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#1: Do you wish your government do its job as well as the Chinese? Re:

Posted on 2012-09-12 20:35:48 by ltlee1

"1. The National Report Card
Few Satisfied With Nation=E2=80=99s Direction
In the wake of four years of economic turmoil around the world and
political upheaval in a
number of nations, very few people are satisfied with the way things
are going in their country.
In the 21 countries surveyed, only in China (82%), Germany (53%) and
Egypt (53%) do more
than half of the population say they are content with their nation=E2=80=99=
direction. And, among
Egyptians, such sentiment is actually down 12percentage points from
2011. People are
particularly gloomy in Greece (2%), Spain (10%),Italy (11%) and
Pakistan (12%). Even in the
U.S. only 29% of the public thinks things overall are going well. "

On 9=E6=9C=8811=E6=97=A5, =E4=B8=8B=E5=8D=887=E6=99=8256=E5=88=86, john ngu=
yen <> wrote:
> This article was taken from a respected US Journal (Christian Science
> Monitor)
> It showed to El Chino that the selection of the Maxima Leader , i.e.,
> the Emperor in Heaven , the anointed Son of God ( thie^n tu+?) was
> done in the inner chambers of the Forbidden City by the present days=E2=
> Eunuchs =C2=A0i.e., Chinese Politburo members and Central Committee membe=
> and the concubines of the lat emperors who ruled the Middle Kingdom
> behind the curtain.
> One of the Concubine in waiting, Ms Ko tsai Lai (Vietnamese rendition
> of Chinese Name) was the wife of Mr Bo Xi Lai a pretender to the
> throne . =C2=A0Msc Ko Tsai Lai murdered one of her foreign Sbire Neil
> Heywood with her proper hands.
> El Chino is asking all citizens of Asean>
> Do you really want your country being ruled by criminal and assassins
> like China ?
> Where is China's Vice President Xi Jinping?
> As Xi Jinping, the man tipped to lead China for the next decade,
> mysteriously stayed out of the public eye for a 10th straight day
> Tuesday, the official silence about his whereabouts only intensified
> speculation about his future Analysts can suggest no reason why Mr. Xi
> should not be made head of the ruling Communist Party at a long-
> awaited set-piece meeting expected next month. But his unexplained
> absence from public life at such a sensitive moment, in the run-up to
> a once-in-a-decade leadership change, is puzzling outsiders.
> =E2=80=9CThere might be a simple and reasonable explanation, but they won=
> explain it,=E2=80=9D says Sidney Rittenberg, a former communist, familiar=
> Chinese leaders for more than half a century. The Chinese government
> =E2=80=9Cis still awkward in its relations with the outside world,=E2=80=
=9D he adds.
> RELATED China's leadership shakeup: 5 names to watch in China
> Xi, who was anointed five years ago as heir apparent to Hu Jintao,
> head of the Communist Party and president of the nation, surprised
> observers when he canceled a
> meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sept. 5
> at the last moment.
> A US official said at the time that Chinese counterparts had explained
> privately that Xi was suffering from back trouble. Xi also skipped a
> meeting with the Singaporean prime minister that day, and yesterday
> begged off a previously announced appointment with the Danish premier.
> If Xi is indeed avoiding public appearances because of back pain, that
> would explain the authorities=E2=80=99 refusal to make any comment, says =
> Jian, a professor of politics at Peking University.
> =E2=80=9CLeaders=E2=80=99 health has long been a very sensitive issue,=E2=
=80=9D he says. =E2=80=9CBad
> health can be used as a weapon against you by your enemies. It would
> not be good for Xi Jinping to be labeled a =E2=80=98sick man=E2=80=99 jus=
t before such
> an important power transition.=E2=80=9D
> Overshadowed by scandal
> The run-up to the 18th Communist Party Congress, which is due to
> unveil the next generation of men who will lead China, has been
> overshadowed by scandal. Bo Xilai, a contender for one of the top nine
> party posts, has been detained and stripped of his rank during an
> investigation into the murder of a British businessman, Neil Heywood.
> Mr. Bo=E2=80=99s wife was convicted last month of the murder.
> The party has still not announced an opening date for the congress,
> which is expected to be held in Beijing next month. The last congress
> in 2007 was announced two months in advance.
> Analysts say, however, that it is highly unlikely that Xi=E2=80=99s exten=
> disappearance indicates that he is in any political trouble so late in
> the carefully staged process of his elevation.
> =E2=80=9CIt doesn=E2=80=99t seem that anything cataclysmic has happened i=
n political
> life,=E2=80=9D says Mr. Rittenberg. =E2=80=9CIf it had, something of that=
> would have affected more than one person.=E2=80=9D
> If the cloak of secrecy thrown around the personal lives of China=E2=80=
> top leaders is almost impenetrable, says Zhang Lifan, an independent
> political commentator, it simply reflects =E2=80=9Ca Communist Party trad=
> of being opaque.=E2=80=9D
> =E2=80=9CIt=E2=80=99s not just leaders=E2=80=99 health,=E2=80=9D Mr. Zhan=
g argues. =E2=80=9CThe whole
> government policy-making process is non-transparent and the public
> just hears the results.=E2=80=9D

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