrooks enjoyed what he was doing but he didn't think he would get
caught. It is because of people who are concerned about the public who
brought people like Holbrook to public attention. Holbrook should also
have served prison time for what he did. It is the law and punishment
that keep these quacks in line. The mental health profession is a scam.
The psycho-BS which Holbrook sells to the school children did nothing to
help his own behavior. Psycho-BS is useless. People in the psych
industry should be monitored at a microscopic level.

Tampa psychiatrist accused of pointing shotgun at pool man cuts deal

[LocalCopy ]

"A South Tampa psychiatrist accused of pointing a shotgun at a pool
cleaner agreed Tuesday to enter a program that could lead to the charges
being dropped.

The pool cleaner said he ignored Edgar the first time he yelled. The
psychiatrist said Lafoe mouthed off. Edgar left and returned with a shotgun.

Lafoe said the doctor pointed it at him and said, "I told you to move."
Edgar said he held the gun, but didn't point it. He held it in
self-defense, he said, afraid of the much younger pool cleaner.

He was arrested in September and released after posting $2,000 bail.

Edgar's charges will be dropped if he successfully completes a pretrial
intervention program for first-time offenders. "

Lafoe, a pool cleaner could not find the direction to his work order.
Lafoe being lost encountered the psychiatrist Edgar who yelled at him.
Lafoe being lost must have been shocked to see Edgar pulled a gun on him
just because he didn't move when Edgar yelled at him to do so. Edgar is
a psychiatrist who deals with mental health issues. Would you say
Edgar's behavior was appropriate being a mental health professional? It
is a service to society that Edgar's behavior was reported to the
police. Would the public benefit from Edgar selling the psycho-BS which
did nothing to treat Edgar's own behavior? The psych industry is a scam.

Couselor at a psychiatric hospital sentenced to nine months in jail

[LocalCopy ]

"A former couselor at a Kirkland psychiatric hospital must enter a
sexual-deviancy program and remain under supervision for three years for
assaulting a 10-year-old boy.

Richard Robillard, 43, was sentenced to nine months in jail on Friday.

He was originally charged with first-degree child rape but pleaded
guilty last month to second-degree assault, agreeing that his intent was
to commit child rape, Deputy Prosecutor Michael Mohandeson said.

The boy's family expressed anger at Robillard and the sentence; his
godmother called the man a pedophile and accused him of raping the boy
of his innocence."

The psycho-BS which the counselor Robillard dispensed at the psychiatric
hospital did nothing to help his own behavior. Robillard pleaded guilty
to a second-degree assault admitting he intended to rape the 10-year-old
boy. It is law and punishment that keep these crooks in the psych
industry in line. The family was outraged at the sentencing believing
that a harsher punishment should have been given to Robillard. The boy's
grandmother called Robilard a pedophile who raped her grandson. The
psych industry is a scam and the people in it should be monitored at a
microscopic level.

$1.1 Million Judgment Entered Against Cleveland Psychiatrist On TennCare
[LocalCopy ]

"A $1.1 million consent judgment has been entered against Cleveland
psychiatrist Gulshan Sultan, to resolve claims against her in a joint
lawsuit brought by the federal government and the state in January of
2007, U.S. Attorney Russ Dedrick said.

The complaint alleged that Dr. Sultan submitted false billing to the
Medicare and the TennCare programs under two separate codes under her
name when services were not performed by her but rather by a nurse
without the requisite psychiatric training and licensing and also
submitted bills on over 200 separate days for face-to face, time-based
psychotherapy services when she did not perform the services billed. The
complaint also states that on a number of days Dr. Sultan claimed to
have performed time-based services well in excess of 24 hours.

Dr. Sultan agreed to the consent judgment to settle the claims alleged
in the lawsuit as well as separate administrative claims of the Medicare

Although the psychiatrist Dr. Sultan was correct that the patients
wouldn't realize if the psycho-BS was performed by a nurse or herself,
Sultan wasn't honest about it in her billing to Medicare. Psycho-BS can
be performed by anyone as long as the individual can speak it with a
serious tone but it obviously has no effect as can be seen by Sultan's
own behavior. It is a service to the country that Sultan's behavior has
been caught. People in the psych industry should be monitored in a
microscopic level because the psych industry is a scam. When society can
take money away from a parasite like Sultan, then we are approaching a
correct course.


Therapist Convicted of Resident Abuse

[LocalCopy ]
Sheboygan Therapist Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Patients

[LocalCopy ]

"MADISON - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced today that a
Waukesha County therapist has been convicted of two counts of Abuse and
Neglect of Patients and Residents for improprieties at a Sheboygan
County treatment facility in 2007.

The male patient said Monacelli counseled him about sexual abuse he
suffered as a child. He said Monacelli told him the only way to forget
the abuse was to ���relive it and realize that it was not that bad." On at
least three different occasions the patient said the therapist exposed
himself and made him perform sex acts on him.

During the same time period, the female patient told investigators
Monacelli encouraged her to talk about her past sexual encounters.
Investigators said the man fondled the patient, exposed himself and had
sexual intercourse with her over several weeks time."

The therapist Monacelli was convicted of abusing patients at a county
treatment facility. According to a male patient of Moncelli, the
psycho-BS dispensed to him was to relive his abuse by performing sex
acts on Monacelli as Monacelli exposed himself. Another Female patient
reported that Monacelli fondled her, exposed himself and had sexual
intercourse with her. Monacelli was convicted of abuse and neglect of
patients but was the sentence harsh enough? Given what the patients
said, shouldn't the punishment be harsher? It is the law and punishment
that keep these crooks in the psych industry in line. The psycho-BS
which is dispensed to the patients did nothing to treat Monacell's
behavior. Psycho-BS is useless so the law should take the opportunity to
punish those caught as harsh as allowed.


