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#1: MY MISERABLE STORY (8/13/2012)

Posted on 2012-08-13 12:34:11 by ""

A great many number of alleged serious crimes, in which I am the
victim, have been occurring during a period of 10-odd years since the
middle of November 1995 in the State of Wisconsin, State of Maryland,
Washington DC, and New York City. I have been living in New York City
since late March 2001. While I assume that a group of police officers
of the Madison Police Department (hereafter MPD) in Madison,
have been behind these alleged crimes, police officers in the State
Maryland and the Secret Service Agents in Washington DC were also
presumably involved in numerous alleged serious crimes occurred in
Maryland and Washington DC, respectively. I assume that some New York
police officers have deeply been involved in those alleged crimes
occurred in New York. In addition, I assume that the police officers
also have had many civilians involved in the alleged crimes against
me. The alleged crimes against me are continuing now. I am looking
an attorney to sue the police and some of their civilian accomplices
for the alleged crimes they have been committing.

I am a naturalized US citizen. I am from Shanghai, China. I received
my BA and MA from Fudan University, China=92s Yale University, in
Shanghai and taught history at Fudan University for two years as an
assistant professor before I came to the United States. I published a
book called American Special Envoy in China, December 1945--January
1947 (in Chinese) by the Fudan University Press. I received my Ph.D.
degree in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in
2000. I have no criminal record. Moreover, the legal document
indicates that I have never been a suspect of any crime. (See
I) However, since the middle of November 1995, the police have been
using various methods to ruthlessly abuse or brutalize me when I have
lived in Wisconsin, Maryland, Washington DC, or New York City. With
regard to crimes against an individual, the number, graveness, and
scope of the crimes committed by the police and their accomplices are
unprecedented in US history. These crimes include almost every day=92s
harassment and several hundred nights of sleep deprivation, attempted
murder, car accidents, robbery, slashing the tie of my car, death
threats by releasing gas in the kitchen located just out of my room
and other means, kidnapping (handcuffing me without the warrant of
arrest) me to a mental hospital and unconstitutionally locked me
for 7 days, sexual assault and harassment, fabricating a lie that I
threatened to kill the President of the United States, various
Internet crimes, a great many incidents of mail fraud and stealing my
newspapers, all kinds of illegal surveillance and recording all of my
phone calls, cloning my cellular phone, sometimes not allowed my
cellular phone to receive phone calls, putting feces on my new towel,
tying to illegally dismiss me from the University of Wisconsin-
and destroy my forthcoming Ph.D. degree, but failed, sneaking into my
room to do wrongdoing from time to time that included having Mr.
Xiujiang Wu steal away my Chinese postage stamps whose market value
early April 2011 was $5,037.00, not allowing me to find a place to
live many times, employment discrimination, stealing ignition key
my car, medical misconduct, slander, having Mr. Xiujiang Wu hit me
twice with his palm on two different occasions, etc.

During the period of 10-odd years since the middle of November 1995,
the police have harassed or intimidated me almost every day. On the
average, the police have harassed or intimidated me several times a
day. Since March 2001 in New York City, I have been harassed every
and often in the middle of the night. During the period of 10-odd
years since November 1995, the harassment and intimidation could
happen at any time. It could last a few dozens minutes or several
hours at a time in the daytime, evening, or overnight. The methods
include sirens wailing, dead small animals, the noisy music,
automobile engine=92s noise and honks, phone calls, my neighbors=92
various noises, etc.

