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#1: Re: Chinese People: What is the Purpose of Your Life?

Posted on 2012-03-27 16:46:11 by baldeagle

On Mar 28, 6:40=A0am, RichAsianKid <> wrote:
> On 24/03/2012 8:50 PM, baldeagle wrote:
> > On Mar 25, 8:15 am, RichAsianKid<> =A0wrote:
> >> On 24/03/2012 12:13 AM, wrote:
> > .> =A0> =A0Do you ever ask yourself what the purpose of your life is,
> > .> =A0> =A0the purpose of your people, and the purpose of your nation?
> > Who care ..what is the purpose of other people
> > in the world...whether they are in the USA, in
> > Arab countries or in China.
> > I don't. =A0I take care of myself...and I expect others
> > to take care of themselves.
> > .> =A0The much more salient point is also individuals are merely
> > .> =A0shells or vehicles for ultimate genetic propagation.
> > I see it differently. =A0Sex is for enjoyment. In Singapore,
> > many of us don't get married...or don't want kids...that's
> > the reason why our population is shrinking...!
> > We rather allow immigration to solve the problems of
> > take insufficient workers for our factories.
> Of course of course biological loyalties are concentric. Do you not care
> about your children over your neighbors'? Your neighbors' over your
> ethnic group? Your ethnic group over your race? Your race over humanity?
> Humanity over chimps? Chimps over lizards? Lizards over plants?
> And I still bet you even the noisiest the most noisiest vegetarian
> advocate would still favor plants over microbes - unless he - or she -
> totally renounces antibiotics.
> We're still different.
> Not the same.

Are we discussing ...the purpose of life....or biological
loyalties ?

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#2: The original Tibetan

Posted on 2012-03-31 16:16:23 by "~"

The original tibetan

--- Posted via news:// - Complaints to ---

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#3: Re: "A Radical Left Plan for Racial Survival"

Posted on 2012-03-31 20:18:30 by RichAsianKid

On 30/03/2012 9:43 PM, Jakub A. Krzewicki wrote:
> sobota, 31 marca 2012 03:21. carbon entity 'RichAsianKid'
> <>
> contaminated soc.culture.china with the following letter:
>> When Israel and even China are right.
>> * * *
> Can be called National Socialism.

Must be another so-called Ryle's "bogus predicate" borrowed from Western
Europe, e.g. , i.e. whenever there's
something perceived objectionable Western Europeans (_not_ East
Europeans please do note) can't face-up and start to crying baby-cry
foul etc. They cry "Nazi"! They cry "racist"! They cry "justice" etc
etc. Original sin anyone?

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#4: Re: When Diversity is America's Weakness

Posted on 2012-04-01 16:30:26 by RichAsianKid

On 28/03/2012 5:37 PM, RichAsianKid wrote:
> And American no less.
> Once upon a time it's also called if a million people dies it's a
> statistic yet when a person is killed it's a tragedy.
> Where, just where, is America heading?

For some reason the replies didn't come up so this a manual answer. And
imagine that - google groups are relegated to the dustbin of history.
Check out google if you don't believe me.

1. ltlee1 answers:

"Diversity is not America's weakness. Letting diversity politics to
get out of hand is."

In homogeneity there is also lesser chance of diversity getting out of
hand, and by definition. Many countries in NE Asia for example will
never have a black crime rate and ramifications to reckon with in the
first place - unless, of course, they create one.

2. baldeagle answers:

"The USA is not heading is already
a shit hole....a racist shit hole.
In Chicago, over 90 blacks were shot and killed...including
an baby recently . Not a word was reported in the media.
Why ?
Because it was black killing black. Not news worthy...
shooting and killings in the black community was common...
a daily big deal!
This case was initially reported as a WHITE man armed
with gun shot and killed an unarmed innocent BLACK teen.
Overnight it became a hot racial issue.
The blacks are after his pack of hunting dogs..
blood thirsty hounds....
Even Obama got the the killing
of his own son (he had none.). The Black panther openly
vowed to kill the White Bastard.
Slowly...the facts are emerging.
The black teen was 6'2'', weighed over 200lbs..had police
records of doing narcotics...was wearing a hood, (those
worn by gangs who committed several robbery and theft
cases in the neigbourhood recently.)
The White, was not a White...but a hispanic...he has a
licence to carry the gun to protect himself...he stands
at only 5'5..about 150 lbs. He was the David against
the Goliath black.
A witness saw the black holding David down, raining
punches on him, and pushhing David's head violently
against the concrete curb...hurting him real bad.
Before the witness could separate them, David
reached for his gun and shot the black...dead. David
suffer severe injuries to his forehead and the back
of his head...
Instead of reporting these facts...the media chose
to report that David pursued the blacks and shot
him in cold blood....killing him....creating racial tension.
The Media sensationalize the order to
boast the sales and the ratings of their papers..and
TV channels.
David has been tried and convicted of murdering
the angelic black the media.
American justice, American laws, and American
the people... are beacons of human society...of
the unhealthy kind."

It may all well be true, but occam's razor beckons. If the races do not
exist in the same territory, there won't even be charges of "racism" to
begin with. Period.

I'm just saying this is a point that's missing in this relentless, if
not obligatory, thrust towards an ideology otherwise known as "equality"
and "diversity". Not only do I think it deserves to be carefully thought
out, I think it should be seriously reconsidered given the failed social
experiments of W. Europe and America as so loudly proclaimed.


3. Komin in pseudonym answers:

"America USA ,
America Brazil ,
were original based on DIVERSITY ,
because all Whites in North and South Ameriac were all
from Europe to occupy Non- White native lands of America-s ."

Seeing the played-out trajectory, there's no reason why North East Asia
- or if you prefer even southeast Asia - to repeat the same mistake.

Put this way: you can export factories to the third world for profit -
and arguably that would help those third world countries so much more.
The converse makes way less sense in the absence of ideology.

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