Psychologist gets six years prison in drug death

[LocalCopy ]

"On December 22, Miami psychologist Adam Feder, 42, pleaded guilty to
manslaughter in the 2006 death of his former girlfriend. Feder failed to
call 911 after the 20-year-old girl���a former patient���took a lethal dose
of the painkiller Oxycodone from an illegal stash inside Feder���s home.

Police stated that Feder, who cannot write prescriptions, used doctors���
prescription pads to obtain the drugs. ���He just violated every
imaginable moral, ethical and administrative rule that exists,���
Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle said. ���She was 19
years old and she went to him to seek counseling. You had someone that
was very vulnerable.��� Feder was sentenced to six years in prison and
four years probation and has forfeited his license to practice
psychology. He is also being sued by the girl���s family."

A patient of the psychologist Feder went to him for counseling and ended
being his girlfriend. Feder took advantage of the patient and she ended
up dead. Why is it permitted that a patient of a mental health
professional is able to have any personal relationship with his client
at all? If the monitoring of Feder was done, it should have been
obvious that he shouldn't be allowed to have a personal relationship
with the girl. This is why those in the psych industry should be
monitored at a microscopic level. The psycho-BS which Feder dispensed to
the dead girl did nothing to help his behavior. The police said Feder
"violated every imaginable moral, ethical and administrative rule".
Psycho-BS is useless as the psych industry is a scam. It is the law and
punishment that keep these crooks in line so the harsher the punishment,
the better it is for the public.

German Psychiatric Assocation admits Nazi psychiatrists��� role in
holocaust-era crimes


"65 years after the end of the Third Reich, the German association of
psychiatrists faces up to its dark history���at last. Only today it offers
an apology for its crimes committed during the period of the National

The subject of psychiatry���s Nazi history is very important to me
personally. I have always been aghast and wondered: How can
psychiatrists kill their patients? And this has been done very
extensively either by themselves or they have had other people do it.

Including the East European countries there were all in all about
300,000 mentally ill people whose psychiatrists caused their deaths.
That���s incredible.

In an advisory committee they declared that forced sterilization was
compliant to the rules at that time and it was all done within the then
current scope of science and nothing was to take back. This is once
again a debasement for the victims. There was nobody to say anything
against that."

"There was Professor Gerhardt Schmidt, head of psychiatry in L眉beck,
Germany, who directly after 1945 came to a clinic where patients starved
to death, meaning they were killed. He wrote a very outright book about
these conditions. I read it as a student and I was highly impressed at
the time. This man named Schmidt was not able to publish his book for 20
years because he was facing a Mafia of psychiatrists who didn���t want
anybody to foul their nest."

I think that when psychiatry admits its crimes, it deserves to be
complimented. I want to compliment the article. It acknowledged the
fact psychiatrists killed their patients being mental health
professional who were supposed to be in charge of helping their
patients. It also acknowledged that science at that time supported
forced sterilization and that people in charge of mental health didn't
see anything wrong with it. So we learn that psychiatrists do kill their
patients and "science" isn't always right. Then there is something
called a "Mafia of psychiatrists" that caused Professor Schmidt from
publishing his book for 20 years on the horrific condition where
patients were starved to death. Although one would wonder wouldn't a
person with common sense notify the authority or go public and be brave
about it since the book was not going to be published for quite awhile.
But now we know that the psycho-BS which is dispensed to the public did
nothing for those in the psych industry at the time to go against what
was happening during the National Socialism period. Psycho-BS is
useless. The psych industry is a scam and perhaps there is a "Mafia of
psychiatrists" keeping the scam going.

State fines Pratt Street mental health clinic over doctor's hiring

[LocalCopy ]

"State fines Pratt Street mental health clinic over doctor's hiring
State officials said BBH should never have hired him because he was on a
federal no-hire list because of his fraud conviction.

The fine equals the salary and benefits that the nonprofit clinic paid
Dr. Roman Ostrovsky during the 14 months he worked there as an
administrator. The penalty comes amid questions about the finances at
the West Pratt Street
mental health clinic, which was the subject of a recent Baltimore Sun

Health providers like BBH that receive Medicaid payments are barred from
employing anyone on the federal government's "exclusions" list of people
who have defrauded Medicaid, which is jointly funded by the state and
federal governments."

Dr. Roman Ostrovsky was hired by a mental health clinic without a proper
background check. How does one explain that being in a federal exclusion
list, Ostrovsky got hired. Being a mental health clinic that doesn't
take the law seriously makes people wonder what type of people is
running the clinic. Ostrovsky behavior is typical. Psycho-BS is useless
so he would obviously lie about himself having a record of medical
fraud. It is the responsibility of people who come in contact with those
in the psych industry to not trust their words
and perform an exhaustive background check on them.

Arizona revokes license of mental health counselor for sex with client


"On May 7, 2010, the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners revoked
the license of professional counselor James Gorton.

According to the Board���s report, Gorton counseled a husband and wife
from December 2007 through August 2008. Soon after terminating
treatment with
the wife, he began engaging in social activities with her.

The Board���s report indicates that he engaged in sexual conduct with the
wife before she was divorced from the husband."

Gorton, a counselor for a married couple who went to him for "help" took
advantage of his patients. While counseling the husband and wife, Gorton
learned things about the couple. Using the information which he
gathered, Gorton managed to sex the wife. The couple wasn't divorced
during the period when Gorton sex the wife. One has to wonder, should a
mental health professional even be allowed to have any personal
relationship with a client at all. The psych-BS which Gorton dispensed
to the couple did nothing to help Gorton's behavior. Gorton took
advantage of his position to sex the wife. The psych industry is a scam
so the public should be careful who they tell their personal information to.