The most inhumane harassment is to harass me overnight based on
bugging my room to strip me of the right of sleep. Sometimes it
happened shortly after I woke up momentarily and moved my body on the
bases of bugging my room. During the first dozens days beginning from
mid-November 1995 in Madison, Wisconsin, shortly after I momentarily
woke up and moved my body or went to bathroom overnight, the police
started to harass me with the noisy music which usually came from the
direction of the back of my house. During this period, every night
when I momentarily woke up and moved my body or went to bathroom, the
police harassed me. After this period, this kind of harassment no
longer occurred every night, but it happened from time to time.
so many years, almost every time after the harassment that last for a
few dozens minutes or a few hours overnight, I could not fall asleep
at the rest of the night, causing me to have a severe headache or
other illnesses such as a cold or flu. Given an example regarding the
overnight harassment, in New York City, when I have lived on the
second floor at 48-12 93rd Street, Elmhurst from late March 2001 to
mid-November 2003, at 93-12 50th Avenue, Elmhurst from mid-November
2003 to late January 2007, and then at 51-20 Van Loon Street,
up to now, the police often had other tenants, such as Mr. Haoming
(Raymond) Dong in the next room, Mr. Daru Wang on the third floor,
Xiujiang Wu on the same floor, made noises in the middle of the night
to deprive my sleep. Their harassment could last as long as a few
hours at a time. That caused me to be sick many times. For example,
Mr. Xiujiang Wu=92s overnight harassment caused me to get a cold and I
had to see my doctor in the daytime on April 12, 2012.

In April 1997, the police in Madison, Wisconsin created four very
serious incidents in which I was a victim. The first one was a death
threat with a plow truck; the second and third ones were the death
threat with active bullets and an attempted murder. The fourth one
the stealing of my three self-reports I mailed to the MPD for the
three incidents mentioned above. After I appealed to Mayor of Madison
Susan Bauman for an investigation, the MPD negotiated with me, asking
if the investigation found only one officer had done these four
incidents, whether I would be satisfied? I replied, "No." Thus, it
said that it would not conduct an investigation. (In April 1999 when
lived in Washington DC, the MPD promised in the phone conversation
with me that after I returned to Madison, it would start an
investigation to have a MPD officer responsible for the four
incidents. After I returned to Madison in May 1999, it broke its own

The police were behind three car accidents and I was injured twice.
The first car accident occurred in Wheaton, Maryland in April 1998
when I lived there. The police used a young Hispanic to drive his car
hitting my one from behind and injured me. Then the police fabricated
the false insurance policy number for the suspect twice. The second
one was a SUV hitting the right flank of my car in Madison, Wisconsin
in June 1999. My car was seriously damaged. I could have been either
killed or injured; it was merely lucky that I avoided either of them.
The third one was the other car hitting my one from behind in Madison
in April 2000. I was injured again. I have evidence to assume that
police also were behind the second and third car accidents. One MRI
test of my upper chest shows that because of the injuries caused by
the two car accidents, in addition to multilevel degenerative disc
changes and spinal stenosis at C2/3, C3/4, C4/5, and C5/6, =93there is
also multilevel neuroforaminal encroachment,=94 which means that my
nerve pressured. Another MRI test shows that there are problems in
lower back as well. Now I am suffering from very severe pain in the
neck and back all the time and feel my left arm like a hammer hanging
from my left shoulder and heavy and pain in my entire left leg, along
with other serious problems caused by the two car accidents.

In March 1998 in Maryland, the police used a knife to slash a tire of
my car to 6=94 long. Although I told the officer taking the report
and again that the suspect was the police, the officer refused to
write down about that. He wrote down in the report the suspect
=93unknown=94 and refused to conduct an investigation. The police also
took other cover-up measures.

In September 1998 in Maryland, the police used a young black man to
rob me on the street mainly in order to intimidate me. Afterward, a
police officer successively used an entirely unjustified excuse and
two lies to justify his decision not to conduct an investigation, and
then the police tampered the original police report (all information
regarding the suspect was deleted) in order to justify their decision
not to conduct an investigation.

The police delivered death threats to me by releasing GAS. Mr.
Xiujiang Wu released gas four times in a period of March 10, 2011 to
May 17, 2012. By doing that by Wu, dirty New York cops delivered
unmistaken death threats to me that if necessary, they would burn me
to death inside the house with gas just as the Nazi SS had burned
innocent Jews to death inside gas chambers. Apart from that, Mr. Wu
also used other methods to deliver death threats to me for dirty

The police committed various Internet crimes against me. During the
two periods from mid-October 1998 to mid-April 1999 and from mid-July
1999 to the present, I have been posting my story at least once a day
almost every day to two news groups, soc.culture.china and
talk.politics.china, on the Internet. But the police have blocked my
story from being seen by the public. The police also tampered my e-
mail message, sometimes blocked me from sending or receiving e-mail
messages or delayed them to reach me. The police often changed my
password on the Internet. Besides, the police sent death threats to
on the Internet a few times and accused me with extremely dirty words
many times. Two of the three death threats with dirty words took
in October 2002 and November 2002, respectively, in New York.
Moreover, one of these two death threats with dirty words was sent to
me in my name and email address. They also used my name and email
address to post other messages on the Internet from time to time. The
police have also hacked my computer, illegally having access to a few
hundreds of my files in my computer, a great majority of which was my
accounts about their criminal activities, including the journal
regarding their numerous criminal activities against me.

