China needs Dalai Lama like it needs a hole in their head. Tibetans

China needs Dalai Lama like it needs a hole in their head. Tibetans

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Jai Maharaj) wrote:
> China needs Dalai Lama

China needs Dalai Lama like it needs a hole in their head. Tibetans
need Dalai Lama like they need a hole in their head.

> By Claude Arpi
> The Pioneer
> Saturday, May 26, 2012
> The Tibetan leader has recently revealed his fears about
> the Chinese plot to kill him.

That would do the Tibetans and China a great service.

> Claude Arpi, however,
> believes that the Tibetans=92 resistance to China will only
> grow

I don't think Tibetans in Tibet and in China give a shit about him.

> =97 and even turn more aggressive =97 after the Dalai
> Lama=92s exit

They are running all the way to the bank without him. Why would they
need him?

> In March 2012, reported the Chinese-sponsored Tibet
> Daily, Hu Jintao encouraged a Tibetan delegation to
> promote the =93old Tibetan spirit=94 when it met the
> President during the annual National People=92s Conference.

No, they don't need the "old Tibetan spirit=94. They want the "new
Chinese spirit".

> Hu explained: =93It is necessary to be firm on anti-
> secession.=94 He said that the Party in Tibet must =93clean
> up and regulate religious activities,

Yeah, get rid of Buddhism and monks.

> strengthen the
> development of Tibet=92s Buddhist institutes, tighten
> management of the reincarnation of living Buddhas=94.

All superstitions.

> Outside China, the Chinese President=92s words were read to
> mean more restriction and repression.

Please read:

Kinsley: China on the capitalist road

> Hu also told the
> delegates that they needed to recruit and train Party
> leaders who were =93politically reliable, capable of
> safeguarding national unity, firm on anti-secession, and
> who dare to fight against the Dalai Lama group=94.

Does this mean:

China needs Dalai Lama?

What bullshit!!!

> Around the same time, the official China Tibet Online
> published a number of postings purportedly attributed to
> Chinese netizens: =93If the Dalai Lama could hire others to
> set themselves on fire, why doesn=92t he burn himself?=94
> They were referring to the spat of self-immolations in
> eastern Tibet. Since then, rumours have circulated that
> the Chinese intelligence is trying to poison the Tibetan
> leader.
> The Wrong Target
> For years, many leaders in Beijing believe that getting
> rid of the Dalai Lama could solve the Tibetan issue.
> During a recent interview with The Telegraph, the Tibetan
> leader disclosed that the Chinese might try to poison
> him: =93We received some sort of information from Tibet...
> Some Chinese agents (are) training some Tibetans,
> especially women, you see, using poison =97 the hair
> poisoned, and the scarf poisoned =97 they were supposed to
> seek blessing from me, and my hand touch.=94
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