Clinical psychologist jailed for fraud

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"A 46-yea-old clinical psychologist was jailed for five years on Tuesday
for fraudulently obtaining short-term finance to renovate a house in

Bongiwe Victoria Jagne's scheme to obtain loans from the
bridging-financing company, Capcon, was "calculatedly designed, and
well-planned", ruled Bellville Specialised Commercial Crime Court
Magistrate Amrith Chabillal.
Jagne forged a letter, purporting to be from attorneys in the United
Kingdom, falsely stating that UK90,000 was due to her from the sale of
property in the UK.

She used this letter as security to persuade attorney Arno Schipper, a
of Capcon, to advance her loans totalling R720,000. She was found guilty on
five counts of fraud. This prompted Chabillal to ask how Jagne had
managed to obtain free legal aid representation, which was intended for
the very poor."

The psychologist Jagne forged a false sale of property in the UK letter
to secure a loan to renovate a house of her. She was convicted of fraud
and used free legal aid representation when it was supposed to be for
the very poor. This psych is out to take advantage of people and the
legal system that is in place to help the poor. The behavior of this
mental health professional shows us that psycho-BS is useless. Her
behavior does not support what psycho-BS is supposed to do which is to
help people to be a better person and help them with their problems. Her
solution was to use illegal means to get what she wants. The psych
industry is a scam offering solution to the public which their people do
not use. Why would the psycho-BS work on the public since it doesn't
work for the psychologist?

State revokes counselor license for sex with teen client

[LocalCopy ]

"On May 6, 2010, the Washington Department of Health (DoH) revoked the
credential of registered counselor Andrew Phillips for unprofessional

The DoH���s charges against Phillips (which were issued in April 2010)
state that between July and August 2009, Phillips, who was then employed
at at Community Counseling Institute of Tacoma, provided drug and
alcohol counseling to a 17-year-old female client. Between
approximately October 2009 and November 2009, the client was placed with
Phillips and his wife in the course of a dependency action. Between
these latter dates, Phillips is alleged to have engaged in sexual
misconduct with the teenager, including but not limited to hugging and
kissing the client, fondling client���s breasts, sexual intercourse and
mutual oral sex."

Phillips, a counselor for a 17-year-old female client for drug and
alcohol ended up "adopting" her to live with his wife. It was during
living with Phillips that the counseling turn to into sexual acts.
Phillips sex his female ���client��� which he was supposed to counsel.
Phillips was married at the time when he sex his live-in ���client���.
Phillips did not dispute the DoH investigation into this matter. The
behavior of this counselor shows you that psycho-BS is useless. Phillip
did what he did because he enjoyed it. The psycho-BS he dispensed is not
practice by him, it is used as an advantage over people. Why is a mental
health professional able to have any personal relationship with a
client? It should be obvious that those in the psych industry should be
monitored at a microscopic level. The psych industry is a scam and the
public should be careful when telling those in the mental health field
about their personal information.

West Bloomfield physician's license suspended for felony conviction


"Dr. Chilakamarri Ramesh, a West Bloomfield psychiatrist, who was
convicted of conspiracy to commit naturalization fraud on Aug. 18 in
federal court in Detroit, had his medical license suspended last Friday
by the Michigan Department of Community Health. Ramesh, 55, was
sentenced to 10 months in prison and ordered to pay $30,100 in court
assessments and fines, DCH said.

According to the indictment, Ramesh signed 953 false and fraudulent
���N-648��� waiver forms on behalf of about 492 citizenship applicants in
Dearborn, Cleveland, Chicago and St. Louis. An N-648 waiver allows an
applicant to seek and obtain U.S. citizenship without passing the
English-proficiency part of the naturalization exam. Ramesh falsely
diagnosed those people with mental defects that ranged from retardation,
post-traumatic stress disorder, learning disabilities or dementia.

From 1990 to about 2000, Ramesh was an assistant professor of
psychiatry at Wayne State University School of Medicine. A Wayne State
spokesman said Ramesh isn't currently on the Wayne State faculty. "

Ramesh, a psychiatrist shows us how mental "disorder" can be created
with just a pen. Ramesh made false diagnosis totaling 953 forms so the
applicants can become a U.S. citizen without taking the exam. It was
accepted as true
diagnosis and nobody suspected the applicants didn't have these
disorders. This is how the mental health field is. The psych industry is
a scam and Ramesh was well aware of how he could take advantage of it.
Although Ramesh was eventually caught, he was successful at the
deception. Being an assistant professor and a psychiatrist, you think
Ramesh would behave better with the psycho-BS which he teaches but
psycho-BS is useless. Psycho-BS is really just a pseudo-medical BS
invented to fool the public into accepting the psych industry. The psych
industry is a scam so people should monitored those in it and report
anything that they do that is illegal. It is the law and punishment that
keep the quacks in the psych industry in line not the psycho-BS that is
sold to the public. The harsher the law punished those in the psych
industry the safer the public can become until the psych industry is
completely destroyed.


Psychologist convicted of 3 criminal sexual conduct charges, 2

[LocalCopy ]

"ST. JOSEPH - A Berrien County Trial Court jury deliberated less than
four hours Monday before finding a Stevensville psychologist guilty of
having sexual contact with a teenage patient he counseled in 2009.
Robert McIntyre, 58, stands convicted of three charges of fourth-degree
criminal sexual conduct with the girl.

McIntyre, who practices at Bridgman Psychological Services, where the
victim said most of the sexual contact took place, is free on bond
pending sentencing Jan. 13. He faces up to two years in prison.

In her closing argument, Assistant Prosecutor Kelly Travis told the jury
the case hinged on credibility, and McIntyre's version of events was not
McIntyre claimed that the victim came on to him many times but he never
had sex with her.