In March 1999 in Washington DC, in order to help the police prevent
from staging a hunger strike before the White House, the DC Secret
Service agents (hereafter SS) handcuffed me at my residence in DC
without the arrest warrant and sent me to PERD first and then
unconstitutionally locking me up in the St. Elizabeth Mental Hospital
for 7 days and an =93authorization=94 for the arrest of me (Was it an
arrest warrant?) to be manufactured later on in order to cover up
their crimes. When the SS came to my room, they did not show me their
badges or any other identification. As they handcuffed me, I asked
them to show me the warrant of arrest. They replied that they did not
have the arrest warrant because this was not arrest. The SS told me
that they were going to send me to see the psychiatrist. I refused to
go with them. They violently gripped my arms, trunk, and legs,
forcibly carrying me out of my room to down stairs and then to the
SS=92s car outside the building. While I was struggling to try to get
rid of their evil hands, I was yelling for help. I yelled that they
illegally arrested me. I loudly told the pedestrians on the street
that I was normal, but these people were using force to send me to a
mental hospital. Seeing that, the white SS agents laughed. They were
so happy as they saw an innocent and normal human being=92s
powerlessness and suffering in their hands. When the SS=92s car on the
way to a mental facility called PERD, (The SS sent me to a mental
health facility, the abbreviation of which was PERD, first, then I
transferred to the St. Elizabeth Mental Hospital from there), the SS
told me time and again that this was not arrest. Partly because the
violently gripped my wrists, partly because my struggle against their
kidnapping, the handcuff had broken the skin of my both wrists, there
was blood in my wrists. I felt pain. Meanwhile, I felt serious pain
my neck and back. After the April 13, 1998 car accident, I had
constantly had pain in these areas. Now I felt serious pain largely
because of the SS violent gripping and maneuvering of my body and
partly because of my defying. In PERD, a black female medical staff
came to examine me; I refused to answer questions raised by her. The
black female staff told me that although I did not answer questions,
she was still able to examine me. After a few hours, I was
to the St. Elizabeth Mental Hospital. In the Mental Hospital, the
police or the SS used Mr. Gray Hallen (or Hullen), a young black man,
to sexually assault me. Afterwards, Mr. Hallen disappeared on the
day. It seemed to me that Mr. Hallen was a normal person. A staff
member of the Hospital told me that confining me in the Mental
Hospital was unconstitutional. However, Doctor Walters, who told me
that he did not think I had any mental problems after he had
participated in a mental evaluation of me, warned me that if I go to
stage a hunger strike before the White House in the future, I would
sent back to the Mental Hospital. After 7 days in the mental
I was discharged.

After a number of days, as I arrived in the department of medical
records of the mental hospital for getting my medical record, I was
told that my medical record was not ready. As I went there next time,
my medical record was ready, but I found that there was a copy of the
=93Application for Emergency Hospitalization by A Physician =85 or An
Officer to Make Arrests=94 for authorizing the arrest of me and sending
me to =93EPRD and the St. Elizabeth Mental Hospital.=94 The document was
dated March 24, 1999, the day I was told by the SS that they did not
have arrest warrant and that what they did was not an arrest. Because
of that, if the document was an authorization of =93arresting=94 me for
the medical purpose, I am one hundred percent sure that the arrest
=93authorization=94 was illegally manufactured after I was handcuffed and
sent to mental institutions, though I do not know when it was
manufactured. The purpose was to cover up the false arrest, illegally
sending me to the mental institutions and unconstitutionally locking
me up in the St. Elizabeth Mental Hospital for 7 days.