Travis argued that if that was true, an experienced mental health
professional would not continue to counsel her in the unconventional way
he described, which involved a lot of time alone together in various places.

On one occasion, McIntyre brought the girl home late at night and
"drunk, sick drunk, vomiting drunk," Travis said. But confronted by the
girl's mother, McIntyre claimed he did not know she was intoxicated."

The psychologist McIntyre, a 58 years old who told a jury a teenage
patient "came" on to him. McIntyre wanted to sex this girl and he was
successful in sexing her. There is evidence of her being drunk and seen
making out with him. Is this what a mental health professional does? The
behavior of McIntyre cannot be changed with psycho-BS because McIntyre
is a specialist in psycho-BS and he sex his teenage client. It is the
law and punishment that keep these quacks in line and the harsher the
punishment the safer the public would be. The psych industry is a scam.


Therapist gets prison, probation for sex abuse

[LocalCopy ]

"A former therapist from Libertyville was sentenced to 3陆 years in
prison Friday after she admitted having sex with a 14-year-old client.

Once she is released from custody, Cori Lynn Rivelli, 27, will be on
probation for 30 months and will be required to complete sex offender

Assistant State's Attorney Mary Stanton said Rivelli was a counselor at
Kids Hope United in Lake Villa and was counseling the boy last year.

The two engaged in sex acts at Rivelli's apartment, at the Lake Villa
facility and when Rivelli drove the boy to Peoria to visit his parents."

Rivelli, a therapist for a 14-year old boy succeeded in sexing him.
Rivelli is a counselor for Kids Hope United who used her position to
take advantage of her patient. Rivelli enjoyed what she did that is why
she did it. Psycho-BS which she dispensed to the children at Kids Hope
United is useless. Rivelli's behavior showed that psycho-BS does not
work. It is the law and punishment that keep these mental health workers
in line and the harsher the penalty the better it is for society. The
psych industry is a scam.

State suspends license of psychologist Steven A. Korn for sexual
exploitation of female patient

[LocalCopy ]

"On September 22, 2010, an Administrative Law Judge from the Office of
Administrative Hearings, Medical Quality Hearing Panel, State of
California, signed a Decision on Petition for Interim Order of
Suspension on psychologist Steven Allan Korn.

According to the document, Korn engaged in sexual relations with, and
sexual exploitation of a 26-year-old female patient who���d come to Korn
in June 2008 for treatment of anxiety and depression.

The document contains transcriptions of several e-mail exchanges of an
intimate nature, in which their relationship is mentioned. It also
contains transcripts of telephone calls the patient placed to Korn which
were recorded by a Medical Board investigator, in which the patient
brings up their sexual relationship���which Korn does not deny, though he
attempts to try to get the patient to recant her complaint against him
to the Board."

Korn, a therapist for a female patient who went for treatment of anxiety
and depression managed to sex her. Korm was successful in sexing her
after a few therapy sessions. Korn knew what he did was a violation of
the law but Korn did it anyway because he enjoyed it and didn't think
he would be caught. It is the law and punishment that keep these quacks
from exploiting people so the harsher the punishment the better it is
for society. If the punishment was the death penalty, I would think Korn
would reconsider his behavior to sex her. The psych industry is a scam.

Seattle psychologist suspected of voyeurism takes his own life

[LocalCopy ]

"A clinical affiliate at the University of Washington, former consultant
to the Seattle Archdiocese and past president of the American Board of
Forensic Psychology, Greenberg, 59, had recently admitted to Seattle
police that he surreptitiously videotaped several women using the
restroom in his Montlake office. Afterward, he masturbated to the
images, police say. A spokesman for the King County Prosecutor's Office
said a decision on whether to charge the therapist had been pending, and
last week state regulators suspended his license.

Several days before that, speaking in a shaken, weary voice, Greenberg
called the UW psychology department to tender his resignation.

Doug Mooney, a friend and attorney, said the therapist had penned one
suicide note to his family and another for those hurt by his

Greenberg, a psychologist who was once the president of the America
Board of Forensic Psychology was caught videotaping women. Greenberg
enjoyed watching the women so much that he masturbate to them. Greenberg
was not shameful of his action but when it was revealed he became
shameful. Greenberg's reputation was ruined and so he took his own life.
The psycho-BS which Greenberg dispensed to his "clients" did not work to
save his own life. Psycho-BS is useless. If psycho-BS was truly
effective, wouldn't Greenberg be alive today? Greenberg, being the
president of American Board of Forensic and caught masturbating to the
women he videotaped, did not have the courage to face his crime so he
took his own life. The psych industry is a scam and those in it should
be monitored closely and it may even save those in it like Greenberg.

Michigan social worker Carrie Alice Denbow suspended for sex with minor

"Specifically, the document states that in or about December 2005,
Denbow picked up client A and two other students, drove to a liquor
store and purchased alcohol, gave one of the students money to purchase
marijuana and then rented a motel room where they all engaged in
drinking, smoking marijuana, sexual contact and sexual intercourse.

���Specifically, [Denbow] performed oral sex on the minor client A,
followed by sexual intercourse, while the same was occurring in the same
room between the other minor students. This was the beginning of
[Denbow���s] sexual relationship with client A,��� the document states."

Carrie Denbow a therapist of children managed to sex a 15-year old
client. This unattractive women took advantage of a 15-year old boy
using her position as a therapist. Looking at her photo, one would
wonder who would want to sex her but psycho-BS sellers are known to be
able to "brainwash" people. The psycho-BS which Denbow dispensed did
nothing to help Denbow's behavior. It is the law and punishment that
keep these mental health professional in line. The harsher the penalty
for these people the better it is for society.