The SS fabricated a lie that I had threatened to kill the President
the United States. After I accidentally learned of that in late
September 1999 in Madison, Wisconsin, the SS or MPD had a local TV
station staff come to me, saying that the SS no longer thought that I
had threatened to kill the President of the United States.

Since July 1997, the police have been behind a great many incidents
mail fraud with regard to my mail and of stealing my newspapers. They
even stole my certified mail, confirmation mail, and the mail in my
Box. In April 1998, Lt. Robert Muehlenhort of the Montgomery County
Police Department in Maryland, actually, if not formally, admitted to
me that the police had stolen dozens pieces of my mail through the
Post Office there. In New York alone from late Match 2001 to the
present, the police have been behind a great number of incidents of
mail fraud and stealing my newspapers.

The police have put me under all kinds of illegal surveillance. They
have illegally conducted electronic surveillance on my phone calls
fax, including recording all of my phone calls. They also bugged my
room and closely monitored me as I am outdoors. Taken the illegal
surveillance on my regular phone, it is certain that when I lived in
Ms. Jo Ann Michie=92s house in Madison, Wisconsin during 2000, Ms.
Michie illegally taped my phone. I believe that it was the MPD
illegally taping my phone through Ms. Michie. In addition, the MPD
also blocked my phone line from going through or disconnected my
call from time to time. In 2004 in New York, as I phoned Mr. Daru
Wang, who lived on the third floor and conducted a great number of
harassment in the middle of the night, to talk to him regarding his
harassment in the middle of the night, he elegantly told me that all
of my phone conversations had been recorded. Who would record all of
my phone conversations? Obviously they are cops. On July 6, 2006, I
found from the phone box outside of the house that Mr. Futao Xu
(Victor Xu) who lived in the same house illegally taped my phone. I
took pictures about that.

The police were behind the incident of my lanlord=92s son putting feces
on my small new towel that I used for washing face. On noon of July
18, 2000, I went to the Equal Rights Office of the Wisconsin State
Government because the police had Mr. Glenn Schuster, whom I
earlier, conduct a housing discrimination against me. As I returned
home in the early afternoon, I found that my small new towel had
disappeared from the bathroom. I immediately asked Mr. Aaron Michie,
Ms. Michie=92s teenage son, about my towel; he replied that he did not
have any idea about it. In the evening, I found my towel on the floor
of the basement, and that there was feces on it. Only then did Mr.
Aaron admit that the feces on the toilet were his. He said that this
was because there had been no toilet paper in the bathroom; thus he
had used my new towel as =93toilet paper.=94 I believe that because I
to the Equal Rights Office for the housing discrimination, the MPD
asked Mr. Michie to put his feces on my towel.

The police stole an ignition key from my car. In an evening in July
2000, my car was towed and left before a garage in Madison due to the
battery problem. Then the police stole the ignition key left in the
ignition of the car by me. After I hand-delivered a report to the MPD
to request an investigation, a MPD officer stole the report inside
MPD building before it could reach the Self-Reporting Unit. At first,
the MPD denied that my report had been stolen, implicitly slandered
that I had mental problems, and refused to conduct an investigation.
When it found that it could not deny the fact that my report had been
stolen inside the MPD building, it simply did not give me any further
response. Nor did it conduct an investigation.

The police tried to illegally dismiss me from UW-Madison with the
of the Chair of History Department and destroy my forthcoming Ph.D.
degree. After reading the manuscript of my dissertation, Professor
Maurice Meisner, my advisor and a very well known China specialist in
the world, told me in a November 15, 1999 letter: =93(T)he result of
your research is a significant contribution to scholarly
of the [Chinese] Civil War.=94 He informed me that he considered the
manuscript of my dissertation =93a most impressive piece of research.=94
However, on August 18, 2000, less than three and a half months before
I got my Ph. D. degree, Mr. Thomas J. Archdeacon, former Chair of
History Department, wrote me a letter, threatening that I would be
dismissed from UW-Madison in several days in accordance with a
Graduate Council =93decision=94 on the extension of my Ph.D. deadline.
=93decision=94, however, was fabricated by him. In early September, he
materialized his threat and did not allow me to enroll for the new
semester. I believe that he did these things for the MPD. His purpose
was to compel me to give up the pursuit of justice against the MPD if
I still wanted the Ph.D. degree. But since the =93decision=94 was faked,
later he failed to really dismiss me. This, however, was not the
time Mr. Archdeacon seriously abused power against me on behalf of