Psychiatrist convicted of contact with a foreign agent and possession of
information with the intent of endangering state security

"David Shamir, a psychiatrist, was convicted of contact with a foreign
agent and possession of information with the intent of endangering state
security. He never managed to deliver any secret information.

Shamir, a resident of a Tel Aviv suburb and director of a drug
rehabilitation clinic, sent e-mails and faxes to Iranian and Hamas
officials saying he could provide them with classified information,
according to police and the indictment.

The indictment indicated the Iranians did not accept Shamir's offer. It
did not say whether Hamas replied. "

The psychiatrist Shamir wanted money so he used the information which he
gathered to try and sell it to an enemy of his country. Shamir's
behavior is not unusual for those in the psych industry. He wanted money
that is why he did it. The psycho-BS which shamir dispense is useless to
treat shamir's behavior. The classified information which Shamir had in
his possession is "worth" money so it would be valuable classified
information. Every countries has psychiatrists who may come into contact
with classified information so why trust them with such information when
the security of your own country can be at risk? The psych industry is a
scam that is why those in the profession should be monitored at a
microscopic level.


Counselor was sentenced for criminal sexual contact and penetration of a

[LocalCopy ]

"Mark William Shaddock, 45, learned his fate during an emotional
sentencing hearing in district court in Socorro on Thursday. The 17
months he's already spent behind bars ��� much of it in solitary
confinement ��� will count toward his sentence. He will also be subject to
mandatory sentencing of one year parole and will have to register as a
sex offender for 10 years after he gets out of prison.

The girl testified during a previous hearing that Shaddock would come
over to her house while her parents were at work, coax her brother to
leave by offering his car keys, and begin molesting her after her
brother left. She said Shaddock reached under her clothes and touched
her breasts and genitalia during incidents on two separate dates in June
2009 at a staff housing unit for school employees.

Reynolds also was critical of Shaddock for his reluctance to admit to
the offenses and placing the blame on the girl."

A school behavioral specialist , Mark William Shaddock, 45 was sentenced
to 4 1/2 years in prison for criminal sexual contact and penetration of
a minor. A school behavioral specialist is supposed to treat "students���
inappropriate behaviors and provide a means to help the students become
more academically successful." As a counselor of students, Mark couldn't
treat his own inappropriate behavior where he performed the act on a 15
years old girl by reaching under her clothes and touching her breasts
and genitalia. The girl devastated by the event wrote "I hope no one
has to go through this kind of experience. He needs to pay for his
wrongdoing. I hope justice will prevail." It is because of brave people
such as this victim who makes us understand that those who claim to
treat behavior should be able to treat their own behavior. Shaddock
couldn't treat his own behavior just like the many cases that I have
presented. Psycho-BS is a language invented to legitimize a scam psych
industry and it has been demonstrated to be useless to treat behavior.
To protect society those who are prosecuted should get the maximum sentence.


Troops' trauma branded a scam Ian McPhedran

[LocalCopy ]

"A SENIOR military doctor has blown the whistle on what he calls the
"mental illness gravy train". In an unprecedented attack on the
military compensation system, Reserve Navy Commander Dr Doug McKenzie
said the post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) epidemic was creating
more illness than existed and was costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

He estimates that up to 90 per cent of recent mental illness pension
claims could be false. Commander McKenzie said he had no beef with
genuine PTSD cases, but he said it defied belief that 20 per cent of a
warship's crew, for example, could suffer from the disorder when they
had not been within 200km of any fighting. The navy has the highest
incidence of PTSD of all three services.

A friend of his even fabricated a story about witnessing a fatal
helicopter crash and was then diagnosed with the disorder.

"He said to me, 'Mate, the psychs will believe anything'." In the past
12 months, 738 veterans applied for PTSD under the Veterans Entitlements
Act and 78 per cent were accepted."

According to McKenzie, 90% of mental illness pension claims could be
false so we have a situation where the psych industry is encouraging
people to claim disability for mental illness. The situation worsen when
the tax payer have to pay for these people because PTSD could just be an
exaggerated disorder. Even when a person is not involved in fighting, a
person can be diagnosed with PTSD? This is what the psych industry does,
create and exaggerate problems. The psych industry does not know how to
do a "diagnosis:" of a mental disorder so anyone can claim to suffer
from PTSD as the person said "'Mate, the psychs will believe anything."
Without having an accurate way of doing diagnosis, the psych industry
can claim a person to be mentally ill-that is the great fame of psych,
which is to take away a person's common sense. The psych industry is a
scam that wants people to be mentally ill because it benefits from it.
As I have stated before, if a person has a reason to be depress then it
is a normal behavior so it does not imply mental illness.


Army psychiatrist accused in killings

[LocalCopy ]

"A U.S. Army psychiatrist, trained to treat soldiers under stress,
allegedly opened fire Thursday in a crowded medical building at Fort
Hood, Texas.

A cousin told reporters that Hasan "wanted to do whatever he could
within the rules to make sure he wouldn't" be deployed in either Iraq or

Video from the scene showed police patrolling the area with handguns and
rifles, ducking behind buildings for cover. Sirens could be heard
wailing while a woman's voice on a public-address system urged people to
take cover.

Hasan, 39, graduated from Virginia Tech in 1997 and earned a doctorate
in psychiatry from the Uniformed Services University of the Health
Sciences in Bethesda, Md. He spent at least six years at Walter Reed
before moving to Fort Hood."

The Fort Hood Texas tragedy reminds us that those in the psych
profession is a danger to society and themselves. The psych industry is
a scam and this case shows us that the psycho--BS which they are trained
in does not help them. The psychiatrist Hasan, couldn't control his own
emotion and began firing at innocent people. There are host of cases
where those in the psych industry commit rape, murder, pedophilia, etc
which only proves that those in the psych industry is a danger to
society and their own family as well. The case of Stuart Greenberg
, a
psychologist, shows us that that those in the psych industry is even a
danger to themselves. Greenberg committed suicide because he was unable
to deal with his emotional problems. This is what the psych industry
represents, hypocrisy. It is with good intention that I advocate the
destruction of the psych industry. Young people who can be trained to
work in a "REAL" profession should not be geared towards psychiatry. To
destroy the psych industry is a winning situation for anyone with a brain.


Marin psychologist sentenced to 8 years in child porn case

[LocalCopy ]

"Donald Tosti, 76, who surfaced as a pornography suspect after taking
his computer to CompUSA for repair, was convicted on two charges of
possessing child pornography after a search of his San Rafael home and
office produced a "large collection" of child pornography, including
depictions of the rape of very young children, according to U.S.
Attorney Melinda Haag.

Haag issued a statement describing Tosti as a psychologist who founded
the Independent Learning Schools. "

The psychologist, Tosti who enjoyed child pornography became careless
and left his child pornography in his PC that went to CompUSA for
repair. To you child pornography psychologists, psychiatrists, mental
health professional, be sure to clean your PC before it gets repair.
Your sick behavior will be shown to the public such as possessing
depiction of rape of young children. The psych industry is obviously a
joke. Would you with common sense trust people of this sort who cannot
handle their own sick behavior?


Jewell Sentenced To 29 Years In Prison

[LocalCopy Jewell.html>]

"A former staff counselor at a Martinez, California juvenile hall
facility has been sentenced to 29 years in federal prison for producing
pornography of him molesting two teenaged boys.

54-year-old Thomas Perez Jewell, who lived in Pleasant Hill, was
sentenced in an Oakland U.S. District Courtroom to prison after he
pleaded guilty to one felony count of producing child pornography.

The Contra Costa District Attorney's Office had charged Jewell on 49
felony counts.

He was also ordered to pay $234,000 in restitution."

The counselor Jewell enjoyed child pornography so much that he produced
some himself molesting two teenaged boys. Jewell who is "suppose" to be
a counselor couldn't hide his secret life so was eventually caught. But
there may be others in the mental health industry like Jewell who still
enjoy their child pornography who have yet to be caught.


Psychiatrist given 25 years in health-care fraud case

[LocalCopy Valdez.html>]

"An El Paso psychiatrist who bilked the government out of $12 million
has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for participating in a
health-care billing scheme.
Senior U.S. District Judge David Briones sentenced Dr. Anthony Francis
Valdez on Friday.

Valdez preyed on the most vulnerable members of our society -- the poor,
the disabled and the elderly. In doing so, he sought to enrich himself
by billing health-care entitlement programs," United States Attorney
Robert Pitman said. Valdez is a psychiatrist and owner of the Institute
of Pain Management. "

Dr. Valdez, the psychiatrist represents what the mental illness scam
participants are able to accomplish when they put their minds to work.
Valdez managed to defraud $12 million dollars which is not a small sum
of money. Valdez cares most about himself not his patients. The mental
illness scam benefits the creative thief but greedy ones like Valdez
ends up being caught. But again compliment to Valdez for being able to
defraud such a high amount of money which can make the other
participants in the mental illness scam envious. There are cases where
participants in the mental illness scam were caught defrauding with less
amount of money so Valdez did well for himself.


Judge gives therapist 22 years for child porn collection


"An Anchorage therapist who worked with children of Alaska military
personnel was sentenced Monday to 22 years in prison for producing and
receiving child pornography, according to Anchorage police and the U.S.
Attorney's Office.

Police say a 2009 search at the West Anchorage home of Andrew William
Young, 48, yielded the largest collection of physical evidence for a
single child porn case in Anchorage."

The therapist Young managed to claim the title of the largest collection
of child porn in Anchorage consisting of 750 videos and 4,300 images.
Young was also found guilty of producing child pornography as well. With
today's fast Internet connection and cheap storage, that record of
having the largest child porn collection by Young may be broken by some
other people who are also involved in the psych industry. Mental illness
is a scam and those in the psych industry can be very sick, twisted, people.

Psychiatrist gets maximum sentence--30 years in prison--for federal sex

[LocalCopy ]

"A federal judge on Friday sentenced Mani Batchu, a 32-year-old
adolescent psychiatrist from Chicago, to three decades in prison for
luring teen girls into sexual relationships over the Internet.

Batchu's victims included a 15-year-old from South Hadley ��� who appeared
along with her family in U.S. District Court for the sentencing ��� and
two more unknown girls FBI agents found were featured in sexually
explicit home videos when they seized his computer in 2009."

Batchu a psychiatrist was found guilty of luring teen girls to have sex
with him. Batchu, of Indian descent, came up with the excuse it was
"culturally appropriate to court a significantly younger girl as a wife"
but the judge found the excuse to be "supreme phony". There were also
video of two girls in sexually explicit home videos so is Batchu saying
it is part of his Indian culture as well to make such videos? Batchu's
excuse may have worked on others in the past but not to the judge or
readers who learn to be on guard against those in the psych industry.
Mental illness is a scam and Batchu got caught playing his game but
there are other Batchu out there because the psych industry still exists.

Woman Gets 35-Year Prison Sentence in $200 Million Medicare Fraud

[LocalCopy ]

"Judith Negron, 40, was sentenced Thursday by U.S. District Judge James
Lawrence King, who also ordered her to pay over $87 million in restitution.

Negron, along with two other owners and executives with American
Therapeutic Corporation, was arrested in October 2010 in the scheme that
prosecutors said billed Medicare for mental health treatments that
patients didn't need."