In February 2002 in New York, apparently under the request of the
police, Dr. Florenda Reandelar at the James Rudel Medical Center of
HIP, a Health Insurance Company, conducted medical misconduct against
me. I requested HIP and the Office of Professional Medical Conduct of
the New York State Government, and the Crime Victims Board of the New
York State Government to conduct an investigation, respectively. HIP
broke almost all its major rules, conducting a cover-up. The Office
Professional Medical Conduct and the Crime Victims Board simply
refused to conduct an investigation that they had the duty to do.

From time to time, police officers were behind the many incidents of
sneaking into my room to do wrongdoing. Taken only two examples, in
early November 1998 in Maryland, a person or persons sneaked into my
room, stealing away an important document that was indisputable
evidence that the April 1998 car accident was entirely the other
party=92s fault. Fortunately, I had two copies of that. The person or
persons also stole away my Windows 95 CD and put a Windows 95 CD that
had more programs than mine. I have kept the Windows 95 CD and will
know why they did that. In September 2000, the police had a company
not to offer me a low pay job. At the time, if I could not find a job
within several months, I would be left no money to pay rent or food.
The cops or the people worked for the cops have sneaked into my room
to do wrongdoing from time to time. In March 2006, Daru Wang
attempted to illegally enter the second floor presumably to do
wrongdoing. His attempted act was caught by a tenant who lived on
second floor. In the evening on March 17, 2011, I found that twenty-
four items of various types of Chinese postage stamps that I had
collected had been stolen. Their total market value by April 9, 2011
in China was 5,037 US dollars and in the United States it was a bit
higher than $5,037. It is increasing rapidly. I assume that Mr.
Xiujiang Wu, a tenant who has lived at another room on the same floor
that I have lived and has had the key of my room allegedly given by
NYPD officers, sneaked into my room and stole these stamps. After I
had spent five weeks to gather information about the total market
value of these stamps, I reported the burglar incident to the NYPD on
April 22, 2011. The incident report number is 2011-110-2626.

In August 1999 in Madison, the police used a man to sexually harass
me. The method was so low that it makes me feel sick to describe it.
After I reported the incident to the police, the police refused to
conduct an investigation.

The MPD has even told others a lie that I am a gay. I am absolutely
not a gay.

The police had housing companies or landlords conducted housing
discrimination against me time and again, not allowing me to find a
place to live or get my security deposit back; the police also had
them to delay paying the security deposit back to me for months again
and again.

The NYPD was behind a slander incident. In October 2003, I staged a
hunger strike in New York. A correspondent of Sing Tao Daily, a
Chinese language newspaper published in the United Stated, published
my picture in the strike site attaching the words that were utter
slander about me.

In the afternoon on June 22, 2007 in Elmhurst near my home, a car
attempted to hit me on the street; I avoid it. I assume that NYPD
officers were behind the incident.

On August 2, 2009, Mr. Xiujiang Wu used his palm to hit my right arm
forcibly in the bathroom shard by the tenants who live on the same
floor. I reported to the NYPD the same day. The complaint report
number is 2009-110-5028. On August 6, 2009, Mr. Wu used his palm to
hit my right arm forcibly in the bathroom again. I reported to the
NYPD the same day. The complaint report number is 2009-110-5155.

In 1999, the MPD used the fake name =93Joe=94 to send me a message as a
=93response=94 to my story on the Internet, which has been censored by
police, arrogantly acknowledging that it mistakenly targeted me in
beginning, and that its abusing and brutalizing of me began =93with
racism". It informed me that it conducted the abusing and brutalizing
"as a practical joke." It told me that when I had told on them, they
had become =93really mad at you.=94 I began to tell people about the
police=92s harassment and intimidation on April 12 or April 13, 1997.
is true that almost all grave crimes, including all violent crimes,
have been committed by the MPD after that. The nearly every day=92s
harassment or intimidation also has become much more aggressive,
harsh, and vicious since then.

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