The owner of American Therapeutic Corporation performed astonishingly
well in comparison to other "fraud" mental health professionals with
over $200 million
defrauding Medicare. Negron will be remembered as someone who stands out
in the mental illness scam in the category of fraud with such a large
sum of money. It is not unusual when those in the mental health field
are caught doing criminal behavior. The better ones like Negron managed
to accomplish more before they are caught. Mental illness is a scam and
the Negron of the world would not have attain such an opportunity if the
scam ceases to exist.

Fallston psychologist pleads guilty to child sex abuse

[LocalCopy ]

"David Wayne Schrumpf, 44, of the 4400 block of Prospect Road, pleaded
guilty to one count of child sex abuse and two counts of second degree
assault of three girls he treated. Two of the victims were sisters.

Schrumpf will also be required to register as a sex offender for the
rest of his life and voluntarily surrender his license to practice

A 7-year-old girl whom Schrumpf had been treating told her mother that
Schrumpf had touched her inappropriately during one of their treatment
sessions. The mother questioned her other daughter, who was 10, who also
said that Schrumpf, her doctor, touched her in private places."

The psychologist Schrumpf enjoyed treating children especially girls
where he gets to touch them in their private places. Schrumpf was only
caught because the 7-year-old girl told her mother about the incident.
People should be made aware that those in the psych industry should not
be trusted and any behavior out of the ordinary be reported. The psych
industry is a scam and incidents like these would not have occurred if
the scam ended. With a FBI director like Robert Mueller, one can't
expect much. I find the behavior disturbing in what Schrumpf did but I
can't speak for Mueller. One can only judge by the action that someone
takes and I would end the mental illness scam while Robert Mueller
continues to do nothing to stop it.

Copyright 漏 DestroyPsychiatry - Mental illness is a scam

The medical profession is a scam

am 12.09.2012 07:39:02 von DP

Medical lies

As I have been saying for so long that mental illness is a scam and
I have offered proof why that is the case. But I will explain in a
future date why other medical issues you have are really "caused" as
well. The physical medical issues you have can be caused and it will be
solved without using illogical methods from remedy, praying, etc. People
want something that they can do to solve their problems that can be
reproduced. Maybe when you think you have a heart-attack, it isn't
really what you think which is your heart is experiencing real medical
issue but rather a temporary sensation be it painful. Suppose a person
can be made to feel pain free such as a pain free existence from heart,
head, back, throat, etc, issues. The issue of tiredness which people
experience will be explained. Even having cellulite is relating to what
I will explain so there is a solution because a cellulite ass isn't
pleasant to look at especially when cellulite can be eliminated. What
about you old people who experience joint pain when there is a solution
to it where you wouldn't have to feel the pain. There will be no need
for medication for anything which I will write about. As I have written
before I do no have any physical illness and mental illness is a scam. I
have not been mentally ill because of the method which I described
called self-protection otherwise I would fall to the symptoms of mental
illness. I have come to realize why I do not have any physical illness
which I will write about in a future date. Therefore, I am leaning
towards the combine of mental and physical illness being a scam. This is
why the symptoms of mental illness are real and so is the symptoms of
physical illness because why else would people believe themselves to be
ill. I do not adhere to a "healthy" diet because this so called healthy
diet is not necessary to be healthy as the true cause will be explained.
I can drink as much soda as I want and not experience issues because I
know the real reason. I can eat as much junk food as I want and not
experience issues because I know the real reason. Eating healthy or
unhealthy food is acceptable to me as long as it isn't poison or

There are real medical issues which my solution will not work for
such as being shot, falling and breaking your leg, puncture by a sharp
object, etc, because these things are real issues. So I will resort to
come up with an easier method that people in general can do where I will
narrow down to the real cause. It can make a healthy person even
healthier in some cases. The solution will not cost you much to
implement except some of your time. Some people reading it would say
that it sounds too good to be true but once you realize the cause of the
problems it isn't. The health problems you experience have a root cause
so the solution would attack the root cause. What I will write would
bring me enemies from those who took advantage of the people. Then
again, the public doesn't really do anything to benefit me. What I will
write about will benefit the public so I am being generous, sacrificial,
etc. Those involved in the medical scam could be in position of power,
wealthy, etc, which would be a group of enemies which I wouldn't want in
a normal course of decision making. So I am just a person who happens to
discover the truth of what is going on who will have to face the enemies
while the public doesn't really do anything to benefit me. Enemies can
allow their intention be known directly or indirectly which can affect a
person. I have written on mental illness being a scam which would have
brought me some enemies and now I am extending it to physical illness
being a scam. So this can be dangerous to put it in perspective for me
to go in the direction of making the information available to the
public. I am going to be more specific for those who don't have a lab
such as an agency, college, etc, which can bring me these enemies as the
truth will be known. I will be more of a threat in other words.
Information like this would not be available anywhere otherwise you
would know about it.

I have been writing for many years on mental illness being a scam
and I have even offered to be FBI director because I lack the resources
to stop the mental illness scam on my own. Perhaps many people might be
alive today if I was taken more seriously because what I will write will
make sense. I did my part by bringing attention to what I was doing so
the blame should be elsewhere. I suppose what I will write can produce a
super military group of people because people can be much better in the
proper condition. However, only if such information was available to the
military only so even the ordinary person can benefit from it. So all
that I have written is logical because it deals with health which a
solution exists for, so it isn't some magical pill promise which would
be illogical in a logical world. I have come to realize a person's
learning can be interfered which can affect performance so I suppose my
learning was hampered so was my mental health, being a victim of it. It
means what I will write is not an empty promise and it will work. It is
no small task that I was able to discover what I am about to write. I
don't particularly like how I am treated or the circumstances which I am
in and it may relate to what I know. One can say what I am about to
write is priceless in value. Of course there are those that think they
know better filling themselves with medications for illness when they
don't have to. They may have difficulty functioning so they take the
medications which they think would help them, however, there is a better
solution. The problem is, the world is full of people who think they
know better so I'm thinking, maybe let them continue to think that way
because they have a hateful way when someone tries to tell them
otherwise. The problem is giving information is not beneficial such as
mental illness being a scam to the person giving the information, one
can even say negative benefit for trying to do something good. How much
can a person be expected to give? Even ending mental illness would have
saved the world trillions of dollars but there are people who believe in
a degree rather than the outcome. All the degree continues to lie to
them when the outcome is true that mental illness is a scam. Since
learning can be interfered, seeking a PHD, medical degree, etc, would
not be a difficult task if one was determine to do so, provided the
person has acceptable intelligence.

But the medical profession except for real injury is leading
towards the path of scam. Perhaps the mental illness scam has victims
who in a general sense have not accomplished much because their minds
are "ruined" but the physical illness scam may have victims who may have
victims who are wealthy enough that the people in the scam may fear. As
it is now, their wealth, power, wouldn't save their lives at all once
fallen to the medical scam. The medical scam is different than other
scam because the authorities in the field are themselves in the medical
field so there is a lack of objectivity. Can one deny result which any
honest person would accept but somehow it is being ignored so who is
honest? When the outcome proves the illness to be a scam than not
accepting the outcome is a sign of dishonesty. So one may be given
x-rays, research data, trial medications, but at the end of the day,
isn't the result you want a cure? The medical industry is large and
there are companies and people who are indirectly involved in it. There
is a danger element to the public because many people benefit from the
scam. As I said there is a root cause that allows the medical scam to
cause health issues whether it be mental or physical and it is difficult
to realize for an ordinary person. From how the long the scam has been
able to operate, I would say that even above average intelligence people
would be fooled by it as well so don't feel disappointed that you didn't
know. Suppose one was into seeking physical perfection, one can workout
longer. Suppose one was into seeking knowledge, one can study better.
But with the way things are structure because of the scam, people are
kept from attaining such goals. The scam benefit from health issues so
being healthy would be a target for these people. It is no surprise as
more people are aware of how to be "healthy", they become more
unhealthy. It is estimated the USA will have more obese people despite
all that has been spent on health. But it isn't surprising from my
perspective that it is the case. As society moves towards "knowing" more
about current illnesses, new illnesses show up. There is the excuse that
we weren't aware of these illnesses but now we have a better way of
"diagnosing'. More diagnosing is just an excuse to name new illnesses,
get research grant, create charity for the illnesses, create treatment
for the illnesses, etc, but why not a cure? A cure is not a good idea
for a scam because it isn't financially sound as treatment, research,
etc, can make more money.

So all I have been getting is misery for my trouble for spreading
the words that mental illness is a scam which if stopped would have
saved the world trillions of dollars. It makes me wonder why I should
bother to give the information on the whole scam itself by getting to
the root cause. One day if not by me, you will realize that mental
illness is a scam so is physical illness; perhaps, one should treat
those who give you useful information better. So perhaps one is made a
loser for wanting to spread the words that mental illness is a scam so
this loser will also take the position that physical illness is also a
scam. But who knows when the days will be that I will write the final
article on the root cause. You people in the scam ask yourself how a
loser is able to discover your scam when you were able to fool so many
people for so long. But the real losers are the people who are victims
of the scam and continue to believe in the medical scam because they are
the people who are ill. The real losers who continue to put money in the
medical scam which makes them ill. In the end I am not the one who is
ill because I follow my own advice and I don't contribute to the medical
scam. I have already gave a proof on mental illness being a scam and
just by eliminating that many people would be saved so money should not
be going to the mental health industry. The physical health industry
does have legitimate uses in cases of injury where surgery would be
needed. Surgery is not a scam because accident happens and so do
intentional harm to others where the service would be needed. I am a
person who believes more in the outcome than words. This means that when
I can achieve an outcome such as a "cure" for schizophrenia to prove
that mental illness is a scam then all the words cannot convince me it
is a real illness.

Re: First 9-11 started Islamic war against the USA.... and now Arab Spring carry on the fight on 9-11.

am 12.09.2012 11:37:27 von Jan

On a sunny day (Wed, 12 Sep 2012 06:18:51 -0500) it happened Topaz
wrote in :

>The sudden, complete, straight down at near free-fall speed collapse
>of steel framed WTC building 7, which was not touched by the planes,
>is the SMOKING GUN of the 9/11 conspiracy.

Your babble on this topic discredits any other points regarding your other topics.

I am willing to believe that GWBush or his staff ignored evidence or failed to take action
when informed that people were taking flying lesson to fly a plane into some buildings.
And this could be to use that event, that than perhaps turned out to be bigger than they anticipated,
to take a stronger grip on Americans, fuel a big security industry,
create government jobs etc etc..

Clearly somebody knew, and clearly somebody did not arrest those hijackers
when they were still taking flying lessons.

But your theories of how buildings collapse are complete bullshit.
By posting this sort of bullshit you have lost any credibility that that other subjects you blabbered about
could still have in them.

So, there you go.
And now that I am on that subject, your rants against 'the left' seemingly copy cat from Mein Kampf,
are at the same level of bullshit as your rants about the twin tower collapse physics.

Whatever your national socialistic ideas may be, and your idea to 'liberate' the world
by pushing those here, it will never work.

You really gotta take into account human nature.
And that is not hostage to pragmatism.

NO SYSTEM YET has been perfect to accommodate all of human nature's aspects.
That is why we have so many different cultures.
You will have to look for the common factor, or just be one of those idiots
who parrot what other idiots once wrote, to live - and die, one.

A waste of food.